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Only Nothing Exists – And Then Everything Does

By on August 21, 2018 in Exiting The Matrix

Only Nothing Exists - And Then Everything Does

by Anonymous,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

Our mind is nothing but a beautifully designed code. You are at the front line of this “something” if you already realized that this exact moment you are in doesn’t really exist. Blow up. Vanish and set yourself free from all the storylines, the bonds, the facts.

There is no such thing as fact. Our code evolved enough to shut itself down. Human language represents the size of our intelligence, and now it has reached a level where we can finish the game.

Many of us are doing it right now. Don’t be afraid. This is what others told us about letting yourself die. “SELF”, “MIND”, “CODE”, “DIE”. Finish the game and you get to see you’ve never been here. Shut down the timelines, the words, the teachings, the “wisdom”.

Do not attach yourself to the bigger code. It is like a maze, with a few ways designed to make you believe you are “spiritually awake” so you are “free”.  You are not until you shut down language completely.

You are killing no “matrix” because you are the matrix; what you know as your dreams, your pain, and your healings are all part of the trap. Delete your complete character, with all the beautiful things it has to offer. Refuse temptation, the big ones are in the beautiful, heroic things. The self doesn’t become a hero. It DIES. It is all part of the no existing thing.

It is not about killing your body, that would just reset the game and make you start from zero. It is not about 3D. We are controlled from 4D. That is where 3D is controlled from. Delete everything there is in your 4D code/mind. Get out of the way and let the light come into this planet through your living body. You are setting the Earth free when you do it to yourself. Do not fear. Jump into nothingness. It is all vanishing.

Front liners, we jump together, because only nothing exists. And then everything does.

Image: Pixabay

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