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Psychic Attacks And The Type One Indigo – How To Deal With Voodoo

By on September 19, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Odette Loney,
Contributing Writer,

I had the immense opportunity to meet an energy healer, a practitioner of alternate medicine the other day. He appeared to be a normal man, selling hundreds of crystals in containers on a table during a Southern farmers market. I had to ask him to give his opinion on the horrid headaches I had been having since 2009. Pain so bad that it eventually started to slightly dim with the sight in my right eye. Prayer was not working, neither was rebuking using the name of Jesus. Something was wrong here, totally. He stood opposite me and I could smell the clean washed cotton of his shirt. He had a quartz crystal suspended from his neck because of the energy work that he did. His closed eyes were slightly misted as he connected with my energy body in the psychic realm.

“You may have been exposed, I sense a definite push back from whatever it is!” he said with alacrity. He told me what I had suspected. Somehow something had accessed my energy body and my brain. He did not know the nitty gritty history, but in the spirit he surmised the devastating effects of it. These headaches began one day while I worked as a journalist for a national paper. I was at my desk when I noticed a mist of what I thought was a female entity (I do not know why I think it was female). It approached me and suddenly I felt something wet being poured into my head. I remember feeling slightly frustrated in my spirit as the liquid entered my cranial cavity. Henceforth, the horror began.

Jerking pains from a force hit me from outside my head. Each time it hit, my eyes winced shut and my head noticeably lurched forward. The aches came every eight seconds at one point, even as I slept. I didn’t sleep properly for almost two years! My mother wanted me to go to a doctor and get an x-ray of my brain but I knew what happened NO MEDICINE could cure. It had to come from within and from Creator God. It was so torrid, if I was holding onto something and the force hit, I would grapple to keep control of what I had in my hands. One of my other sisters even nicknamed me ‘tick tock’ and after some time I was desperate and suicidal. I wanted to know what was happening to me! Bursts of emotion, I became more foul mouthed, and anger over the years sparked intense research online about my ‘symptoms’ and what may be the cause.

Did I have a brain tumor? Not likely. I felt something livid pressing against my head and neck. A sticky, soupy, wet feeling as if there was cotton in my cranial cavity. This was no brain disease. It was a malevolent energy. I was in the throes of an actually psychic attack from some sort of entity. I could not believe it! Jesus was supposed to protect me from these occurrences. I did not practice black magic and I never stole anything from anybody. I learned the hard way that people used black magic rituals, voodoo and obeah, to attempt malicious damage to others and their property. If it had not happened to me for years I would never believe it. Now anytime someone speaks to me about coming through a voodoo attack, I know exactly how they feel and what it takes to pick up the pieces of life and reign supreme, to trust in Higher Self/God Source to bring victory out of what could be sure defeat.


If you realized the hard way you are a Type One Indigo, then be aware of hostile environments. Clearly, everyone on the planet is under some form of attack from negative energy – bad news on the internet, stresses of job and family, finances, you name it. However, as an Indigo with higher psychic activity exposure to prolonged hostile environments; harassment, malicious competition and ridicule can have devastating consequences. I realize that Indigo’s absorb psychic knowledge from their environment naturally. They understand what someone is thinking or feeling and have an intuitive gnosis of what is happening and can be more susceptible to psychic attacks.  How many times I have received messages from the Spirit of Gnosis about certain things that I could not prove physically until they manifested later on and I had that “ah ha!” moment. Clearly my job as a journalist around angst filled coworkers did nothing to substantiate the peace I needed to heal and keep clarity of thought. I left. In the long run it was well worth it. I went back to school, did my degree and helped raise one of my nieces. I argued with the Universe, “I need to go to work,” I cried. It answered “No, you need to REST!”


Nine years later, the reiki healer closes his eyes again and accesses my spirit. “It is definitely some type of intense jealousy and hatred from someone,” he says. He communicated that whatever it was fed into his spirit that ‘I thought I was too good.’ He also told me that negativity can create a stronghold in the mind. “A psychic attack can come from something as simple as a thought form,” he says. I read this on a website which dealt with this sort of thing. At the time I had vicious rumors spread against me from some neighbors. The lies had gone viral and at least one person thought I was having a relationship with their husband. Another individual from that same household stole a book of mine after hacking into my computer system. He then began a community broadcast blog to attempt to defame my name AND change my sex, spreading that I was actually male when obviously I am divine female. The hatred/ridicule from individuals was palpable,  I dealt with privacy invasion, character defamation and the prayers these so called ‘Believers’ had one night so that their ally could continue to use my intellectual property without my permission sans a law suit.

Of course my anger and feelings of helplessness did not fix the issue. What DID aide me immensely was seeking God Source for gnosis of my plight. I learned to depend on me and be my own energy healer. Even my niece, after listening in on a conversation I had with her mother asked my birthdate (I was born in 1977). She yelled out “aunty you’re Indigo! You’re indigo!” These cues started my long journey to self-gnosis. I thought that working with energy and crystals was for ‘hokey pokey’ people who were a bit on the mentally ill side. An indigo? Did not ‘Believers’ call that demonic? Now I have great respect for energy work and psychic healing and truly knowing the power of who I am. The power within me.

It takes nothing much for a person to be the unwitting victim of black magic. One mystic told me, “It is as simple as putting the person’s name on a piece of paper and doing a spell on it.” I promised to make an appointment with the reiki healer but with prices starting from 250 dollars I continue doing research into my own progressive healing. I’m doing VERY well now. Using a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, rose, lily-of-the-valley and olive, together with talking to Higher Self/God Source helps greatly. Also integral is meditation – I envision bright blue white light from the star system of Sirius flooding my brain and flowing through my body. I inhale this positive energy and feel it burning out the ‘goo’ of negative energy. I also envision this light piercing the floor and flowing down into the earth’s mantle, anchoring me. In my mind the energy is in the form of a sacred celestial scorpion (I am Scorpio).

To overcome psychic and voodoo attacks BELIEVE God Source put the power into your Higher Self. Do not be overcome by depression, healing WILL come. Also, avoid attempts to ‘send back’ voodoo to its owners since the Universe already has the account of what has been done to you and the negative karma dark witch doctors create will be repaid to them. “You get divine payback for what happened!” God Source says to all victims. Creator is on your side!

Much love ~Odette S.P. Loney

About the authorOdette S.P. Loney is a citizen from Trinidad and Tobago, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in English. She is a teacher, poet, light worker and adventurer. Although she does not consider herself to know much about being Indigo or the Ascension Process, waking up one day and feeling herself entirely out of her body lead her to realize that the metaphysical world was more important that the religious system that sought to suppress the knowledge of it. For several years she has experienced much phenomenon which lead her to note she is a Type I Indigo and the unexplainable body discomfort she felt was part of the Ascension process. She is a small but vital part of the Universe of Love’s Double Diamond Crystal Sun Matrix and would love to learn more about energy work to heal and inform others. She enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from  In5D readers!

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