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Pranic Nourishment, A 5D Possibility

By on April 24, 2019 in Health
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Pranic Nourishment, A 5D Possibility

by Jeyaprakash,
Contributing Writer,

Pranic Nourishment, A 5D Possibility

As we expand our consciousness/awareness, we move into 4th/5th dimension and new opportunities open up. The way we interact with our everyday situation changes. We have a greater connection to the Whole. We get to feel the subtler reality which enables us to understand the factors that influence our mind and body. It paves way to our Self Mastery.

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One of the outcomes of expanded states of consciousness is the ability to sustain our physical body with prana (Pranic Nourishment), without the need to have physical food, or by eating less quantity of food.

This lifestyle gives a greater freedom. It naturally keeps one on a high, with enthusiasm and joy. Life becomes meaningful and we get more and more tuned to our soul purpose in this incarnation.

A lot of chemicals that are harmful and restrict the expansion of our consciousness enters our body through food, blocking the pineal from its full expression. Thus, a reduced food intake or no food intake greatly enhances our ability to stay more connected to our expanded states of awareness and helps with the smooth Ascension, in which our physical body goes through transformation, to hold more light.

About the authorJeyaprakash is exploring the pranic consciousness. He loves to share his experiences through his writing and short videos. Check out his website:

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