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What Is Showing Up On The RFID Bluetooth Challenge?

By on June 19, 2022 in Awareness with 0 Comments

What Is Showing Up On The RFID Bluetooth Challenge?

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Recent videos have been circulating regarding cell phones being able to detect RFID chips in people.


Apparently, this particular method is not available on iPhones, only to people who own Android phones, but I’ll also show you a way to do something similar on an iPhone.

In this article, we will look into the validity of this claim.

RFID Origins

The technology for the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) chip has been around since 1945 when Léon Theremin invented the “Thing”, a listening device for the Soviet Union which retransmitted incident radio waves with the added audio information. Even though this device was a covert listening device, rather than an identification tag, it is considered to be a predecessor of RFID because it was passive, being energized and activated by waves from an outside source.

According to Wiki, Mario Cardullo’s device, patented on January 23, 1973, was the first true ancestor of modern RFID, as it was a passive radio transponder with memory. The initial device was passive, powered by the interrogating signal, and was demonstrated in 1971 to the New York Port Authority and other potential users. It consisted of a transponder with 16 bit memory for use as a toll device.

Is RFID technology being used in vaccines?

A USA Today article admitted that syringes with RFID technology track vaccines, not people. Jay Walker, former CEO of ApiJect Systems America Inc., stated, “Each of these devices that are injection have the capacity to also have a small chip,” Walker said of the prefilled syringes that will allow for mass manufacture of the vaccine. “What that chip does is it has the unique serial number for each dose.”

The serial numbers prevent counterfeiting and confirm the date of expiration, Walker said in the interview, adding that no personal or patient information is recorded on the optional tracking device. The tracking also would help public health officials know how many people had been vaccinated in a location when outbreaks occur, he said. At the time of the interview, the government had not decided whether to use the RFID option, he explained.


How can we test if RFID technology is being used on us?

I recently saw a video showing how to see numerous vaccinated people via your Android phone:

I wish I could find the full version of the following video, but in the more info section of this video, it has some interesting information:

This is what he uploader wrote:

Many people are reporting MAC addresses being recognized by their Android Bluetooth devices. These devices are unable to pair to the addresses but that could all change when Skynet 📡 is activated this summer.

🙄What I’ve noticed so far about these addresses…

All letters used are between A-F.


The letters I and O are not used.

All numbers used 0-9.

12 Hexadecimal Digits

6 Bytes

💉Example Addresses Below

10:B6:0A:D1:3B:2C (6 Octets)
10:B6:0A (3 Octets) D1:3B:2C (3 Octets)

42:d0:1a (Provided by IEEE) OUI
e3:e7:32 (Provided by Manufacturer) NIC

OUI Organizationally Unique Identifier
NIC Network Interface Controller

📟 The above addresses are locally administered, and cannot be searched for by the Universally administered address (UAA) register.

💣 Random Mac Address Generator

I used the above website to generate 50 random Mac addresses; uppercase, separated by colons just like they appear on a cellphone.

Are what we’re picking up on our scanners?

(1) People who have been Microchipped.
(2) Nano bots floating around in the air.
(3) Unseen entities that would like to remain hidden.

I put my Moto e5 Android phone in developer mode and tested this premise out at the beach and saw around 30 different codes pop up on my phone.

I recently visited my parents who are fully vaccinated and boostered, as well as my uncle and aunt. While we were all together in the living room, I tested this theory on three different occasions with zero results. It made me wonder if our cell phones are only detecting airborne RFID chips from the spraying of chemicals or if it was possible that my aunt, uncle, and my parents were given saline injections in place of the vaccine.

If you’re using an iPhone

If you’re using an iPhone, there is an app called nrf Connect that will scan for other Mac addresses using Bluetooth technology. This app will identify other iPhones, iWatches and other similar cell phone devices.

Most interestingly, it was also picking up Contact Tracing, COVID19 Notifications, and Mac addresses.

@battleborn1977 Bluetooth Challenge: Part 6 #BluetoothChallenge #InAndOut #FYP #ForYou #Trending #Viral ♬ original sound – Dre

Are these Mac addresses coming from COVID19 vaccinated people?

tues5 n







ozone machine 5dzz2




quantum healers



How Bluetooth Is Used For Digital Contact Tracing

In an article titled, “How Bluetooth Is Used For Digital Contact Tracing”  it states the following:

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Digital Contact Tracing apps (sometimes known as Exposure Notification apps) are Bluetooth Beacons that run on your smart phone, offering an encrypted unique identifier to other phones in near proximity, and storing the similar IDs they scan in memory. This identifier is encrypted with a key controlled by the regional health department and registered in their database. When a person reports a positive Covid-19 exposure over their Digital Contact app, it sends the list of recent IDs it stored to the health department, where they are decrypted and mapped to the associated individuals so they can be alerted through their device apps. Anonymity is a feature, as every step is designed to only transmit encrypted rolling identifiers, rather than personal information.

Here is what we know

  • It is proven open source knowledge that RFID technology is being used in vaccines.
  • It is proven open source knowledge that Bluetooth technology is being used for digital contact tracing.

You may want to try this

According to one of my followers, Trish Maxwell, you may want to try using an animal chip reader.  She stated, “You can get them on Amazon. I just got one but have yet to try it, as it’s a bit more of a blatantly obvious method of checking. 😂 Others have done it with success. I guess if you’re going on a date and you wanna know if someone is lying to you, because they know you’re against it, you can scan them at the door!”

Trish additionally stated, “I would also like to add that there are those that have tried this, successfully, with their Android phones, right above the grave of the 💉,who died of the “plan…dem..ic”. And it WORKS. The chips are now 6 feet under with people’s remains. Kind of morbid, I know. But people want the truth! And I encourage everyone to go out and FIND it for themselves.”

According to one of my followers, Trish Maxwell, you may want to try using an animal chip reader.

My conclusion

We know that RFID technology is being used in vaccines and that Bluettoth technology is being used in Contact Tracing.  We’ve seen in one video how Contact Tracing was picked up by Bluetooth technology, but does that prove that RFID chips are being placed in vaccines?

No, it doesn’t.

Is it possible that they’re being used for contact tracing?

It’s definitely possible.

Do I think the numbers we’re seeing are RFID chips in vaccines?

I don’t know because my parents, my uncle, and my aunt are fully vaxxed and nothing showed up on my Android when we were all together.


My conclusion is that I’m on the fence right now. If saline vaccines were possibly used as a way to have a control group, then maybe the chips are only in the actual mRna COVID19 vaccines?

What do YOU think is being recorded on our Android and iPhone devices?

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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