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Planetary Transformation Will Happen In An Instant

By on June 16, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Taansen Fairmont Sumeru,
Contributing Writer,

Harmonic Resonance Predictions

A moment will come in the near future when all the most heavenly predictions and prophecies of a translation of physical matter from third to fourth and fifth density, what the Law of One series calls “the harvest”, will be fulfilled. While millions of people know this, what a fewer number know, is that it will happen suddenly, “like a thief in the night”, “in the twinkling of an eye”.

Just because spiritual evolution up to this point has been gradual, doesn’t mean it will go on remaining gradual. Even though the rate of increase has been increasing, it is still gradual. But that is like heating water. The increase towards 212 degrees is gradual; but the transformation from liquid to gas is sudden – when 212 is reached.

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In the Hundredth Monkey Effect, the spread of monkeys washing their potatoes was gradual. But when the number reached 100, around 1%, the spread became instantaneous.

The same is the case in chemistry. The crystallization of a solution is gradual until it reaches around 1%. Then it spreads to the rest of the solution suddenly.

In physics, when less than 1% of a bar of iron is magnetized, the increase is gradual. But when it reaches 1%, the rest of the bar gets magnetized instantly.

These are just a few examples in nature. There are many more.

So what’s the formula for planetary spiritual transformation? Well, it may be very similar. Oneness University in India published this information:

MISSION FULFILLED – Global Awakening

  • People Awakened are over 352,000
  • People living in the presence are over 490,000
  • People in Awakened states are over 103 million
  • People experiencing the presence are over 190 million

1% of the world’s population, if it is rounded off to 7 billion, is 70,000,000. Oneness University’s definition of “Awakened states” isn’t complete enlightenment, but it is a sufficient level of spiritual awakening to constitute one very significant type of critical mass – 103 million – having already been reached and exceeded – surpassing 70 million. This means that the conditions are already irreversibly locked on to an inevitable rise of world consciousness in an increasingly exponential fashion in the coming days and months.

When “the exact moment” of full metamorphosis will be, no man knows . . . but it is obviously coming closer and closer with faster and faster speed.

All the people worldwide who have chosen to live in ways that bring growth and expansion of consciousness have been pleasantly rewarded, without exception. These rewards always involve some kind of higher experiences, such as spontaneous deep insights, new dimensions of Love and joy, intuitions, psychic abilities, and endless other virtues.

Each being is unique and different, and in my case the power of seeing into the future of the world was among the gifts that awakened in me. This visionary gift is apparently among a certain class of divine seeing or heavenly clairvoyant abilities. It has been not just seeing anything in the future, but specifically the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, the Arrival of the New Man, and the Descent of Heaven on Earth.

This ability must have been present since before birth, because it gradually awakened already mature during my childhood, and was stabilized as an all-time awareness by adulthood. Like the other gifts, it has been a 24-hour-a-day reality, but in the earlier years it climaxed during certain peak experiences. An example of one of these was in 1976 in Interlaken, Switzerland, when I was 22. A very powerful intensification of the vision came over me, which for that time was unusually clear and prolonged. I stepped completely out of time, and then back into it at a point somewhere in the future. A sense of absolute knowingness as to the validity of what I saw, was pervasive. This direct experience of the future civilization on Earth went far beyond any words or descriptions. To say that it was awesome is to put it mildly.

I hovered over the Earth and saw that something had happened to the entire population. An unprecedented global transformation had taken place. I tuned into the collective memory of the human species, and knew that just prior to the global transformation, evil, suffering, ignorance, lovelessness — all the negative characteristics of the dark ages — had finally become so pervasive that a point was reached where it had been deeply understood for the first time collectively — and then transcended and transmuted. It was all in the past now.

Now there was a certain beautiful, mysterious “something” that everyone on Earth knew collectively. Although it is impossible to express in words, it was something like a universal recognition of the existence of Enlightenment, of the destiny of everyone awakening to it, and of the obvious intelligence in living in a tremendously celebrating, festive, free, and ecstatic way . . . everywhere all the time.

