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Our Paths To Unity Consciousness

By on June 29, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Our Paths To Unity Consciousness

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,



This is the fifth of the series of unity consciousness, historical but with metaphysical perspectives. It partly summarizes a little of unknown history as discussed by Damis, Philostratus, Hierocles, Eusebios…. of the Great Alexandria Library, Egypt, 6000 BC and Nineveh Library, Mosul Iraq destroyed and restored 2260 BC of the Sumer Ishtar God and the various dominion dogmas utilized by Archons to manipulate humans. They are bombed again by US Archons for elimination and eradication of records for us to remain in the dark and in amnesia as far as they can manage.


Fear ‘God’, confess your sins, be saved by men in colorful robes who pardon your sins conditioned on your acceptance that you are a sinner! Litany of prayers for 365 days repeated and rehashed that you are a sinner. Confession allows you to come clean of your dark past. Practice rites of eating flesh-bread and drinking blood-red wine a symbol of God, otherwise heaven is beyond your reach, all pagan practices given a semblance of doing it for God after 400,000 years of brainwashing. Think and realize the madness of being controlled by Archons- DG13 thru religion. In terms of the Roman designed religion, 1800 years of commercials. How can a human accumulate experience evolving on Earth if you are brainwashed daily, disallowed to learn truth!

All That Is, Source Energy –SE has prepared creations at 3D to experience what the human being or other living beings will do with Infinity’s new test of Free Will on planet earth. You can do anything you like good or bad, righteous or dark and very likely you will choose to be a perpetrator or a victim in one of those incarnated lives of yours until you awaken and realize who you really are. That is the end of playing in a stage. Greed and profits are common choices of learning humans. Reach for love and light and unity consciousness follows. That is the start of true learning, an opening to realization. You are always given a choice as you are provided with free will.

Source Energy gave us free will and if you play SE forgiving sins in your created religion, that is your choice. The truth is you can forgive yourself as you forgive others, after which healing comes into your life. These all partakes the process of learning by being a perpetrator or a victim until you realize that there is a need to reintegrate your spirit entity, all of your embodiments in 5D- thru seeking All That Is . 3D is where healing and cleansing of past impurities is accomplished. Source of All That Is provides the energy frequency of each individual that serves as a key energy to another in need of this frequency in the eradication of impurities of self or healing of the carbon body that we inhabit. The thought of Infinity is clear and you are a program therein, played. It is a process of your spirit repeating embodiment , until you wake up! If you don’t you are fodder and labor to the dark.

In a more metaphysical term when you enter 3D from your abode at 5-6D, it is called shattering, a period in the life of a spirit or soul after you accepted the invitation to assist Earth raised to a higher consciousness after Her fall. Your spirit is shattered to a point of forgetting who you are. You develop amnesia to allow you to live in this very low 3D world of the planet where chaos, fear, victimization of other beings are common, otherwise you can’t. Death is the norm of living. It is virtually impossible for a pure spirit from 5-6D to co-habit with 3D humans in True Light Form. You cannot go lower to the 3D vibratory frequency of earth and live a life of duality if you do not pass shattering. Embodiment is taking up a body the 2nd to-nth time until you reach light. This is the term we are all familiar with, awakening and realization of who we really are.

Hell is fear and threat concept by the Archons’ self- proclaimed god of humans, in priestly robes or in jet planes with their pilot insignia. Remember Istar-Inanna or Enlil. They originated from step buildings taught by the Archons to control humanity done at least twice a week herding humans for a brainwashing sermon requiring participants to bring gold, silver and palm fruits, required for attendance as these things belong only to gods. It is the same as we are today, tithing. They delegated it to a ‘priest’-pastor as reproduction of humans in multitudes have overwhelmed the Archons. Humans continuously reproduce without let up unduly scraping earth of her resources and literal harvests. At the 21st century, change is never noticed, the practice is the same using- enticing you as recruit, believer, donor of your material wealth and the most significant, your labor and energy given out of free will to darkness. They have to do this as they do not have access to light of Source.

Living as a Starseed in a low 3D planet means passing rigors of trauma, live a life of a victim or a perpetrator and experience in a fallen or starting to evolve planet in the universe from 2ndD to 3D. In our terms, this is Grade I to Collegiate level of the learning process. Had Earth not been stricken by hurtling planets and asteroids we should be in paradise but Source Energy-SE has ways for us to attain more experience in the illusionary world. Programming of Perpetrators must be a pre-condition of the true experience that we should pass. We all pass the positive or negative ways of acts-deeds as humans, living in our own sacrificial earth life for us to start seeking love and light, All That Is.

