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Powerful Cosmic Re-Alignment Codes, Crystalline Grid Upgraded & Now StarGate Synchronization Is Full-on

By on December 15, 2017 in Energy Updates, Spiritual Awakening
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Powerful Cosmic Re-Alignment Codes, Crystalline Grid Upgraded & Now StarGate Synchronization Is Full-on

by Lisa Transcendence Brown,

HUGE Photonic Integration and Upgrades Continue. Codes after Codes “loaded” and activated in our body and fields too. How we “link up” to the Crystalline Grid of Our NEW Earth, Gaia, Galactically, SOULaris and entire planetary/cosmic systems depends on how much of a priority INTEGRATION and EMBODIMENT are to each of us here.

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For humans, “this” interferes with their world. For Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, integrating and holding highest codes and timelines is the most important thing there is, as it’s for us all. It takes all of our dedication and has to come first, so that all is “easier” after the anchoring/stabilizing process is complete. (In the beginning, I was not aware that I was a Gatekeeper & Gridkeeper for our Galactic NEW Earth, until my realities “collapsed”, because I unconsciously “fought” this whole process forever until it was time to wake up and fastrack and move into full-service here).

There is “higher intelligence” encoded information in photonic Light. These codes that are “delivered”/activate within our bodies/fields, totally re-code our bodies and fields to TUNE to higher dimensional timelines and realities, bring through new awareness and realizations, new “abilties” and “power(s)”, if you will. They float around “out there” and are “dormant” (hidden) in our DNA, activating higher states of consciousness through a PURIFICATION PROCESS that occurs in every moment of our every day. Re-alignment is also always occurring, with or without us, which is why we CHOOSE TO ALIGN all as love, all as the highest vibration of everything, constantly and BEFORE a timeline collapse/convergence comes along to align our realities FOR US. Life is soooooooooooooo much easier when/as we do. 🙂

I experience in “my” timeline (frequency bandwidth) and inner-connectedness with all, when all of this is occurring, while for others it might be the day before/day after or even weeks/months/years “later”, as this is a VIBRATIONAL EXISTENCE, not a linear one. When we achieve certain “levels” of consciousness, when our bodies have integrated to a certain point, when we are open, relaxed, in tune and wherever our “bodies” are in this MASSIVE EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS, depends on each one of us. How much “time” and how much of our lives we have dedicated ourselves to THIS FIRST will correlate to whatever place we are, how we experience, what we experience and what “needs to occur”. I share of my own phases and processes for those who also are on this journey, dedicated or just awakening to what appears to be the “weird and bizarre”. I let everyone figure it out for themselves, while sharing that which assists with this, which is Quantum/fully non-linear, teaching those who are ready/committed too, because if we are not ready, our hearts are closed, which means our minds and energy body all are too. Linear constructs are the “barriers” that must be broken down/dissolved/collapses/re-wired differently to connect the dots and bring each into higher consciousness existence where all is diagrams, pictures, equations and codes (knowledge) applied in a different way than our human aspect operates. I “learned” a long time ago to do what I came here to do and to honor each’s choice to do their own journey their way. This is out of love and respect for what human’s call “free will”. Eventually we move beyond those words to understand that “free will” only applies when there is ego involved. Here, all is always aligned, always as is meant to be, always as we chose it prior to incarnation/walking in, always our chosen journey, always exactly as is we chose it and always in DIVINE TIMING and we trust, honor and respect this for us all. It allows us the freedom to do our highest Soul Purposes/Roles/Missions and stay focused without getting caught up in other peeps stuff. As each is “ready”, truly ready”, they will materialize/appear/show up. If all is not able to align on the highest vibrational plane, we see this and we allow all to fall back away. There’s no holding onto anything here, no affixing to anything/anyone, no putting responsibility on others, no blame, no guilt, nothing to manipulate, nothing to impose. We hold the highest everything and require that all come from that purest place inside too. Where there are programs, we look at these, collapse them ourselves. There’s no “unconsciousness” lingering on forever or allowed to keep playing out. This shifts everyone into an unconscious timeline, which is “no longer allowed”.