After this point of worldwide transformation, everyone and everything will have a beautiful inner illumination and music. Universal affluence and abundance for everyone will exist. Basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter will automatically be provided for every person without having to work for it. No one will be forced to work. Some will indeed not work, but will still contribute very tangible and valuable vibrations and communications. Those who do work will do what they enjoy, and therefore it will have tremendous skill, talent, professionalism, and quality. It will be completely voluntary at all times for everyone. Real and complete freedom will finally exist universally.

Worldwide transportation and communications will be available to everyone, even children, either free or at nominal cost. Vast new scientific insights and inventions, harmonious with nature, and vast new mental abilities will be commonplace. Perfect and superhuman physical health will be enjoyed by everyone. People will live in the body as long as desired and leave the body pleasantly whenever they wish.

Religious, political, racial, philosophical, and all other former reasons for differences will have each attained a fulfillment in unity. Differences will no longer dominate. They will remain as the spice and variety of human uniqueness, but unity and oneness will be the new universally accepted standard. It will not be a rule that people follow from the outside at all, but rather a heartfelt insight spontaneously obvious within each person. Everyone everywhere will naturally and innocently love each other. No one will seem like a stranger. Individual differences will be greater than before, by far . . . but at the same time these will be sources of joy and intrigue, and everyone will feel only friendly brotherhood and sisterhood with all other beings. University — unity in diversity.

The emotional and sensory quality of this vision is fascinating. It is as different from dreams or fantasies as day is from night. It is so blissful, the light is so bright, the colors so vivid, and the joy so real. In the celestial dimension I can see within and through everyone and everything. It is a knowingness. It is far beyond personal mind. It is a ray of universal mind, and it is far beyond intellect or analysis. It is innocent, timeless, and invincible. It is an absolute knowing, as described in the similar discussion in the former chapter on “The Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment”. It is a definite and awesome Reality hovering around the Earth in the etheric plane, just waiting for fit human radio-transceivers — receivers and transmitters. I have seen and heard many thousands of vivid details in this heavenly reality, and continue to see and hear them. Their descriptions, their precipitation, and their condensation are happily coming into form, through various individuals who have a similar refined evolution of attunement.

The prophetic definiteness of the vision is due to the fact that it reveals an already existing reality on the subtle planes. Its materialization into physical density may even be more inevitable than the condensation of rainclouds into rain, or the sunrise in the morning. Its Love, its beauty, its optimism, its inner and outer splendor . . . are greater than most other descriptions of the future I have heard, from anywhere in the world. The total supernormal glory and global enlightenment of this vision makes most other future prophecies, and all science fiction, look dull by comparison. In addition, it will manifest sooner than most people think. To hear the vivid details of my vision, most people might think it will take centuries, if ever, to happen. However, this is not true. It is already starting to materialize, and will increasingly gain speed and momentum.

It will spread everywhere — to every human being, to all living and inanimate things, to the entire Earth, the entire solar system, galaxy, universe, and existence. Furthermore, the transition into it will be smoother than most people think. I feel a mixture of compassion and amusement when I hear predictions of dire global catastrophes as being part of the transition. These calamities have already been happening and are happening now . . . because the dark age is still coming to an end. That is precisely why people project them onto the future.

However, that is not everyone’s present reality. Each individual creates his or her own reality, entirely by choice, by the way each person freely chooses his or her thoughts. There is a very blissful upward wave now rising in millions of people, and rapidly spreading, from the silent source deep within. It is an invincible real power whose momentum is cosmic . . . and which is the source of the tremendous pleasant surprises to appear on the world scene in the coming years.

Although the expressions of certain other visionaries and Enlightened Masters happen to meet the same high standard of what I see, such agreement is just incidental to my knowing. A few of the highest versions of this vision have been communicated by Masters of the highest Enlightenment. Their articulation of the Age of Enlightenment, the arrival of the New Man, and Heaven on Earth are very impressive, amazing, and eloquent. I am pleased that they read the same Akasha and see the same reality as I do — certainly with far greater comprehension — but even if they all disagreed with my knowing, it would still not change my certainty in the least. I would just feel sorry for them! Such is the absoluteness of this knowingness.

However, fortunately they do not disagree in the least, and I am unfathomably thankful to them for their priceless contributions to world evolution, without which the Golden Age would be coming with far greater difficulty. In addition, they have communicated the details of this Age in various beautiful ways that have made intellectual recognition of what is happening widely available to the human species.