Lower 3D is traumatic experience for the spirit, far different from Soul-Spirit in 5D reality, a place of living in collective consciousness, a place of light illumined by love. The beauty is after the horrid experience at 3D, when light is showered to your being, you awaken and remember deep in the recesses of your heart who you are and where you come from. You repair all that which you have lived and experience in duality thus preparing you to give soul gifts from your heart, that is essentially love of others reflecting your innate love for yourself. You pass a beautiful process, a path and portal of love, service to others and gift giving. Adamu says on this regard of repair and healing:

“You see, healing yourself is, in itself, already a wondrous gift. When you do, you work a pathway in consciousness that then becomes easier for others to follow. By healing yourself, you heal others without even trying. And, as previously mentioned, most of you will, by default, also offer all kinds of wonderful and loving gifts to those who co-habit your reality just because that is the kind of being you are….”.



On a religious note, to control and manipulate humanity, the Roman conquerors thought and taught an effective mechanism, religion for the captured masses to generate wealth for themselves- from religion and simultaneously controlling the growing menace of occult Christians and set an example for all conquered territories of the Roman Empire. History of course tell us that all empires go and we are just waiting the empire of the west to fall in time for the raising of consciousness to in5D.

At the 2nd to the 3rd century, a miraculous man, Apollonius of Tyana was used, his life published and renamed. I reproduce some writings of Apollonius/Roberts of May 20, 1881 including his picture as I cannot forgive myself if other humans are left out of this information to decide for themselves. His companion, Damis-Tomotheus wrote the life and lives of Apollonius. My Captain, MD-Dr. Stankov and two online websites provided us information of these religious falsities. These writings reconfirmed events at the Council of Nicene called by Emperor Constantine, 325Ad to finally control the growing Christians by adopting Christianity. He made himself Pope and icon of the Christians, erase the name finally of Apollonius and write it as Jesus-Gesus. Apollonius of Tyana, Gesus-of Nazareth with lives of St. Paul and John the Revelator included. These writings of the Christian Scriptures, and explains the mysteries that have concealed the theological Deception of the Christian Hierarchy. He hails from Tyana in Cappadocia, Asia Minor, Turkey–East of the Taurus .Mountains . Learn at –; Nazarenes, Sect of Essenes, and at the website of Dr. Stankov. There are so many hidden things in our world by Archons.

…. Mr. Roberts had been having regular weekly sittings with the medium through whom these communications were received, but in reference to the sitting on May 2oth, 1881, Mr. Roberts records in his notes…. Apollonius is mentioned by Lucian, … Apuleius who was contemporary with Lucian; …till he was set up by Philostratus, many names…. Dion Cassius, Eunapius, who commends the history of Philostratus, but says, that instead of entitling it the “Life of Apollonius”, he might have called it the “Peregrination of a God among Men “. The same information are reconfirmed by libraries at Alexandria and Nineveh at Mosul, Iraq.

In essence this new religion, Romans and their scribes created a GOD normal to the dominion principle of God Archons as they have ruled for a million years without let up of making us energy provider and slave labor. This is the source of Father, Son and Holy Spirit where son is now worshipped as God amongst men. We call the Nibirians ‘sons of gods’. What a way to fool people. How can Apollonius, Gesus be God? What types of deception the Archons made on humanity is beyond comprehension as they have implanted and cloned us with new genes contrary to Infinity’s creation of humanity. Humans have this technology today thus we are better than the Archons, proven with sheep ‘Dolly’and other humans in European experiments where cloning is not unlawful.


Indonesia in South East Asia is sleeping giant, faithful Moslem religion has almost 263M souls combined with other countries have 2 billion living humans. Others are righteous who worship “GODS” and some are of the ISIS kind. 3.4B Protestants, Catholics- Roman origin or Orthodox use the same propagation techniques. A hybrid use the worst, killing infidels and you are provided with seventeen virgins in heaven for murdering people, your brothers, parents, relatives, humans, the worst of the kind of Perpetrators. It is common in UK, US and Asia with beliefs very different from 7B humans. People believed/brainwashed by negative beings. They did terrible fantastic lies talking and singing a gospel of falsity for humans to live in fear, lack, and anger and make the Archons worshipped as Gods. For an update, in the Philippines (PH) where martial law is on for 60 days, foreign ISIS from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are killing civilians and military to take over the whole of Mindanao.