Time is irrelevant, dates are too. We use them to make a point, get peeps focused, correlate things for the linear human to understand. I only use dates to make a point or assist with the human mind correlating AN EXPERIENCE to something. That is all.

Now, that being said, here in my Cosmic Reality, on 12/11 massive portals opened up. Portals upon portals to activate the 12/12 Gateway, which is usually never “on that day”. It’s a reference in linear time. Usually always early and going for days up to a whole week or so. We know as we experience it. This is how all works here.

On 12/12, all of the codes that “came through”/activated in our bodies/fields (always more than we can see/understand), grasping just the ones that we CAN feel/see, this is what we share to assist with others activating this in their own realities too! Yesterday was our physical bodies, integrating on a cellular level. ALL day. This also means Gaia’s template/cellular structure is integrating these codes, as well as cosmically these are all available to everyone “ready” and integrating/living their lives through COSMIC CODES too. This means cosmically aligning everything in your life to match this…. The Crystalline Grid being re-coded substantially, so that the physical realities of Earth can re-align too.

Ultra high and immense Christed Codes, God Codes, Galactic Codes (and so very much more), CHANGING EVERYTHING….. Diamond Light Codes, Rainbow Frequency Codes, Abundance Codes and SoulStar Family Codes to reunite us all again.

Anything not in alignment, not of full consciousness, becomes visible in various ways. Each must be fully present and in-tune to really “deal” with everything appropriately and as LOVE here. Love is a POWERFUL FORCE that holds no lack or human programs. It’s nothing like the “human love” that the human ego perceives through separation and self-service/need. The LOVE WE HOLD is PURE and it does not waver in POWER…. It does not judge or choose “who” is deserving or hold back. It’s a LOVE that can bring all into UNITY easily, yet all must be totally OPEN to this. The human ego sees openness as a threat. It does not understand that all is the opposite here.

Today, massive amounts of photons/photonic light, massive body/field alignment as the/our Crystalline Bodies and StarGates synchronize powerfully, aligning all through LIGHT CODE LANGUAGE, which is through NEW geometrics that synchronize, kinda like a geometric rubix cube that is constantly changing shape to “dial” a new reality. These geometric codes expand and contract and with each expansion/contraction, they come back together with a new sequence, creating a whole new reality. It’s quite beautiful to observe.

Frequencies, sound, geometrics, mathematical equations and codes…these are “reality” through QUANTUM ENERGY Existence and BEing ONE with ALL again. ♥

The more Crystalline our physical bodies, the more plasma our bodies, the more photonic light our cells, the less linear our physical bodies and physical realities are. Everything VIBRATIONAL, hearing, seeing, feeling, knowing… we read codes with our crystalline eyes, through a different optical system that correlates frequency and light differently than our human brain did. Our brain has opened the neural pathways/universal corridors so that we have access again. Our bodies “run” light, with crystals that decode, re-code, re-calibrate constantly. Our cells are plasma too, transmitting, receiving, communicating, re-GENERATING at a ridiculous rate. Existence is different, because we do not function from the same place as we did years ago, before our bodies started transitioning over to “the other side”, first through Physical Body Ascension and then way beyond that. Constant DNA re-coding, RNA (Adaptive DNA if you will), Genetic modifications to return our bodies to highest dimensional existence here. Learning to love and respect our bodies, support our bodies, listen to our bodies, treat them with kindness and care, appreciate them, honor them and allow them to do ALL OF THE WORK necessary to become a VIBRATIONAL BODY that’s constantly communicating, activating, re-coding and re-calibrating, instead of a “human body” that we didn’t love, respect or understand … where we tried to control it, held vanity and focused on looks, instead of understanding the CAPACITY that our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BODIES SERVE. As each’s perception of the PHYSICAL BODY FORM changes/shifts and all RE-CONNECT with their Light Body fully again, how the body correlates, affects and functions dramatically changes too. This is imperative for each desiring to transition over from Old Earth to NEW and anchor Heaven on Earth in the physical too.