The arrival of Heaven on Earth can be called a descent, or a creation. Both would be correct. It is a descent in the sense that Heaven already exists in celestial frequencies, and has been growing for eons. Its arrival on Earth is simply a matter of a densification — a “descent”. It is also a creation, in the sense that the descent takes place through us — through human beings. It is we who attune to it, like a radio attuning to certain stations, receive its signals, and energies, and manifest them into the physical world.

Those of higher consciousness have always known that Heaven on Earth could have happened globally at any time. There is no rigid, predestined date on which it is required to come. There is no cosmic calendar somewhere saying that mankind had to wait until a certain time. It could have happened any time. The only reason certain prophecies have given specific dates is because those making the prophecies saw the trends, the deep and subtle undercurrents of human evolution. They saw that certain things had to happen first. That is what they call the Divine Sequence.

The way they arrived at their dates is by simply calculating how long it would take for certain events to occur if mankind kept going at the speed it was currently going. That has sometimes been accurate, sometimes not. It depends on how people use their free will.

For example, many doomsday-type predictions were made in the last two thousand years which never happened, because fortunately, the underlying trends and causes that should have created those disasters were corrected at a later time by evolving individuals. One case of this was the predictions of a California earthquake that was supposed to send much of the coastline into the ocean. The famous psychic who accurately predicted many events, including the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, Jeane Dixon, was once asked what ever happened to the predictions of California falling into the ocean. Her response was that California’s destiny had apparently been altered, and the only social development significant enough to have caused such a wonderful alteration, must have been the large groups of meditators, such as those practicing Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation, she said. Certain others said that the minor earthquake in 1971 was the one that was supposed to have been the Big One.

The Divine Sequence is not a schedule in time that would correspond to a calendar, as we know it. It is more a cognition that certain levels of maturity will have to be experienced by a sufficient number of people in the world before Heaven can really spread significantly. Heaven already exists on the Earth in the lives of those who have reached such levels of maturity, but obviously before it can become much of a global phenomenon, substantial numbers of the world population will have to attain higher levels of personal evolution. For that, Heaven has already been waiting thousands of years. The first, biggest, and most important prerequisite for Heaven on Earth to spread beyond small groups of people and go global — has been for world peace — the permanent cessation of war, violence, and terrorism. People would have to stop fighting, and world peace would have to be permanently established for all time. This could not be accomplished by strategies of outer manipulation through peace treaties and arms talks which have been going on for millennia and which have only failed. Nor could it be accomplished by inner visualization, by well-wishing it, or any of the other varieties of “New Age” peace activities. Real and genuinely permanent global peace could only be attained through more people directly experiencing the universal unified field of unbounded pure bliss consciousness, no-mind, in deep meditation. Like sap in a tree, enlivenment of consciousness nourishes the world from within, and world peace naturally results.

Extensive scientific research has been conducted on this, and it is so concrete and repeatedly verifiable that it has been disproving the skeptics and disbelievers. Yale University has a periodical called The Journal of Conflict Resolution, which studies hard scientific research on social influences. Psychology professors from Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, submitted excellently designed research studies showing that whenever large groups of people practicing the Transcendental Meditation and advanced TM-Sidhis techniques, collectively called the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field (MTUF), gather in an area of war violence, the violence automatically decreases as a result of their presence.

In 1987, the editors of the Journal told the MIU professors that they didn’t believe it, in spite of the well-controlled study. They told them that if they wanted the study published, they would have to re-do it according to some new rules and parameters. They predicted that when done their way, the effect would disappear. So, the MIU professors went back and did exactly as the editors had suggested. The results remained . . . and not only that, they were even more impressive. When the new results were shown to the editors, it absolutely blew their minds. How could a few dozen meditators, or even a few hundred, sitting doing nothing but closing their eyes in their hotel rooms, cause war violence in the surrounding area to decrease?

