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In5D Patreon Wall of Eternal Gratitude Page

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In5D Patreon Wall of Eternal Gratitude Page

Beginning in April of 2009, In5D has been your home for reliable, honest, and heart-centered articles for over 10 years.  Infinite love, light, and gratitude to the millions of people who have visited In5D throughout the years.  It’s been our pleasure serving YOU!

We will be giving you lots of things you won’t find on In5D, such as a PRIVATE IN5D INSIDERS CHAT CLUB and exclusive Mid Month Energy Report videos. If you would like to join us on Patreon, click the link!

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Patreon Wall of Eternal Gratitude In5D Page

UPDATED: January 7, 2024

Much LOVE and ETERNAL GRATITUDE to ALL who have donated, present and past <3


Shanda Hoffman
Despoina Kaniou
Malvyn B
Gayle Bush
Gordon Montgomery
Marianne Graham
Suzan Smith-Davis
Anna Gatsios
Gabriel L. Cook
Kathy Serrano
Kiki Curry
Phil Christophers
Debra L Mills
Joan Hoffmann
PsychicAlly Ali Prescott
Patricia Walsh
Matteo Simon
Pere Wickes
Cris Hart
Deborah Affolter
Devin Shane Porter
Felicity Butler
Jett Crisafulli
Marejo Johnson
Mark Collins
Nic Herbert
von craig hughes
William G Fraser
Christoph Heidenescher
Julia Rodgers
Theresa Duvauchelle
Sheri Shaffer
Alexis Kristy Greaves
Yolanda Arenas Acosta
Sarah Medina
Vera van Leeuwen
Jick0lt • Laura Pacheco
Linda Winger
Rev Melissa Kennedy
Katharine Lange
David Byers
Linda B
Shannon Rose
Sirius Love
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To all former In5D Patreon family members, THANK YOU for your support!

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