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Only A Few Will Be Within Our Amazing Orbit

By on July 20, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Only A Few Will Be Within Our Orbit

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by Lisa Williams,
Contributing Writer,

Only A Few Will Be Within Our Orbit

Are you truly becoming the perfect being? Do you know and are you holding up to your original purest lineage?


I am not perfect; no one is, here on the mitochondrion of planet earth. I am an extrastential being (as opposed to an existential) experiencing a life on earth and the only perfected existence is the atomic level of life everywhere (as true energy is pure and never dies).

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I have experienced, observed and listened to, to what seems eons of differing levels of beings living their lives. A high percentage of inhabitants (the lost souls) fall within pretty much the same parameters of behavior i.e. if you hate, it does not matter which faction you belong to, you are experiencing the same emotion – hate. From ignorant beings, covert manipulation, power wars, through to covert operations from medical data collection, dumbing down, benevolent starseed annihilation, galactic in-house struggles, and politics – there is an End – but there also has to be a Beginning.

Love, Omnipotent Love, is a pre-requisite to some incarnated beings and others, not a given. There are many earthly off-world inhabitants; some with direct lineage, many others, diluted. Over and over again much of earth’s inhabitants have been enlightened, guided in various ways and warned of conduct; but now if ever there was a chance to make that change, it has expired. We all have played out our parts of the old; now it has to come to the New. Over the years I have read so many beautiful articles here on In5d and elsewhere and it remains beautiful to see nuggets of Love in hope and direction.

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We are all connected, atomically, but not all connections are of the perfected highest form. If a being has diseased cells the cells have to be terminated or the being will expire. If a being as an autoimmune condition, it usually has to be gotten under control and managed.


Mother/Father Earth has to cure and/or take control of all the cells that inhabit it, in alignment with the further advancement of the Galactic body evolution.

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As part of and within the grander scenery, my cells feel and observe the ills of what is, but also what is to come. All potentials have truly been exhausted of an already exhausted ‘All That Is’ – If not already, be, seek the purest Love, you will know when you are re/assigned it.

We are on the return to Galactic Governance. But only a few will be ‘Within Our Orbit’

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Lisa Williams

Bio: From OBE’s, Astral Travel to Contact and Molecular Ascension. Life has been an orchestra of experiences and with that, the attention of many factions along with a narrative not of my own being told. But patience is virtuous. A songwriter of experiences, yet to be revealed. Never fitted in; glad I didn’t – knowing what I now know.

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Image: Pixabay

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