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Oneness Or Unity? Uniformity Or Diversity?

By on September 26, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Oneness Or Unity? Uniformity Or Diversity?

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by Devapriya,
Contributing Writer,

Heading towards Oneness?

‘We’re heading towards Oneness’ is something I often hear when listening to so-called spiritual sources.


This idea accompanied me all along the way for the past three decades (and a few lifetimes).

It’s Old Age teaching in disguise of New Age teaching, taken from the Hindu Vedas. Most of what’s called ‘New Age’ has been brought to the West by the Theosophic Society, a century ago.

It never really sat right with me; it’s an idea that my mind comprehends – in hope it will bring balance and peace – but my being rejects. And it’s only now that I can identify the hack in it and declare my non-consent.

Unity or Oneness?

The hack, as I see it, lies in mistaking Unity for Oneness.

Down here on Gaia, we’re torn apart, experiencing ourselves as separated from everybody else and Divinity, and competing and fighting with each other. Our diversity has turned from assets to mine fields.

We are One Race, One Humanity, but we get lost in color wars, religious quarrels, and national saber-rattling. There’s no peace within the individual, no unity in families, no win-win in societies, no real benevolent hand-shake between nations.


It’s no surprise that we people long for unity.
But is Oneness the soulution?

Unions under the Reign of the Biggest Power Unit

We create unions, like the USA, the UN, the EU, in order to play more nicely with each other. We make up rules that all members of the union have to adhere to. Some of these rules are beneficial, no doubt; other rules are so restricting that the autonomy of the individual gets lost. Sovereignty gets lost. Culture gets lost.

As a German citizen, I can understand – although not support – the growing right wing of the nationalists in the EU. Often, I observe how EU regulations over-ride our cultural way of handling things. On the other hand, it’s clearly visible how Germany imposes it’s way onto the rest of the EU, as if all of Europe were heading towards becoming One big Germany. Arghhhh.

Do you see the hack?

Diversity in Oneness

All that exists is of One Source, which appears in a Myriad of Individual Expressions. Diversity in Oneness.

I liken to compare it to a tree. As incarnated humans, we are leaves on the tree of the human template, not one of us exactly alike the other.

As a leaf, I grow on a twig, my family, which grows on a branch, my genetic neighbors, which grows on a bigger branch, which grows on an even bigger branch, all growing from one trunk.

When I wake up, I become more and more conscious of the branches I grow on; realize that I’m part of the same humanity tree; expand my consciousness into the roots, the unseen source which my tree grows from; and into the fungus underneath that connects my tree with other trees.

While I’m aware that I’m a leaf on one huge tree that’s rooted in One Source, I do not lose my individuality as a leaf.

I don’t give up being a leaf, in order to experience being the tree. I don’t fall off the twig before my time has come, in order to merge with the roots. I don’t stop my personal leafy dance in the wind, and I don’t stop singing my individual song, in harmony with the other leaves.

Unity or Uniformity?

If all leaves on the tree were alike and singing with one tune, it wouldn’t create a song but one boring steady tone. It wouldn’t be unity, but uniformity.

The Oneness movement I watch in the world – on the geopolitical scene as much as in the ‘love and light’ community – raises some red flags in me.

As a population, we’re being streamlined, and individual voices get suppressed. Small nations’ well-being gets over-ridden by the collective ‘greater good’. If they become members of the EU (which often initially becomes incredibly costly for the population, as I experienced it while living in Hungary), they basically have to align to the tune of the most powerful member of the union. Without the choice for union membership, they have a hard time economically.

There’s no freedom in such ‘unions’ and on the long run, they’re doomed to fail. H0mogeneous structures become vulnerable towards external influences. One virus can kill an entire forest if there’s no variety of different tree families.

H0mogeneity isn’t Human Nature

H0mogeneity also doesn’t align with human nature and our planetary expression. We learn best through contrast, not through uniformity. And our planet is such a lively explosion of diversity – even if we humans, in our ignorance, manage to kill some of it every day – that the mere idea of ‘all one, all the same’ seems simply ridiculous to me.

In politics and business, it’s easier to talk to one EU than to 27 and more individual states, that’s true. They’re easier to handle. Easier to manipulate, too.

It’s the same when we expand out into the cosmos, get in contact with extraterrestrials, in the physical as much as interdimensionally. For ETs, it’s much easier to talk and contract with one humanity than with more than 200 nations and 7,5 billion people. One World Government, anyone?

Channeled Sources on Oneness

When listening to channeled sources, I often hear them talk as ‘we’ and state that they speak as part of a collective consciousness, a social memory complex; as a star race that evolved into ‘one world, one voice’.

To me, this smells of hive mentality.