They couldn’t understand it, but there was the proof right in front of their eyes. They still couldn’t believe it, but they were obligated to publish it, because the quality of the research was absolutely impeccable. In the first place, the MIU researchers sent announcements IN ADVANCE, to several institutions, predicting their research and the expected outcome. Secondly, they used statistics publicly available to anyone, so no one could think they made them up. And third, they used a very sophisticated system for proving that the decrease in violence was in fact DUE TO the presence of the meditators, not just coincidental to it. It is called Time Series Analysis, and it effectively eliminates all other possible explanations for the impressive results. Furthermore, the statistical probability of these outcomes not being due to the MTUF was virtually nil — less than 1 X 10-19, or one in ten billion billion. And in addition, it has been replicated by many different researchers in different settings. The results are always the same. Wherever the percentage of people practicing Transcendental Meditation reaches about 1% or more of the local population, all the measurable statistics of quality of life in that community improve. Crime rates decrease, auto accidents decrease, hospital admissions decrease, business bankruptcies decrease, even weather improves.

This one-percent effect fascinated them, because there seems to be a curious parallel in other sciences. If 1% of a bar of iron gets magnetized, the rest of the bar will also get magnetized. If 1% of a chemical solution gets crystallized, the rest of the solution also gets crystallized. Less than 1% won’t do; just as water won’t boil below a certain exact temperature. In human social science, it has also been called the “hundredth monkey” phenomenon, because of the famous discovery in Japan that when the number of monkeys on one island who began a certain new activity reached 100, all of a sudden all the other monkeys on other islands — seemingly unconnected and far away — started exactly duplicating the activity.

It was not some seasonal activity or any other type of behavior which would have been expected or normal. It was a completely new custom for them. There are books on this and other discoveries in nature which indicated that there is definitely some kind of psychic field of energy that connects, affects, and influences life at any distance. Thus it has been compared to the scientific principle of critical mass: when a sufficient number of people reach a new level of consciousness in the world, all of a sudden it will flash and spread to the remainder of the population, just like the use of the wheel, the use of fire, or light bulbs, or any new development.

When only the square root of 1% of a given community practice the more advanced TM-Sidhis techniques together, the same results appear, every time, like clockwork. Dozens of these studies and statistics have been published, and the phenomenon has gained a fair amount of publicity in recent years. The founder of Transcendental Meditation, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, had predicted that this would happen, as long ago as 1960. Thus it came to be called “The Maharishi Effect”, and also the “superradiance effect”.

For further reading on this subject, it is highly recommended to read the book entitled “The Maharishi Effect: The Astounding Power of Group Mind”, by Santa Cruz psychology professor Dr. Art Aron; the book “Creating Heaven on Earth: The Mechanics of the Impossible”, by author Robert Oates; or the Yale study itself, by MIU psychology professor Dr. David Orme-Johnson, published in the December 1988 issue of Journal of Conflict Resolution, Volume 32, #4. The telephone number of the Journal’s California office is (805) 499-0721.

Following are typical examples of charts from the studies:

Heaven on Earth


I also know from my own experience that these things are true, because I participated in one such group, that went to Iran in 1978. Conceived by Maharishi from his World Government of the Age of Enlightenment headquarters in Switzerland, and funded by some wealthy donors, it was called “The World Peace Project”, and groups of practitioners went to five of the most troubled areas of the world at that time — Central America, Southern Africa, the Middle East, Iran, and Southeast Asia. In every single case, the violence decreased during their visits, as a result of their “superradiance”.

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In our Iran group, about 150 of us flew into Teheran, Isfahan, and Abadan in late October ’78, just when the Shah of Iran was trying to force progress too fast for the reactionary Moslem fundamentalists, and violence was erupting everywhere. Machine guns were pointed directly at us through our taxi windows as we drove from the airport. We checked into some five-star hotels, and were instructed to stay in — not to go out and hold peace demonstrations, not to talk on the radio or TV, not to do any press conferences, not to try to negotiate peace with the government; not even to do any sightseeing. All we did was stay in our hotels, practice our two daily periods of meditation, had two vegetarian meals a day, and spent our spare time reading and socializing with each other.

Sure enough, statistics showed a measurable decrease in violence for the six or seven weeks we were there. And when we left — it resumed almost as before.

It is for certain that Maharishi’s meditators are not the only ones emanating globally transforming vibrations. Individuals and groups everywhere are also experiencing similar depths in powerful meditative practices. It’s just that Maharishi’s groups are making one of the largest contributions in this respect, and also seem to be the only ones sponsoring serious scientific research on it. Approximately two or three million people in the world have learned Transcendental Meditation, and somewhere under one hundred thousand of us have learned the advanced TM-Sidhis practices, which involve the highly-publicized yogic flying.

