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Rainbow Vision

By on June 2, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Rainbow Vision

by Jodi L. Menard,
Contributing Writer,

Sharing some visions of rainbows, the way they connect, and how this is “connected” to other things.

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We have understood for so long a linear timeline and thus we see and end and a beginning, a start and a finish, a left and a right, an up and a down; POLARITY!

We think there are two sides to EVERYTHING! This or that, black or white, right or wrong. This is an illusion, just as the rainbow is a mirage. The closer we get to it, it just dissolves into thin air.

In my visions, I was shown a rainbow connected end to end, to make a circle. It didn’t have an end or beginning.

It was showing us that this is how we can begin to understand that there is no such thing as linear time, no end, no beginning, thus no death and birth, etc…

Then, in my vision, it took the rainbow from top to bottom – sides and connected that as well. So the colors, layers or DIMENSIONS, if you will, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, it took that and touched those together in a continuous circle/tube and connected them with the color Magenta. Sort of how if you drew a flat rainbow on a piece of paper, then folded it up in a burrito to touch the purple and red together it would then create Magenta in between. It was like a bridge to the perceived “beginning red” and end purple”; that this was ALSO an understanding of how DIMENSIONS are connected and infinitely continuous and not linear either.

It showed me that the rainbow was a ring by connecting the ends together to make a circle but also that it connected the sides, the red to the purple, creating yet another circle within this circle.

The vision showed me of these two connections, end to end, and layer to layer, to not only show me the illusion of linear time, but also the illusion of dimensions being separate, AND it showed that this understanding will lead to the unification of polarity when we see that there are no sides! No us vs. them, no left wing/right wing, no up/down, no divisions between religions, nationalities, races, sexes, etc.

There are absolute individual colors on the rainbow for sure. These are PERSPECTIVES from a certain space on the wheels/tubes/circles of colors; trillions of colors that our eyes have not yet started to see, just as there are trillions of different perspectives: religions, races, sexes, nationalities, planets, stars, dimensions, etc… that they were just as connected and in UNISON creating the rainbow together! Each has its own individual color to add and its own perspective creating the rainbow. None was more valuable. In fact, each are needed to create the WHOLE spectrum and connect the colors. Each can be exactly the color they choose to be… to choose an individual “color” and still know that it was an integral part of the whole AND that every other color was ALSO a part… so there was no need to see division, polarity, sides, and create dis-harmony with judgments on something else not choosing the exact color we wanted to be!

It also showed, in my vision, that as we open these connections, we will connect to more and more. Just as now, we only see ONE spectrum of the rainbow. When we bridge these illusions or gaps or walls of division and connect them, it Is literally opening DEATH to LIFE. There would be no end, thus no beginnings, and it connected us straight to the other dimensions, planets, worlds, stars, others of all kinds, etc.

For example, if we had no magenta, we would be disconnecting the red from the purple and making it linear as we have done. If we had no green, there would be no connection between yellow and blue! Only when ALL colors of EVERY kind were there did it make a full circle connection to ALL things! A direct open line of communication and connection to ALL by accepting all colors and leaving behind division, separation, and judgment of any particular color!

It was amazing!!!!! The simple connecting – HEALING the perceived division made it OPEN fully to ALL other connections!

If we get to choose the color we want to be in the rainbow, then why would we point out the difference or create judgment or war or blame, or create offense (A FENCE) between others because they didn’t choose the color we did?

Why would we judge it evil that OTHERS got to choose their color?

Wouldn’t this also make US evil because we chose ours?

If we make someone wrong for choosing their colors, we become instantly wrong for choosing ours! Thus, as we want our own free choice to create our own color, our own idea of heaven, our own masterpiece, we must freely give this to others IN LOVE and acceptance just as we want for ourselves! A RETURN TO INNOCENCE FOR ALL! A return BACK to the Garden of Eden, where we all got to create with EVERY color and played kindly with each other and had FUN with each other while ENJOYING the creations of others. We do not judge them or look and search for offense, literally building A-FENCE between us and them. When there are no boundaries created by division and judgment, the possibilities of connections become INFINITE!! Why would we ever want to create or BE exact copies of each other??? Last I remember, that is called a CLONE!

We are a free WHEEL/WILL of colors. We are PERSPECTIVES from our own individual collection of colors on our own masterpiece on our personal journey! We are all coming together in our own Be-You-Too-Full individuality to create the WHOLE Be-You-Too-Full CONNECTED rainbow with each other! It is like a grand awakening to Namaste! I see you, I recognize the beauty within you, because I also recognize it within myself, even in each of our individual beauty! BE YOU TOO FULL!

We are all connected. There is no division. We have only ever illusioned there was a divide. There is no need for war,. only a true remembrance of WHO WE ARE; Individuality Connected in Unity! We are connected in HARMONY in the ONE SONG, the one verse, the YOU-NI-VERSE! AND THANK HEAVENS we are all different. We need to find the beauty in this!

We begin that journey of discovery from within. When we can love ourselves for the choices of color in our own masterpiece of SELF, and love all the pieces of our story and how it came to be, with all the dark and all the light and all the good and all the bad , and all the ups and downs that got us to be right where we are.. and can LOVE that… we will automatically give this unconditional love to others for their journey and appreciate the colors they used to create their masterpiece of themselves on their individual journey!

AND FOR ONCE, we will lay down our weapons of division: our hate, our greed, our wars, our judgments AND WE WILL HAVE AN ART SHOW of PEACE AND LOVE celebrating and enjoying the individuality of each beautiful masterpiece as we all come together in connection. THE FULL CIRCLE DIMENSIONAL RAINBOW! Full blown opening of time travel because there will be no end or beginning and no death or birth, just a true awakening. The real birth. The birth of LIFE!

Rainbow Vision

Maybe as we each come to this beautiful knowledge and apply it; this is what is meant by “awakening” or “ascension” or “born again” or “rainbow body” – (all colors connected)? A birth to the spiritual way of things. A connection to LIFE. No death required! A blooming of our FLOWER OF LIFE! A rainbow connection in ourselves through the Chakra’s being healed, thus reflecting from inner space to outer space…above and below, and beautiful healing and connecting of ourselves! An opening to HEAVEN which was standing open all along just patiently and lovingly waiting for us to be ready to see that HEAVEN IS ON EARTH and connected to ALL THAT IS.. because we chose it and created it thus with our connection!

Jodi L. Menard

About the author: Jodi is a full-time artist in love, in life, and creation. She offers a hand in love and connection to all of her cosmic family on this shared journey to connect ourselves as family! Her website is

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