Remember their dark names, Anu to Zeus, in between is Yahweh that inculcated bad words that seeped to our consciousness. Intelligent Energy taught love, light and unity consciousness, the reverse of Moses teachings as he emphasized the bad words of human dictionaries. Other light beings do not even understand what English means as they speak the light language, mind communication, but they will in time as they are here to assist us. I prefer the command of Source of All That Is: ‘YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO’. Unconditionally love yourself that overflows your neighbor as love from Source is overflowing to all beings, non-stop love energies coming from the Central Sun. There is no other commandment required by Infinity in 3D. Remember we are all here to reintegrate our spirit entity similar from where we came from-to 5D, the reality of light. This means you decide to reach for love and light when and where you desire it as the same love overflows to others.

The consequence of rejection of love is living in the dark for endless eon till you see a spark of light. The decision is yours not, never a priests, bishop, pope, imam, or a pastor. You cannot do wrong and be pardoned everytime you ask for forgiveness. You have to work for it by reaching light. What you think-believe is yours, the journey is yours to enjoy and be happy while we all live in this ‘paradise’ destroyed by religion and Archons. To further pursue the story of beliefs, in most catholic rites, they celebrate daily drinking red wine and eating bread, a symbol of blood of Apollonius/Gesus. This is added to the gospels written by scribes of Constantine 325AD, a Luciferian vampirism and cannibalism rites to perpetuate their dominion over humans, abhorred by spirit, our spirit within. This is a memory of martyred children in underground cathedrals con-celebrated in masses of the church, above-in basements during the middle ages. If you believe this practice, you are in for a thousand incarnations, as fodder of the dark. Still that is your choice of belief. Look at the herded humans in places of worship and be amazed of where we are, still ignorant of the current lifting of the veil for us to awaken, the growing knowledge provided by Source. I almost vomit at the site of the priest telling the crowd to be fearful of the wrath of god and merging wisdom, knowledge, piety and fortitude with fear, read daily in masses. What falsity.

In thousand years, devil worship seeped to the consciousness of human beings, in mountains at Middle East, like Moses Sinai, Noah’s Ararat, Israel’s Moriah and Mt. Horeb, stories of God’s apparitions proliferate, all of them taken by fear by talking bush LED fire, a flying breathing dragon, gas powered and flying chariots where Gods ride that allow subservient humans to ride for entertainment and awe to get subservience and write what they see as god created. “GODS” write them in stone tablets for posterity for the next generation/s of human subservience and control. They mistook jet planes and missile launching fired by wasteful fossil and gas common in Sumerian launching pads at those Archon age, common in wasteful hydrogen gushing NASA and China flight launches when they have in their vaults the technology of the flying machines provided by our planetary neighbors, hidden to propagate greed, profit from business from fossil fuel. They forgot to change the olden stories of Gilgamesh and his adventures at the launching pads fighting robotic guards to show the power of the gods, but rebuff by a human fighting against each other for violation of security. They neglected this error of heroism of a human being desirous of attaining immortal life for a human.

Robotics as predicted by Japan and US companies will replace 30-80% of human labor in 3-10 years. 50,000 years ago robotics is implemented in security detail of Archons at their space ship launching centers and we are trying to outdo what has been done. Computers replaced a lot of labor but the human spirit survives. Other planets can be the next living space, a place for humans, the simple location where humans can duplicate what we do on earth. Each one of us should contribute by creating new businesses for sustainable livelihood as to robotics will replace routine and clerical jobs.

Oil and asphalt gush above ground during this ancient period and there is no need for drilling rigs. Oil gushes, plentiful says stone tablets, thus fuel, caulk, and stone edifices rise. We were all fooled and gypped. The dark today pursue the planets destruction thru fossil fuel residues, chemicals, chemtrails, nitrous oxide, and methane gas from herded animals, belches, all death agents. Alternative technology is known and they hid all these from humanity. Outer space travel should have been made easy and humans should have performed their work in other planets, providing free will and human experiences other planets require of us, the new transferors of knowledge delayed. Source created us to share knowledge with others outside of Earth with free will as a new concept of His creation, to transfer experience from Earth to other civilizations.


All That Is, SOURCE is unconditional love learning and experiencing from free will. With this truth, the dark beings have to come out with strategies to counteract the effects of unconditional love and light. Religion was conceptualized thousands of linear years but prior to this idea, they assemble humans, brainwash them in step buildings and pyramids to attain their evil deeds. Religion t teaches fear of an angry, envious and destructive God who would crush and smite people with diseases, deadly laser and killer gunships if they are not followed. That is history written in stones of wars of gods and men, anthropologists and archeologists said. Source-SE will not annihilate his creations. A fragment of pure light resides in our spiritual hearts, our spirit. Awaken, seek light and unconditional love. It is about time that we know why religion is imposed on humanity. Father/Mother gods, the equivalent of Kings and Queens on earth sitting in a throne in heaven is something that a reptilian being can think about beyond any human imagination.

