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Pleiadians – Schumann Resonance And DNA Upgrades

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Pleiadians - Schumann Resonance And DNA Upgrades

by Anonymous,
Contributing Writer,

This cosmic Ascension is in full force and the Gamma Light energies are being measured by every space agency on this planet. Remember, this is not just happening there is always a cause which is always initiated first as a thought in the mind of an intelligent being.

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Currently there is a multitude of benevolent advanced ET groups that has entered our galaxy through a special inter-dimensional portal near Earth’s sun. These angelic beings came to Earth on a mission and that mission is to assist Earth and the human race advance with its Evolution and Ascension.

The Universal Directive says you cannot interfere with the evolution of a species but considering the strong power the Archons had over humanity there was an allowance made. This decision was made by the high Councils of Light that the human species free will was being thwarted in ways that was just too much.

Humans have been kept in the Dark for too long hidden from the Light and this Awakening due to our Ascension is changing all of that. Blinding Light has arrived to this world.

These positive, benevolent forces have arrived and their multi dimensional light ships are doing incredible work. Sending intelligent advanced Gamma Light from our Central Sun at the Galactic core through a multi dimensional solar portal and deflecting it towards Earth. It’s being sent directly into our auric field and is integrated in ourselves for the purpose of upgrading and activating our DNA. This is the reason many of us are experiencing things that WERE beyond our comprehension.

When our DNA, let’s say, is upgraded to the 5th strand you will be able to see amazing, beautiful worlds that didn’t seem to exist before. These higher resonating realities have been here the entire time but humanity couldn’t even begin to decode them until now.

This higher Light Data contains all the information in the Universe and when it comes into our etheric field it starts to recode our DNA sequence in a matter of hours. That annoying, high-pitched ringing in your ears that so many of you have been dealing with lately coming in at unprecedented levels are these higher light frequencies.

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When you hear spiritual gurus talk about the Akashic records what they mean is this Gamma Light Data it’s the same thing. The Akashic records are stored in the Central Sun and contains all the information of everything in existence.

Gamma Light is proven to instantly morph the DNA in any living being to a much more complex form. In our case, our heavy, lead bodies are being transformed from a low vibrational 2 stranded carbon based DNA human form to a 5D and higher crystalline based angelic being.

The hundreds of thousands of ET’s are being seen by every solar observatory on Earth and these observatories know exactly why they’re here.

When plugged into this 3-D matrix the outward realities look so real that you get lost in it and forget you are creating the entire thing. The Pleiadians want you to know that you have Godlike powers, that you exist in these 12 dimensions simultaneously… you’re just buzzing at 12 different frequencies simultaneously.

What I’m saying is there is a 3D version of you and a 5D version of you etc. The higher version of you is still you and is not separate from you not to mention your other vibrational versions. It’s all you, you’re just vibrating on multiple dimensional levels all at the same time in the same space. It’s like the higher version of you came back through time to save you.

This whole thing is going to end up with a blinding flash of Light, so are you awake yet?

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This is the reason we’re getting this information. We are being prepared for this extremely important event in our history. This information is a trigger. Humanity has been in a deep slumber long enough.

Are you ready for something better in your life? Are you ready for the madness to end? There is more to this Awakening and we’re all about to find out soon. Eventually, you’re going to find out that you are your prime creator and nothing exists in this Universe but you. Meaning, you are pure consciousness!

It’s time we create a nicer Earth one without suffering. The Pleiadians are here to remind us of our greatness. Things will no longer continue on Earth the way it has been.The Pleiadians are higher versions of us that came back through time and what we call our future to assist us in this great time. The Pleiadians are the great celestial angels spoken of in ancient texts that have descended down to Earth to help us realign ourselves back to our true nature.

Wow! What a crazy, advanced and intelligent plan and we humans wanted to make the game a little bit more interesting by pretending to not know who we truly are. We even get those higher versions of ourselves to communicate and send us information to tell us what we are supposed to be doing. It’s just so many aren’t listening.

What we are doing here is quite amazing and it takes a very intelligent being to do what we are doing right now without knowing who we really are. Humanity is being watched very closely by ET groups from all over and they see within our codes what’s going to happen we just don’t see it yet. They are here to assist, communicate and guide us but we are the true creators.


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