Comparable numbers of people are also participating in comparable meditative practices in the Sannyasin community around Osho Rajneesh, who, though no longer in the body, is still very much present in the powerful continuing momentum of his beautiful Sannyasins.

It is obvious to anyone who looks thoroughly enough into his discourses and the activities in his commune in Poona, India, that his Sannyasins are also making one of the largest contributions to the tangible transformation of human consciousness everywhere. They are similarly aware of a very powerful aura of invisible influence emanating from their gatherings, which they call “the Buddhafield”.

It is very interesting that both Maharishi and Osho have separately somehow arrived at the number 10,000 as the minimum number of human catalysts it will take to trigger the global explosion of consciousness, and the transformation of the remainder of the world’s population. Osho said in about 1987: “If we can create ten thousand buddhas (awakened, enlightened people), that is enough to save the humanity — ten thousand buddhas reaching to every nook and corner of the world, simply spreading the love, the compassion, the awareness. And if the world has so many buddhas, I don’t think it can be destroyed by criminal politicians. . . . This is the only hope for humanity, the only hope for the universe to have this small planet so alive, so beautiful, so lovely . . . to create an atmosphere in which a third world war cannot happen . . .”

Similarly, Maharishi has also been saying that we need 10,000 “Sidhas” or “Vedic Scientists” in one place, to cancel the negativity of the world and generate sufficient superradiance to reverse the trends of time and effect the global transformation. Perhaps 10,000 is the magic number because it is about the square root of 1% of the world’s population, plus a little extra for safety. So far, these numbers exist, but not in one place, and perhaps not of sufficient proximity to Enlightenment. But we are well on our way, and moving fast.

Other Contributors of the First Magnitude include Mata Amritanandamayi, Sri Satya Sai Baba, Sri Bhagavan and his Consort Amma of Oneness University (Golden City, India), Avatar Adi Da Samraj, and others. Around each of these powerhouses of Enlightenment and others throughout the world are large numbers of people rising rapidly in higher states of consciousness, and similarly radiating potent and tangible vibrations of bliss, happiness, Love, light, peace, nourishment, and upliftment throughout the planet.

On the deepest level of world consciousness, those who are transcending into the no-mind, the unified field of pure Being, which is always available to anyone and everyone all the time, and thus emitting Superradiance, are nourishing the most profound, the most fundamental source of world peace. It is true that other types of groups are contributing as well . . . through peace walks, cultural exchanges, political and economic negotiations, and so on. All of these things have their value, and we certainly encourage them.

Soviet-American citizen diplomacy, student exchange programs, and artistic and business exchanges are examples of some of the very powerful contributions happening that are establishing world peace. Every level of worldwide peacemaking has its significance in contributing to the inevitable end of crime, barbarianism, and war.

But it is also time that more people become educated about the deepest, most powerful, most essential source of the success of all levels. That is the level most sublime: bringing the attention to the fourth state, by whatever means, and especially together in large groups of people. Large groups who dive into the fourth state together are creating the Superradiance of the New Man, and this is the basis of the success of everything good in the world — everything life-supporting, without exception.

Highly conscious people were reporting that world peace was coming closer and closer for a long time, and Maharishi said in 1987 that it would be here by 1988. Sure enough, look at the newspaper and magazine headlines for 1988:

Peace Is Proliferating in Many Trouble Spots from Mideast to Asia — Wall Street Journal, 7-29-88; Oh, What a Peaceful World — The Economist, London, 7-30-88; Is Peace Really Breaking Out All Over? — Newsweek, 8-1-88; On the Brink of Peace — Time, 8-1-88; Winds of War Seem to Abate Around the World — Washington Times, 8-2-88; Global Arms Sales on the Decline — USA Today, 8-16-88; Cold War Recedes — New York Times, 5-29-88; US-Soviet Tension Is Now Receding — New York Times, 6-4-88; Signing for Peace on Earth — Austin American Statesman, 9-12-87; Less For Defense (US defense budget) — The Economist, 7-16-88 . . . and so on and so on and so on. Such headlines go on for PAGES . . . to this very day.