We can see thru the Hubble and new gigantic Chinese telescopes that can see thru a wide expanse of outer space, the bigger fantastic heavens, a universe of endless possibilities. Change your thinking and make the word ‘God’ second to many choices as you got accustomed to saying it as you pray. Infinity, Supreme Creator, Source Energy. Source of All That Is will be the best understood name that represents everything. Remember again that we are going to a place where light language is the norm . You are the only person authorized to analyze your belief if it is true or deception. We are all a simple program in the thought of the Source of All That Is. Humans make programs and now robotics will replace humans up to 80% of what we do. At Gaia- Earth there are million humans with 5-6D spirits, most of them volunteers, martyrs from nearby planets assisting light beings whose consciousness have evolved to 5d. They took a carbon body form at 3D to assist us by living with us, an equivalent of Japanese ‘Hara-Kiri’, a Tora-Tora plane on a suicide mission. Original earth born souls, young but learning and seeking Source Energy are to be assisted in their evolution to light, the reason why starseeds are living with us. The numbers are growing from the ranks of souls of earth as these positive oriented races come to the rescue of a fallen planet for a million years as our time has come. Source Energy has mandated lieutenants-observers to assist us to change to a higher frequency of consciousness.

We are no longer afraid nor are we slaves. We cast away the new world order of greed and hate as the light rays of Source overflows our being. We adopt unconditional love-service to others as daily routine acts of love on our way to unity consciousness. Meditation and silence connect us with the constitution of All That Is, nature, water, birds, insects, elementals, everything. You learn to love nature habitat as all are one with us. Remember we are fragmented of Source, reintegrating spirit entity-bodies embodied in it.


The discussions presented of DG13-Archons are the same stories told and retold around the world of economics, business, management, education even philosophy but in most cases with a hidden agenda of greed and profits for self alone. Religious schools make tons of money and included in top 1000 corporations but are seldom or not taxed to help in nation building in the guise that they help the poor but in reality flows to the coffers of DG13 and Vatican. As corporate multinational organizer in PH I have seen the play of greed and fantastic profits for capitalists. Returns are primary objectives, the only purpose of doing businesss, otherwise they will not invest and I lost the opportunity to create jobs for my people, my only desire in this earthly existence.

Observing-advanced beings telepathically transfers to a human ‘ acceptor’ the information specifically the laws of acceptance, intention, action, says Adamu. Visualization, emotion, and observation are things I have practiced for 30 years as the rudimentary traits of manifestation. Apparently Sage Adamu has some words on these human practices in the future and how to attain anything in this world of wonders of creation. I have practiced them to pursue the capitalist ways of attaining objectives and they are accomplished in this human world. Rise to a higher consciousness, increase your frequency of vibration thru unconditional love. For 60 years, I falter, fail sometimes but with perseverance and smart planning, capitalist at my back and myself made it despite calling me a weird fellow thinking something impossible like creation of industrial estates and organizing multinational companies in Philippines and abroad. They are difficult if not impossible specifically in a not so participatory group of people. Creation of jobs and real love of work puts my personal safety as I am exposed to industrial risks and communistic leanings of some sectors. To date rebellion is still the problem in PH and martial law is declared in Mindanao due to the presence of ISIS and NPAs, another mode of FEAR FACTOR, terrorism. Some dark spirits said I should stop doing what I do and strictly work for ‘family’ needs. I diasagreed and pursued organization of industries, simultaneously teach people love of work and loving others in the process. We live in the land of the kings, queens, profiteers and greedy capitalists, living in labor of the governed-enslaved. Imagine PH president in desperation is asking thru TV that he will draft NPAs, MNLF and MILF, rebels, to AFP if they can help eradicate Maute gang. I almost lost my life to the NPAs in armed threat encounters while creating employment.

You completed reading this historical-metaphysical story and that means thinking and analysis is working within yourself. Unconditional love and acceptance have seeped into your hearts and minds. Surrender to your higher self and to Source of All That Is your mind body spirit. This is a path to accomplish the purpose of your spirit within. Overflowing others with your love is in reality helping others, returns back to self, at your “ïn situ” format. Set a path of goodness, something right daily and you need not accomplish more, acts-deeds have a multiplier effect on those around you setting the path to a higher consciousness. Focus, aspire to be a planetary consciousness being here on Mother planet Earth assisting raise the consciousness of Gaia to IN5D. We are never alone, we set the fires of unconditional love to every individual on the planet.
Love and light!

Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’



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