As the physical body is understood and fully supported, then light (codes) can integrate with greater ease. The body’s vibration is imperative and must be ALLOWED to fully awaken, clear/cleanse the old unconscious programming in order to drop/change density and become a VIBRATIONAL ENERGY BODY that stays finely tuned. This must be a priority, not an “after though” or when the body has been ignored/run in the ground. A disconnected state will deplete the body of LIFE FORCE ENERGY (Soul/SOURCE/Universal), necessary for the body to awaken and come online with the Crystalline Gridwork of NEW Earth. Every organ and body part goes through an immense re-coding/re-calibration process and for many “zero point” (for the body this means death/re-birth cycles) are continual until these are instant and constant, then density/linear constructs take “time” and “much energy” to break down and re-build. Many’s organs will shut down, glands too. This is a re-boot/cleansing process that is as intense as one was disconnected/asleep. The whole body must awaken, FEEL and fully come online, where each cell becomes a nucleus and black hole and star system too. Where there was great suppression/heart closed/walled up (imagine the crust of the old earth), then all of this must be dissolved/broken down/come down for the heart and every cell to activate/open/move/breathe/thrive again. All of the pain is emotional pain trapped in the body/packed in the cells/cellular structure and all of this must be released. Emotions represent stories and stories represent separation. Returning to LOVE means releasing all of this and there is an INFINITE AMOUNT OF THIS DORMANT inside that is activated through experiences necessary to assist with this clearing/cleansing/unification process. Human (ego) aspects don’t like to feel, fear pain and try to control everything. They avoid and don’t like discomfort. The ego likes to find a cause, a blame or a fix, because it “needs” answers instead of opening up to listening and doing what makes no logical sense. This is where each’s higher-heart-mind-consciousness comes in. Shifting out of the ego mind into the heart-mind is necessary for the body to raise it’s vibration. The ego closes the heart and shuts access off. Stopping and opening our hearts continually and keeping them open ALL OF THE TIME and not shutting them/walling them up/going into protection/fear mode again is imperative too.

Human-ego aspects get complacent, are disconnected, don’t care in the ways that matter and they don’t come together (unite) unless they want/need something or are forced. Higher Selves/Unified BEings HOLD LOVE and LOVE to UNITE, because they are full-filling higher purposes (Soul/Galactic) and this is what drives them, this is what inspires, this is the ENERGY that is ready to embrace, ready to create, ready to share, ready to support, ready to contribute and open to receive non-linearly, as is relative to VIBRATIONAL CONTRIBUTION, where all is in-balance, in harmony, and expanding through the energy of each uniting. It’s quite beautiful!

As each understands their own aspects and can identify/understand the aspects present in each exchange, then how each “deals” and moves through realities is very different. As multi-dimensionals, we have infinite aspects that dictate the dimensional timeline our bodies are located in. We OBSERVE REALITY and SEE and we TUNE accordingly. We respond accordingly. We support/remove support accordingly. WE have to be able to SEE and shift vibrationally, constantly. Not one reality is real, until we make it that way. Not one reality is affixed, until it’s built on the SOLID FOUNDATION OF PURITY, LOVE, FULL CONSCIOUSNESS, and then it can still “shift on a dime”/change, as the moment we integrate new codes (or let something get out of alignment), then the reality will change. Our WHOLE VIBRATION dictates, not just the ones that we “try” to transmit out. Our whole focus, our whole dedication, our whole everything, this is what activates all realities to occur/come forth/arrive/materialize in the physical.

