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The Collective Experiences A Huge Shift – Rosie Neal

By on December 23, 2020 in Awareness, Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Rosie Neal: A Huge Shift In The Collective

There has been a huge shift in the collective.  Did you notice it?

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing writer,

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We have had a summer solstice and came into full alignment last night.

The great alignment of Saturn + Jupiter align with Aquarius has occurred. The last time this occurred was 800 years ago.

This will usher in great change.

Please remember change comes in all kinds of packages and in the end it bestows its greatest blessings.

Not everything is as it may appear. Remember we are experiencing a inverted reality being brought into balance and full alignment and in the end peace and sovereignty will reign. We Are entering the Age of the Return of Innocence.

The energies were so powerful it about knocked me off my feet.

I have attempted to private message everyone and was blocked by Facebook after sending out to a few, so I decided to post due to the importance of this information. Do not become fearful or panic but prepare and remain in a balanced sacred neutral state. Everyone take a moment to listen and share everywhere.

Everyone needs to hear this from the president’s attorney Lin Wood.

Be prepared, we are at war. Get extra food and water, batteries etc… We took all cash out of our U.S. bank and left only a few thousand dollars in it just incase this happened.

Get extra cash on hand, fill your gas tanks and wait.

Do not listen to news such as ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN etc… as they all have been compromised.

Watch OANN, Newsmax and alternative media.

President Trump may use emergency broadcasting to communicate in the future due to being blacked out by media news stations. Protect your family by having a backup supply Of supplies or come together with friends and family and share your knowledge and essentials with one another as I am doing at my home.

Remember it is possible that we may lose electricity which will effect even your cars all electrical devices due to a EMP attack. An EMP will knock out the electrical grid. This is designed to keep all from being able to communicate and share information.

There may be a rush on the stores for food and essentials. Get backup immediately just in case.

We are currently in a cyberattack and may lose all access to internet to create separation and division and stop us from having access to important information.

This is not a civil war but a foreign war with china, with the potential of Iran and Russia as well as traitors among us buried deeply imbedded in our the highest level of our Government. Even the chief justice of the supreme court John Roberts has been compromised as well as federal and state officials of alphabet agencies, as well as Governors and judges on a mass scale.

Be safe, be informed and be ready. Take care of your own family and be blessed. Prayers for America, all the families of America and the president and his family and presidents team.

A Huge Shift In The Collective

We are on the timeline to create a new way of living. a new level of understanding that we have never experienced before. With this, there will be a huge shift in the collective as many will be become awaken very quickly. Have patience and be gentle with everyone.

There will also be many triggers that will surface. Pay special attention to them and ask yourself what are they telling you? Then just feel them and gentle release them without Judgements.

Everything that is happening is for a greater purpose than what we think it is for. Trust all will be well. Know we have one another’s back. And source has all of our backs.

You each have a internal compass it is your heart. Let it guide you! Remember a higher source is with us. Use discernment.

We are the people of America stand strong as we take our country back from those of the deep state that have been compromised and bought so cheaply. Communism and Marxism has no place within our great nation.

Once we step across this bridge there are many blessings waiting for us on the other side.

Great times are ahead of us!

America will bring in the light for all nations.

There will not be a new world order globally that will enslave us. We all are sovereign beings meant to live a life of joy! Not be trap by a system of domination and control.

We got this! We knew this was coming. We are ready. Remain calm and balanced and fear not!

I am among many in a home filled with beautiful soul family as I was advised sometime back that this would occur.

I feel so blessed that my soul pod are together without terms and conditions only that of unconditional love.

I was shown that we would be safe as all the chaos taking place would only occur outside as we will hardly notice.

I firmly believe that will be each of our truths as we have a ending as the old structure is being dismantled and a new much stronger foundation and structure is being created for All the world.

I hope that each of you share as our family has shared with those that have not been blessed with as much. Give from your heart with that of the purest of unadulterated love. Free of expectations.

I love you all with all my heart.

Follow your heart.

Rosie Neal

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