Of course, everyone knows what happened in 1989 — the “impossible” happened — the Berlin Wall came down, tyrannical dictators in Panama, Romania, and elsewhere in Eastern Europe lost power, and freedom has been spreading everywhere.

This is the trend. It does not mean that tragedies are already obsolete. Calamities may still have a ways to go before completely coming to an end, if they ever do. But Heaven on Earth means calamities will be very seldom — if at all. Bad news is still observed occurring — but in the big picture, it is lessening. It is declining. Most people are not even aware of how much good news there is, because as everyone knows, most public media focus as much as they possibly can only on the bad news. This is another very stupid, retarded, and self-destructive practice which will change as world consciousness rises. A famous psychological study called “How Good News Makes Us Good” was conducted back in the ’60’s.

Certain members of Maharishi’s Ministry of Information and Inspiration put together a periodic collection of all the good news in the world, since it isn’t found anywhere else all in one place. They call it “Age of Enlightenment News Service”. Anyone who has been studying the effects on the world of people transcending into the fourth state, and who reads page after page of momentous news headlines appearing in the recent years, can see very clearly a summit-peak view of world events, painting a picture of fundamental, sweeping, and profound changes in mass consciousness accelerating. And it is only going to continue to accelerate.

Therefore, now that the multi-thousand-year history of wars has come to an end, and political and military crises are less of a concern, we can move on to bigger and better things. Now it is more realistic to speak of the real possibility of the New Man arriving and Heaven descending on Earth.

Following are some of the details of what the New Man and Heaven on Earth will be like . . .

HEALTH: Everyone will enjoy a long life in perfect health, and prevention of disease will be so effective that cures will hardly ever even be needed. It will be a disease-free world where every individual will enjoy total well-being on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

EDUCATION: Everyone will enjoy ease and simplicity of gaining full Enlightenment without long time or effort. Education will readily deliver the fruit of all knowledge to everyone — without having to study all knowledge.

ECONOMY: Heaven on Earth will be blessed with the global experience of fulfillment and self-sufficiency, the lack of craving for wealth, fully enjoying everything, free and unlimited access to worldwide transportation and communications, and satisfaction of desires without struggle. Wealth will no longer be a symbol of status, since everyone will have it. Everyone will have more than enough of everything and live in bliss 24 hours a day, with the full support of natural law.

Success will be through doing less and accomplishing more, and ultimately doing nothing and accomplishing everything. Affluence and abundance will always be available everywhere, and every individual will have economic freedom. (See the chapter on “The Dawn of Golden Age Prosperity”).

GOVERNMENT: All governments will be substantially reduced in size and force, and will become true servants of the people. They will just serve a function, rather than “rule”. Their domination and exploitation will have come to an end. They will instead serve to satisfy, whether they be communist, capitalist, democratic, monarchic, or whatever. Fulfillment will come to every system. All governments will function as effortlessly as the government of Natural Law, which administers the entire universe with perfect orderliness, and without a noise.

Then, as world consciousness matures and rises further, outer governments will diminish and dissolve altogether. People will be totally in sovereignty consciousness, governing themselves from within, in complete freedom.

LAW: There will be a lack of need for enforcement.

REHABILITATION: There will be a lack of need for rehabilitation.

DEFENSE: No need. Those presently employed in the armed forces will be given their choice of jobs in creatively improving society.

AGRICULTURE: There will be perfect balance in nature. The seasons will come in time, there will be ideal weather, maximum productivity of the seed and soil, and new, enlightened technologies for food and diet. Attunement with natural law and the resultant support of nature will prevail.

RELIGION: Some organized religions as such will have totally dissolved, and others will have greatly softened to become far more fluid, flexible, open, and universal. Religion as a collection of separated institutions will disappear, and be replaced by a global atmosphere of freedom and for the first time — genuine religiousness as a natural quality, as has never before been experienced on a worldwide basis.

People will enjoy the immediate fulfillment of their prayers by mere intention, and prayer will evolve into more of a state of thankfulness all the time, rather than the petition or begging that people did in the past. Everyone will finally know there is no God “up there”, other than their own Divine center of consciousness, other than the godliness that pervades existence; the Love that unifies existence; the Intelligence that shines in every being. Everyone will spontaneously radiate the grace of this godliness in his or her daily life.

