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Pluto in Libra Generation Born Between 1971 And 1984

By on August 2, 2015 in Astrology
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Pluto in Libra Generation Born Between 1971 And 1984

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

If you or someone you know was born between 1971 and 1984, then you are in the Pluto in Libra generation.

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Generation gaps

What society calls ‘generations gaps’ can be easily explained by which Pluto generation you belong to.  For example, if you have a sibling who is only a year or two older (or younger) than you, he or she may be in a completely different Pluto generation and you will see noticeably different challenges that each Pluto generation experiences.

Which Pluto Generation Are You? //

Welcome Indigos!

Many people who incarnated during this generation and beyond (Pluto in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn…) are known as Indigo children who came here with advanced DNA and metaphysical abilities.

Most of your parents are from the Pluto in Virgo or Pluto in Leo generations and while they experienced their own sense of craziness as youths, they have a hard time understanding what you are going through or how you express yourself.  Even though you chose your parents before you incarnated here and they are part of your soul group, many of your parents forgot how your uniqueness will change the world and will try to change you into their versions of what is acceptable to society through their eyes, not yours.

The Indigos came here to recharge this world with a new energy which is replacing the energies of those in the Pluto in Cancer generation as they gradually return “home”.

Many are what Dolores Cannon calls “volunteer souls” who volunteered to come to this planet because they heard the call that Earth was in trouble and volunteered to come here to help in any way possible.  Some people who were born with Pluto in Libra are here to change the world in a big way while others are here simply to hold the energy.

More Gen X Kids

Society tends to place age groups within a label, so you will find that many Gen X kids have either Pluto in Virgo and Pluto in Scorpio in their birthcharts.  You will also find many Gen X kids behind the latest technologies as these are the leaders of the future.  They tend to be rebellious to anything that is not in harmony within their own belief systems and will play a major role in exposing disharmonious concepts such as government and religion.

The cardinal sign Libra means CHANGE!!!

Libra is one of four cardinal signs with the next cardinal sign being Pluto in Capricorn, which is happening right now through the year 2023.  Each cardinal sign brings change, just like the change of seasons.  For those in the Pluto in Libra generation who have children, many of your children will be part of the Pluto in Capricorn generation, so you might experience the same drastic amount of differences in principles that you experienced with your own parents or… you can learn from that experience and find common ground with your children, thus combining forces with the Pluto in Capricorn generation to REALLY create positive change on this planet.

Challenges for the Pluto in Libra Generation

Many of those born with Pluto in Libra experienced parental divorce and will try to seek balance within their own lives and personal relationships.  They may even cling on to failing relationships longer than other Pluto generations because they do not want their children to experience the divorce of their parents, thus placing their children’s ideas of family concept over their own, personal well-being.  Unfortunately, children are very astute and will pick up any subtle negative energies that their parents exhibit toward one another, so no one wins in this situation.

In other words, while trying to find balance for everyone, it is possible to become even more imbalanced by trying to do what is right for the conglomerate versus finding balance within your own personal life and extending that balance outwards in your relationships.

Learning how to compromise for the greater good versus your own self-interests will be a challenge for this generation. In your quest to find balance, it is easy to go too far to one side in an attempt to over-compensate for something that is unjust in your life. This include the use of drugs at some point in your life as an escape mechanism from the daily stressors that were created by the previous generations.

Some people within this generation may aspire the beauty and harmony within this sign, which may create a sense of materialism through the desire for fine art, cars, boats, etc…  While the Pluto in Virgo generation was the 1st generation (overall) to make less than their parents, the Pluto in Libra generation is in the same boat.  In order to overcome this, one must realize that money does not create happiness or build character.  The lack of money actually tests our character while providing an opportunity to overcome something you agreed to in your soul contract before you incarnated to this 3rd dimensional reality.  While on the other side of the veil, many of you thought this would be a positive challenge to help in your spiritual growth but now that you’re here, you are wishing that you didn’t agree to that part of your soul contract.

When you return back to source and do your life review, you may or may not wish you had done something different to change the way you feel right now.  Ultimately, the ball is in your court and you control your own destiny.  Make the best of it by aligning yourself with like-minded people of positive influences and you see your life change in a positive way.

Positive attributes for the Pluto in Libra generation

The major attribute for the Pluto in Libra generation is about relationships, which is why we have seen a variety of relationships become more socially acceptable, including gay, lesbian and interracial relationships. The need to find balance and harmony, regardless of sexual orientation, has changed the way society views non-traditional couples.

Additionally, this generation has also brought a new light to those who decide not to marry or who will marry later on in life (or not at all).  In previous generations, a woman would be questioned as to why she isn’t married by the age of 25 while a man who is still single in his 30’s is not stigmatized for his choices.

As mentioned, Libra is one of the four cardinal signs. Those who are born in the Pluto in Libra generation will have a strong desire to fix what the previous generations have broken.  More than likely, they won’t actually want to fix anything but would rather start from anew by bringing radically positive changes to a broken society.  Many of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters are from the Pluto in Libra generation and you will find that as we continue to transit Pluto in Capricorn, the Pluto in Libra generation will be at the forefront of major positive changes on every level of existence.

If you were born between November 5th, 1983 through August 27th, 1984…

Because Pluto has an unusual elliptical orbit, it sometimes wanders in and out of a neighboring sign, which is why the years within any particular Pluto generation may vary.  For example, Pluto in Libra covers people born from October 5th, 1971 through August 27th, 1984, with the exception of those born between November 5th, 1983 through August 27th, 1984 when Pluto meandered into Scorpio, due to its elliptical orbit.  If you were born during this short period, then you will have many similar traits of your peers but your true Pluto sign is Pluto in Scorpio.

Sending you all infinite Love & Light,


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