The fact that we’ve reached this precipice is attributed to each doing the work. Yes, we agreed to do this/chose to do this on a Soul Level, yet on a human level, it takes all of our focus, dedication and commitment, all day every day to hold all in place, to create, provide, guide, assist, share and support all as LOVE here. For this, we understood that we’d exchange a human reality for a higher consciousness one. We let go of everything that didn’t support, so that we could RECEIVE and EXPERIENCE all that does. This is a constant process of honoring, uniting, clearing, allowing and sharing and anchoring/integrating, where the more we contribute, offer, support, the easier all is, the easier all comes, the more awesome, the more magical and amazing, because we did/do the work, every day… yet it doesn’t look like what the human-ego-aspect would “think”, because there are still so many boxes, limits, judgments still…. yet that is changing/shifting, as we continue to share and each is ready to open up fully, like NOW! ♥

Dissolve, resolve, re-tune, return…. Honor your body, support your body, be ready to do whatever it takes and shift out of a victim mentality about anything/everything. Realize you hold the power of all inside. Realize that you will receive when you are ready to “do” and learn. See everything as the GIFT that it is, the agreement on a SOUL Level and move your entire BEING into GRATITUDE and keep it there. Shifting out of this space will start the stories again. The only stories we tell are to teach the ENERGY of something and how all works on a Quantum Level. They hold no fire, no emotion, no fuel. There are no memories, no attachment, no opinion. They don’t even matter as they are not even real. They are an example of HOW all works and how we did it too. 🙂

Re-alignment continues, high solar/cosmic winds, photonic light and more … very powerful today. When the process is done, then we will be ready to rock it out. Until then, we integrate, re-calibrate, re-tune, re-code and re-align energetically and let everything go. ♥

I love you all! Keep shining your light. Keep SEEING what you could not see before (or didn’t want to see), as more becomes visible through the immensity of all of this Light. Keep holding the highest everything and observing all through your higher-hearts. Keep resolving/releasing all that is no longer able to align and be ready for more “new” to show up, while you are “doing” fully aligned too! Open up!!!! Be ready to get all in there and git’r’done. Align all yourself. The old ways are gone. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Lisa gave additional confirmation on the photons that are arriving RIGHT NOW.  I recently wrote an article about it called,

Lisa stated, “Today, massive amounts of photons/photonic light, massive body/field alignment as the/our Crystalline Bodies and StarGates synchronize powerfully, aligning all through LIGHT CODE LANGUAGE, which is through NEW geometrics that synchronize, kinda like a geometric rubix cube that is constantly changing shape to “dial” a new reality. These geometric codes expand and contract and with each expansion/contraction, they come back together with a new sequence, creating a whole new reality. It’s quite beautiful to observe.”

You can LITERALLY see these photons if you relax your eyes!!!

As mentioned in the above article and Facebook post, Diane Canfield also confirmed the influx of photons arriving.  Additionally, if you look at the comments on my Facebook post, you’l see MANY other people who can see these photons as well.

There’s a HUGE SHIFT going on right now.  What you’re going to notice, if you haven’t already, is that YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR REALITY! EVERYTHING that you observe is either YOUR creation or a co-creation with others.  This is why FEAR must absolutely be resolved because the only fear exists in our minds.  Everything is perfect and beautiful once you escape the fear.  Fear seems so real, just like everything inside this hologram, including what we experience with our 5 senses but as quantum physics shows us, atoms are 99.9% empty space, which means that only 0.01% of what we see and experience is “real”.

There’s a great article on that explains this:

If you touch the table, then the electrons from atoms in your fingers become close to the electrons in the table’s atoms. As the electrons in one atom get close enough to the nucleus of the other, the patterns of their dances change. This is because, an electron in a low energy level around one nucleus can’t do the same around the other – that slot’s already taken by one of its own electrons. The newcomer must step into an unoccupied, more energetic role. That energy has to be supplied, not by light this time but by the force from your probing finger.

So pushing just two atoms close to each other takes energy, as all their electrons need to go into unoccupied high-energy states.

Our reality is very malleable and what we can CO-CREATE will be absolutely AMAZING beyond anything tat we can currently comprehend in this 3rd dimensional reality right now.

KNOW that our planet is being INFUSED with PHOTONIC ENERGY RIGHT NOW and our ability to manifest and create from these photons is becoming greater and greater each day.

Also keep in mind that these photons are giving us DNA UPGRADES, so expect new abilities as these photons have arrived en masse!


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