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The New Matrix Is Allowing Us To Ascend In Consciousness In A Physical Body

By on March 16, 2019 in Exiting The Matrix
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The New Matrix Is Allowing Us To Ascend In Consciousness In A Physical Body

by Teri Wade,
Contributing Writer,

The Matrix we live in is a grid system that provides the light required to have a physical representation of consciousness in the form of a human body. The Matrix on Earth was hijacked and dominated by those controllers who control us thru frequency.

The New Matrix is allowing us to ascend in consciousness in a physical body. It’s never been done before… Again, we are the Grand Experiment! Those who have been on the Ascension path are gradually tuning into this new grid.

It’s hard for many to wrap their head around that none of this is real, this Matrix we live in is nothing but a holographic reality that we have been programmed to live in. The only real is the presence of self.

The environment we live in is composed of props, it’s all illusion. We live in a simulation, a holographic projection controlled by an incredibly powerful supercomputer, shall we say, that has controlled our consciousness for eons thru frequency.

Think about it… If all we know is within this simulated physical realm that we are participating in, which may be the entire 3-D physical Universe, you would have to think that the true reality would not even remotely resemble this world.

There is a splitting of two worlds and we are right at the cusp of that so it would only make sense that this non-physical, multi dimensional world would be completely unfathomable to our third dimensional human minds.

This physical 3-D reality we live in is completely restrictive and incredibly limiting. So, what’s happening is the frequency we are existing in now is being tweaked and when you tweak that frequency just a little bit it sends out monumental, planetary change throughout all creation.

If you think about it really what we have done is incarnated on this planet in the form of a physical human body while still existing in those higher realms. We’ve just been cut off through DNA manipulation from those higher planes of existence. But, now through these higher frequencies, our higher self, your soul can now return. That would be an amazing world unlike this one.

What we need to do and we’ll get there is to maintain that connection and communication to those higher realms while in this physical body. I’m going to mess with your head right now… Maybe, the physical being that’s been separated from the higher states of awareness thru the incarnation process is the true simulation?

Teri Wade

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