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Re-Gift Your Gratitude! – The New Gratitude Energy Explosion

By on April 28, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Jeffrey Austin Smith,
Contributing Writer,

Imagine being grateful. Now imagine being grateful times 7. That’s the new energy of gratitude that you can use to help others in the ascension process. It’s called “re-gifting” your gratitude.

I usually start my day with a gratitude list, prayer and meditation. Lately, the effect of being grateful, seems to be upgrading in power on not just myself, but outwardly on others. Case in point…

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The other day I walked through the grocery store and so many faces were glum and sad. People were walking by each other without a word, the negativity was almost overwhelming. I was smiling though, feeling grateful. I felt compelled to say hello to everyone with a big smile. I mean everyone, looking them right in the eye, said hello, have a wonderful day, with all my heart. They needed what I had been so freely given, a grateful heart. By doing this, I had “re-gifted” my gratitude.

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And wow, what a difference it made on them AND me! It literally lifted them up. The energy one gives out when “being” the expression of gratitude, has a strong influence on others to help them experience gratitude, love, forgiveness of others, and self.

That is how powerful we can be even if we don’t utter a word, yet even stronger when we re-gift our gratitude, just by smiling or smiling and saying “hello”.

I encourage you dear ones, to try out this powerful, energetic tool of re-gifting your gratitude.

I am so grateful for all of you, that teach me these simple things each day. You, my celestial family in physical form, are so wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the long hours of work you do. You all know who you are. Know that the Universe has observed your good works and loves you so much. Do not tire out before the miracle happens.

In love and gratitude,

Jeffrey Austin Smith :

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