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Prepare For The Next Energy Threshold

By on November 8, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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Prepare For The Next Energy Threshold

by Selacia,

We are traveling through some very difficult and chaotic times right now. If you live in the U.S., a lot of that is focused on the crazy elections, but no matter where you are it’s much more than that.

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Humanity is stepping into a new energy threshold soon, with choices that need to be made about the kind of world we want. The choices involve big issues like honoring each other and our planet. Decisions need to be made about how we can sustain life for the next generations, and about how we can evolve into beings able to coexist peacefully with one another.

The decisions on the table are big picture for the collective. While many of these decisions will be made by policymakers, individuals like us are a big part of the mix.

Our Voices Count

Our voices do count, and our involvement in what happens next is vital. Policy-making decisions can be made without our participation, but our role as divine changemakers is to be active heart-centered voices for positive change. Active is more than sitting around complaining – it’s putting our voices into action in a constructive way.

As I’ve spoken about in the past couple of months, we have a series of energy thresholds occurring in the last months of 2016. The last one was mid-October and next is the weekend of November 12 in the supermoon window.

These energy thresholds occur as more people reach new awareness and then act on that awareness. The action part is important.

Right now we are seeing a cumulative mega-spiraling effect occurring. This is because of the critical mass building as more people reach new levels of awakening and begin embodying higher awareness.

Discerning Truth

Also in the mix is the dynamic of people waking up and not yet having the grounded spiritual perspective about what’s really going on – not yet able to discern truth.

Discernment is a developing skill – it doesn’t come automatically with waking up any more than a baby being born able to immediately walk and talk.

This lack of discernment can lead to lots of chaos, people saying things just based on something they heard, and the information may have little or no basis in fact.

The Next Threshold

At this next threshold we are facing another crossroad – needing to choose how we go forward. From a quantum perspective, this is not just about one choice. It’s about a whole new mindset of approaches and responses.

The best way to move through the crossroad is do so consciously, becoming awake to the choices presented and pick the highest ones. Discernment will be required to choose wisely.

Emotions in the Air

This weekend lots of unprocessed emotions will be on the surface, and some flying in the air as people express their upset with how things are and potential dire consequences of situations such as the U.S. elections.

As dramas escalate on the world stage, do what you can daily to find a sense of humor and lightness of being. Extra grounding and staying present will help a lot too.

This next week is likely to be intense, so shore up your energy this weekend with some rest and “me time” to recharge. The energies will be intense for lots of reasons, including the build up to next weekend’s supermoon – the biggest one we’ve had in about 70 years. Full moons tend to amplify things anyway, so with a supermoon allow for extra amplification and stirring of emotions.

Silver Lining for November 8 – Election Day

Here’s a silver lining for November 8, election day in the U.S. On that day we have some helpful heart-opening planetary energies arriving. Tightly-closed hearts may stay closed, but many people yearning for balance may find it’s easier to make choices and act on their heart’s wisdom.

With these energies present, it may be easier for you to find harmony with others and to connect with a higher view of situations.

Another plus: these harmonious energies may help you open to some new directions your higher self has been nudging you towards. Pay attention to dreams and random ideas that seem to come out of nowhere.

When things are chaotic and uncertain, it’s best to do more grounding and meditation than usual. It also helps to join with others of like mind, surrounding yourself with people who want a loving world like you do.

Know throughout the week that you are loved and supported by a whole host of beings – some physical, some nonphysical – giving you a boundless resource to shine your light brightly.

November 12 Global Meditation!

Full Moon Meditation (Saturday) * A Supermoon

with Selacia & The Council of 12

-Live (on site in Santa Monica, CA or teleclass) or with mp3

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