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The Relationship Between Light & Dark And Positive & Negative Polarity

The Relationship Between Light & Dark And Positive & Negative Polarity

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by Todd,
Contributing Writer,

In our current language system, the terms “light and dark”, and “Positive and Negative” polarity are being used interchangeably. The following is an overview of the construct we find ourselves within:


Darkness is the absence of light. It does not contain a polarity aspect. It is the absence of light which equates to the absence of information, the absence of consciousness, and the absence of love. Darkness is the nothingness that is ‘enlightened’ by consciousness.

The cosmos began with the God source. Infinite energy, knowledge and love. The God source looked out from itself and saw that the cosmos was filled with the nothingness of darkness. There was no love, there was no knowledge, there was no awareness. In it’s attempt to fill the vastness of the cosmos with the unlimited knowledge, light and love it contained it began to divide itself. It sent the initial conscious ‘God Fragments’ out and said;

“Go, do, create as you see fit as you are imbued with my abilities. Bring light to the infinite darkness.”

The original God fragments did not have any prior experience with creation and began to experiment. At the center of each God fragment they begin to create their unique galaxy from the nucleus outward.

As a galaxy is formed with solar systems and planets the creator God fragment repeats the process of the God source and divides themselves to create life on the planets. Life starts slowly at first as there is no experience within the simple consciousness that has been created.

This is the foundational rule:


Create photonic consciousness and allow it to gain density (additional photon count) and vibrational frequency (torsion spin of the photonic light) through the experience of life. As these new conscious aspects learn and grow through experiencing they begin to naturally form ‘collectives’ where their photonic knowledge is combined. When the density of a collective reaches the appropriate level of ability they are given the task of overseeing a planetary sphere, then a solar system, then a cluster. The ultimate goal is becoming dense enough to leave and begin to create their own galactic construct. This is why it is called ‘ascension’. There is no hierarchy in this order as is the expectation of this Earth reality. There are only levels of experience and limits of ability.

The God fragment or ‘Galactic consciousness’ creates the basis upon which life within its structure will abide. The early experiments were simple and without the polarity that we as humans find ourselves immersed in on Earth. The individual conscious life forms that existed in these earlier experiments found it easier to find the positive path and form collectives that benefited the whole. Ascension through the densities to formless energy beings was easier but the result was that these collectives lacked “experience”.

During these earlier experiments a curious dilemma began to be noticed. Since these constructs were unipolar and without the veil of forgetfulness, sometimes entire systems would stagnate, losing the motivation to strive for ascension. If a system experiment cannot be repaired, it is ended with all individual consciousnesses returning to the Galactic consciousness. This is highly undesirable as all experience gained by the planetary entities is lost as the photonic energy is realigned and reabsorbed by its creator. As subsequent Galaxies developed, the God fragments of these systems saw the limitations of the earlier experiments and incorporated new ideas to elicit more experience from the individual consciousness of their planets.

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The relatively young Galactic Consciousness that Earth is contained within decided to create new rules that incorporated polarity to create situations where consciousness would have to ‘choose’ and ‘strive’ to achieve success upon their chosen path. Duality was also incorporated into the life forms to teach the lesson of collective consciousness.

The construct of negative polarity was created using reverse rotational torsion spin (clockwise). Positive polarity contains that which exists in the God source; creation, love, free will, acceptance, and the desire to help all ascend. Negative polarity by definition is the opposite; destruction, hatred, control, fear, and the desire to help only the self.  Negative polarity  has a singular purpose; to absorb positive polarity in order to create work by making positive polarity strive to overcome it.

There is no good or evil, there is the love of the God source which we as aspects of it recognize, and there is the lack of it in the negative polarity, which those of a positive vibration immediately feel as a  drain upon their energy as it does the only thing it knows to do.

The negative polarity cannot exist beyond a certain density because to exist beyond the galactic consciousness in which you have been created you must be connected to the God source. The God source does not contain polarity and has power of such magnitude that it would immediately neutralize any negative polarity that enters its domain.

The polarity experiment has created a problem; it has created too much work and the experiments became stuck in a different way. The polarity experiment was employed in several systems within this Galactic construct when it was created. It unexpectedly spread throughout this Galaxy and is now seen as a ‘sickness’ that must be cleansed to preserve the eons of experience contained within the systems it infects.

The dilemma is seen as a new and unique challenge providing beneficial experience for all as we correct the imbalance and learn from it.

Negative polarity is instinctively drawn to positive polarity to perform its designed function. It is however easily neutralized by an overpowering positive polarity. It will therefore avoid a polarity that it knows can overpower it.

The definition of the “Earth Shift” is that the polarity experiment is being ended and Earth is moving into parity with the God Source energy. This will be accomplished by the God Source pulsing an overwhelming wave of positive energy throughout this Galactic construct. This must be thought of as an energy balance equation as the positive energy needed is proportional to the amount of negative energy that remains to be neutralized.

The task then for the “light worker” is to establish as many beacons of light and positive polarity throughout the Galaxy as possible. In this way negative polarity is slowly absorbed. When the negativity has been reduced to the threshold level, “The Event” or pulse will occur and all positively ascending consciousnesses will ride this wave of love energy into blissful awakening while the negative polarities are realigned. Our experiences on this planet and in this galaxy from that moment forward will no longer contain any negative polarity.

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