SCIENCE: Scientists will no longer work in the service of death and destruction. They will be supported to enjoy inexhaustible creativity, in the service of making life more pleasant, more enriched for all beings. They will attain the supreme fulfillment of the quest for knowledge . . . by directly living the fruit of all knowledge. Tremendous expanses of new horizons will be revealed and discovered, and all the wonders and treasures will unfold endlessly. The whole purpose of gaining knowledge will be fulfilled without having to go through the old trial-and-error experimental path of gaining knowledge.

ART: The fullness of life will spontaneously blossom in every expression. Every expression will be beautiful and blissful. The arts will be purified to such a point that they will serve as windows into the highest experiences in relative existence.

CULTURE: The whole population will spontaneously live in tune with the natural laws of the geographic and climatic conditions where they live, resulting in cultural uniqueness, harmony, integrity, purity, strength, friendliness, and fulfillment. The whole world family will be a beautiful mosaic of different cultures, and civilization will be truly global for the first time in history . . . enjoying an endlessly evolving perfection.

LIFE: Balance will exist on all levels of life — spiritual, intellectual, physical, material, environmental, and cosmic. Self-sufficiency will unfold in every person, with the ability to know anything, do anything, and accomplish anything. All good will exist everywhere and non-good will be nowhere. The field of all possibilities will prevail and the full sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment will continue everywhere and always.

Scriptures from every religion and records from every cultural and philosophical tradition have prophecies of this Heaven on Earth that is arriving. Only one of the many examples is reprinted here from the Judeo-Christian tradition:

“For behold, I create new heavens and a new Earth; and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create; for behold, I create a rejoicing, and all people a joy. I will rejoice and be glad in all people; no more shall be heard in them the sound of weeping and the cry of distress. No more shall there be in them an infant that lives but a few days, or an old man who does not fill out his days. They shall not labor in vain, or bear children for calamity; for they shall be the offspring of the blessed of the Lord, and their children with them. Before they call I shall answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear. The wolf and the lamb will feed together, the lion will eat straw like the ox, and dust will be the serpent’s food. They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy worlds, says the Lord.” — from the Bible, Isaiah 65:17-25.

Subjectively, the New Man and Heaven on Earth are endowed with bliss 24 hours a day, and this will be spreading gradually to everyone. Objectively, it is perfect health, long life, affluence, and all good conditions for everyone. So, besides world peace, another of the obvious prerequisites for Heaven on Earth to be real, is the removal of poverty in the world. Economics is now more of the main issue than ever before, because the world has so much poverty. And removed it will be . . . just watch. Abundant prosperity will exponentially multiply everywhere. Further advanced technologies from Enlightened sources will be released, resulting in unprecedented universal providence and progress. This will even include the total reconstruction of all the world’s cities, towns, and villages.

The New Man and Heaven on Earth on the individual level will be privileged with perfect health, long life in bliss, and the ability to easily fulfill all one’s desires. People will embody the best of Zorba — symbol of worldly pleasures of the senses; and the best of Buddha — symbol of higher consciousness, spirituality, and Enlightenment. Zorba the Buddha will be a harmonious synthesis in all people — the New Man.

Heaven on Earth on the collective level will be endowed with an indomitable influence of positivity, harmony, and peace on all levels of collective life — family, community, nation, and the world.