The first source I know of who massively anchored this concept into our collective mental was RA, with the ‘Law of One’. Ever since, I’ve noticed an explosion of so-called higher-dimensional sources – which doesn’t necessarily mean spiritually more evolved than humans, as I’ve recently realized – that preach, giving up the identity of the leaf, for the benefit of the tree and the entire forest.

The RA collective tells us that they messed up with humanity and, according to Universal Laws (like the law of cause and effect), need to make amends, in order to ascend from 6th to 7th density. Well, at least they’re clear with their agenda, that’s much more than can be said from most channelings (which, as I perceive it, are mostly broadcasted by AI or from the astral realms).

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Visitors from the Future

Many of the sources state that they come from our future, from various timelines where things went ‘wrong’; they time-jump and attempt to teach us, so we, as a humanity, can take different, more conscious choices.

Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians are one example. They say that they once interfered with humanity, as the fathers of the Nephilim. They come as a renegade group from their current system and timeline of hive consciousness.

They teach us, in hope that, if humanity takes different choices and doesn’t turn into a species of space-faring cyborg super-soldiers who conquer their civilization, their timeline will get altered, too. Clear agenda here, too, thank you …

Similar the Grays. There are different groups of Grays; for now, I stick with those who tell us that they are us in the future.

They return from their timelines – various ones, therefore they often have slightly different looks – where they/we turned into a machine kingdom. Controlled by AI, they/we bred this perfect body-suit that can withstand the radiation of deep space, engineered emotionality from their system, and lost their fertility.

Now, they abduct and genetically manipulate humans, in order to survive as a race, by bringing our DNA back into their gene pool.

May all abductees realize their free will choice and, as sovereign Divine Humans, declare their non-consent. Some of us people might be willing to give our DNA if we’re being asked nicely and openly. Hidden agendas and silent consent though are a thing of the past; as humans, we need to clearly withdraw all permissions and nullify all conscious and subconscious contracts, from all lifetimes, dimensions, and the after-life realms.

Everybody has an Agenda

I’ve picked these three groups among the many alien visitors who intervene with humanity because they are social memory complexes, societies with hive consciousness, and their agendas are pretty clear.

At least two of them weren’t lucky with the ‘Oneness’ path they moved along as collectives, so they time-jump and try to change things. Their Oneness is uniformity, individuality and freedom of choice got lost on the way.

What does that mean for Humanity?

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How can we become One Humanity, without neglecting each being’s individual sovereignty and free will choice?

And how can we shift from the path of ‘One World Government’ to (perhaps) a ‘United Earth Council’ that can take its sovereign place in the Galactic Community?

Individuality is our Trump Card

As humans, we don’t need to give up our individuality in order to feel communion with other beings, empathically perceive and approach them, telepathically communicate with them, and unite in communities that are founded on equality and equity.

As human leaves, we don’t need to give up being a leaf on the tree, in order to become aware of our essential oneness with the tree and the entire forest, and perceive and commune from an awareness of ‘one source, many different expressions, all valid, all honored’.

I sense that many star races cannot really comprehend humans. Even those guides and channeled sources who were once incarnated on Gaia don’t really have a clue how it is to live Here Now. Hence, in observing and communicating with us, they often learn more than we do.

And some of their suggestions need clear discernment from our side. Is it practical? Does it fit human nature? Which agenda does it serve?

From my point of view, the ‘Oneness Agenda’ is not beneficial for humanity. How would you feel with no more privacy and no more individual thoughts that aren’t shared with everybody else?

I for one do not consent to becoming part of a social memory complex that can easily get hijacked by others. It’s already happening, just look at the programming in religion, education, and media.

Let’s Unite

I declare Unity instead. In Unity Consciousness, we’re aware of all being from the same Source while honoring each others individuality and respecting our personal boundaries. Diversity is the root of our creativity and rapid evolution as a race. Many colors make beautiful rainbows.

We are Divine Sovereign Humans of free will choice, each walking our own path of mastery. We’re not ‘one people’ because we share the same thoughts and emotions, but because we get together in resonance and find unity in our diversity.

From my point of view, if we all held just two basic intentions in mind and heart – 1. Do no harm, and 2. Do what serves the greater good, without neglecting individual good -, we’d have no issue standing upright towards all agenda-oriented interventions, no matter where they come from.

We don’t need to ‘become one’, in order to create peace on earth and be good stewards for our beautiful planet. All it takes is to find those points that unite us in our diversity, and we’ll take a quantum leap that the whole universe will benefit from.

About the author: The closer I get to my Self, the more I discard all concepts about who I am. Thus, to keep it simple and down to earth: Divine Human, friend and lover, mother, homeopath, energy player, dreamer, love holder, co-owner of GaiaScenicsView and Gaia Scene Forum… You can find more information on me by clicking on the Our Family page.

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