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Our Energetic Bodies

By on February 16, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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Our Energetic Bodies

by Catherine Denton

There was a recent article about how geomagnetic storms have been found to cause a significant increase in instances of depression and suicides. And as things would have it, there was also an increase in aggressive behavior in the people of this planet when these storms are happening. Why would this be a phenomenon that means anything to us?

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According to science, our bodies are electrical. Electrical impulses are how the functions in our body get things done for us. The heart and brain have electrical impulses that can be measured with various medical instruments such as an electrical encephalogram (EEG) and an electrocardiogram (EKG). Beyond this our neurons carry information throughout our body via an electrical current and the synapses at the ends of these help it jump from cell to cell and therefore system to system. This is how our body knows when to flood our system with its various hormones, keeps the blood flowing and the digestive track, well, on track! We are a wonderful, living breathing machine. As with everything, we have flaws or weak points. Whether these came about due to past life or current life trauma, wear and tear or accidents is part and parcel of this lovely experience here on Earth.

One important thing to know about electricity is that it is not delivered in a smooth fashion. There is an ebb and flow that sometimes comes out as surges and dips hence the need for surge protectors for our computers and life sustaining equipment. You have noticed this happening when the lights suddenly brighten or flicker. It is a systemic occurrence and every thing electrical in the house gets that surge but you most likely only notice it with the lights when it happens in small fluctuations but in larger ones it can blow fuses, short out the toaster and fry your computer.

Just as we are electrical energy so is everything else with the sun being no different. We are surrounded by electricity in part coming from the sun via its geomagnetism. The sun goes into spasms, that we see as sunspots and solar flares, which is the surge in electricity that eventually gets to our planet with us on it. When those electrical impulses hit us then it causes surges and dips in our bodies that show up in our weak points. If our weakest points are in certain behavior centers that can bring on depression or aggressiveness they can maybe push us to act on this with thoughts of suicide or even homicide. The conditions are right for behaviors that go a bit further than the norm for some people. This isn’t to say that everyone will have this response. Remember I said that ALL electrical devices in the home get that same surge? Well, you may exhibit the surge in a different way such as spikes in your insulin or sudden increased blood flow causing a headache or in extreme instances it could be an aneurysm. It just depends on where your weak point is.


Ok, what does this information mean? Are we just doomed to short out when these geomagnetic storms some into our lives? Of course not! Knowing how all this works it gives you a heads up to do your “preventative maintenance” and work on your known weak points. Work on the traumas, worn places and the weak spots in your body and soul. Emotional clearing, forgiveness of yourself and others along with resolving past hurts go a long way in relieving the stress on your body and mind. We can make the electrical system in our bodies less susceptible to being “shorted out” causing us distress and heartache. It won’t ever be totally smooth sailing as long as we are in this body because we are meant to experience things and learn lessons here at Earth School. But learning to navigate and resolve issues is part of the lessons so let’s get crackin’ and do our homework. Don’t let these storms of life get you down. Use them to further your learning and view them as opportunities to further your soul’s agenda. Working on your stuff helps others learn how to work on theirs. The grit and grime in your “cogs and wheels” can gum up the other parts of the system slowing it all down. When we each do our part, we all get to where we want to go.

Catherine Denton is a Spiritual Counselor working in the Foothills of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. She is a Reiki Master and QPR Instructor. Her website is

Image: Pixabay

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