About the author: Taansen Fairmont Sumeru is a cosmic musician, heavenly artist, published author, meditation teacher, seminar speaker, and investment consultant. The one theme running like a golden thread through all his talents and activities is creating Heaven on Earth for all mankind. His main interest is the arrival of the Age of Enlightenment on Earth, which is coming through the acceleration of the evolution of human consciousness and the awakening of all the blessings of the Golden Age.
Taansen is author of the highly acclaimed classic masterpiece book Sovereignty Consciousness. The message of the book won unprecedented standing ovations when he spoke at many offshore investment seminars on ocean cruises in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Alaska, and at resorts in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Bali, Singapore, and various Caribbean islands. He has lived in or visited some 35 countries. He is also author of numerous published articles and the forthcoming book Cosmic Renaissance – Enlightenment in the Arts, about the Dawn of the Enlightened World Arts Metamorphosis.
At age 19 in 1973, the Transcendental Meditation form of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga, as taught by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, gave Taansen an opening into his inner enlightenment and unbounded pure bliss consciousness. Subsequently he was educated at Maharishi International University in Iowa, USA, and at Maharishi European Research University in Switzerland, where he received the title “Governor of the Age of  Enlightenment” in 1977 at age 22.
Then he continued his studies through hundreds of other seminars, courses, institutes, Enlightened Masters, and the most important of all, inner exploration and selfstudy. He became a Sannyasin with Osho (Rajneesh) in 1985, and has been associated with Her Holiness Sri Mata Amritanandamayi (“Ammachi”), Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Satya Sai Baba, Sri Karunamayi, Suma Ching Hai, Sri AmmaBhagavan, and other Masters. He holds a Ph.D. in Religion from the internationally accredited Universal Life University, California.
Taansen’s physical ancestry is English and Scandinavian, but his first and last spiritual names are Sanskrit from the Himalayas of India. “Taansen” and “Sumeru” were given to him in 1982 and 1984 and legalized at that time in Hawaii. “Taansen” means “master of universal sound”. “Fairmont” is the Western translation of “Sumeru”, meaning “beautiful mountain, summit of heaven”. The pronunciation of Sumeru is: su – MEH – ru . . . with the accent on the second syllable. Taansen was born and raised in the USA and Europe as the only son of a very loving and spiritual couple, his father from Philadelphia and his mother from Atlanta. His mother now lives south of Seattle, Washington. His father was a management trainer and consultant for the United States Government Civil Service, transferred to different locations every few years all over North America and Europe. As a result, Taansen is from “nowhere” and “everywhere”, but has resonated geographically most with California, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, the Pacific Rim, the sacred areas of the Orient, and Switzerland.
Non-business email: ∇ Business:
Gig Harbor, Washington land line: 253-509-0011 ∇ Cell: 253-905-1802
Key Accomplishments, Positions, and Associations
• Member, International Meditation Society
• Undergraduate Student, Maharishi International University (MIU)
• Teacher, Sri Vidya Raja Yoga (Transcendental Meditation Technique)
• Governor of the Age of Enlightenment, Maharishi European Research University (MERU)
• Clairaudient and clairvoyant of celestial aesthetics
• Musician, Namasté (1984) and other recordings
• Artist, various drawings, paintings, and photographs
• Collector, largest known collection in the world of heavenly, celestial, cosmic art
• Co-Director, Breatharian Institute
• Sannyasin, Osho Commune International
• Author, Cosmic Renaissance – Enlightenment in the Arts (forthcoming)
• Initiate, Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Association
• Consultant, Better World Technologies (free energy devices)
• Donor, Natural Law Party
• Partner, Free Enterprise Forums
• Trustee, Transcendental Fellowship
• Member, Terra Libra (“Free Earth” global libertarian country)
• Member, Prosper International League, Ltd.
• Member, Science of the Spirit Foundation
• Director, Golden Age Intelligence Associates (GAIA), Ltd.
• Intermediary, Bank Instruments Reserve Account programs
• Speaker, Investors International Seminars
• Author, Sovereignty Consciousness (1997)
• Trustee, Morning Light Management
• Member, EarthSave Foundation
• Member, International Society of Financiers
• Member, Art of Living Foundation
• Trustee, Sat Yuga Consulting
• Member, Unarius Academy of Science
• Member, Sovereign Society
• Co-Director (former), Sattva Investment Bank (Bank of World Peace)
• Contributor, Foundation for Conscious Evolution
• Honor Roll of Giving, Maharishi University of Management
• Citizen, Global Country of World Peace
• Creator, Cosmic Communion educational series
• Founder, Golden Age Consulting
• Founder, Empyreal Creations production company (forthcoming)
• Member, Amega Global
• Oneness Blessing (“Deeksha”) Giver, Oneness University
• Co-Trustee, Healing Pyramid Energy Public Disclosure Movement Worldwide
• Member, Board of Directors, Northwest Center for Well Being
• Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
• Member, Board of Advisors, Monaco Management Group

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