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Signs Of The End Of Lower 3D Timelines

By on June 1, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Signs Of The End Of Lower 3D Timelines

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,


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People of the world will rise up against mind control and slavery, together we stand against the use of monetary regulatory resources, government and religions as dominion tools, the character of polarized negative beings, the human exploiters. Some call it the thinning of the veil or simply the ‘Awakening’.

The Brexit was taken by UK fed up with the European Union destroying the invincibility of the Archons in their planned NEW WORLD control . Clinton lost to Trump, lost credibility of the MSM proclaiming Hillary is tops. We all know Trump is a mistake, but this one seems an alternative than control of the Archons. We awake, analyze these dark beings who started to control via consumerism-commercialism for the last 200 years.

Of late the fatal use of drugs, vaccine, fluoride, chlorine on water, aerial plague/chemical warfare and antibiotics to annihilate humanity, slowly but surely is discovered by the scientific community, the better ones thru ICTM…. but some medical doctors are in the pockets of Archons. Dark do not like what they see, humans awakening to their inherent divinity from implanted- manufactured-DNA controls. We are fragments of Source Energy and awakening is tapping within our hearts and minds, knocking thru pineal glands from Source brilliant pure white light from Central Suns-Sol as portal. The dark is on the run on their last hurrah with DG13 puppets. They will try to repeat the flood of tears for humans thru fear, anguish and hate. This is a repeat of Utnapishtim-Noah as at that period we start to ask questions, even asked for alternative food eaten by the Gods to avoid death. Can you imagine an idiot killing his beloved son in the guise of obedience to Yahweh!

Eons, nuclear power- war machines, possessions of Archons are unknown to humans, only the possessions of ‘Gods’. They can result to annihilation of earth or a whole country selected by the dark for fear effect. They have weather control, what the Russians and US have for destruction. Our times, 21st century, they control destructive-military forces and government owned nuclear arsenals. They even manipulate scientific advancements in all areas of space, military and economic controls. Dark leaders made Fukushima, Chernobyl and US nuclear ‘accidents’ happen some of which are unreported by MSM. At the olden times, they dropped bombs in the seven cities of Nippur and Shuruppak in Sumer and in our linear times at Hiroshima and Nagasaki for no reason at all as the war is over and won by the west. For effects they repeat dropping nuclear bombs in our cities, all acts of cowardice-annihilation of and against earth-humanity as they know we are assisted at these linear times by lieutenants of Source.

Our collective consciousness will overthrow the negative beings, the only cure for our sufferings but we must act in unity and with collective effort. Let us all work for it, on with our desire to graduate to 5D thru appropriate application of virtues of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. We must attain the perfection of our virtuous intentions thru decisive actions for the collective good of the planet-humanity. Harmony among humans of all races will certainly be reality and unconditional love and peace will reign in all planets of the Milky Way Galaxy, for which Earth is a cog in the rising to a higher consciousness.


Human history is a repetition in many planets of the universe but the free will concept is Infinity’s way of knowing His known ways with the decision given to a human to select from a thousand choices. The signs are imminent and intense energies fill the air that bothers our way of life.

Alternating Archons of million years had fantastic disguises of dominion over others that put us in dire straits. Other nations fall because of the dark deeds of one too dirty and greedy leadership. You do not see them published as the negatively inclined beings and MSM love the dark too much, negatively polarized owned by DG13. MSM , FRB, central banks, politicians and leaders are on the same boat, controlled in various ways but mostly thru money and corruption. Research the only countries that disagree with the use of interest charges to people, Iran or Saudi Arabia, who cares as they claim it is prohibited by God mentioned in their sacred books. Several days ago, PH Mindanao is in Martial Law since May 23, 2017 and as our leader said IS hands, a part of the caliphates of the Middle East are everywhere closing in Abu Sayyaf, Maute Group, Bangsa Moro, BIMM and new names keep cropping up in the list of the military. Why? Religion, money and again slavery of the masses.

The west has a better way of controlling people, humans when US government authorize Federal Reserve Bank -FRB to make money out of printing flat money when it has no inherent value. We know DG 13 own FRB. Get mum as assassination is true for JFK and Lincoln. Imagine taxes levied and paid by all of us to liquidate a paper printing useless flat paper and bonds sold to the world. Government collect taxes, levies and fees to pay FRB-CB-DG13, ways of making the fat fatter.

Source Energy lieutenants are directed to depose and transfer these Archons/heirs to other planets of darkness where they belong, to further undergo their evolvement in the negative realm till they catch a spark of light. Divine world is so gracious. Everybody is allowed to evolve to the light without annihilation or destruction of races, whether you are positive or ultra-negative. Words coming to my mind from intuition-HS that I cannot tell real truth, but evolvement must be in the million years for the dark. What matter is time frame in the minds of beings, humans, humanoid or archons are all different. History, spiritual nor metaphysical perspectives, even IN5D are unknown to darkness. They are stuck to too much darkness, much to admire it.

All these are the real signs of our times, the loosening up of duality and separation, the thinning of the veil, the transfer of archons to other dark pits of the Milky Way galaxy, the awakening of some humans and the questioning of what we have been doing for centuries. We learn to ask the relevance of money in our daily life, the meaning of abundance, the relevance of religion or government. Is there a better way to manage humanity/humanoids in this planet or other planets after granting them free will? Should the dark be invited to exploit a 3D world for the sake of experience? Is electromagnetism the best way or portal to reach the light, or the positive way is faster the negative to reach an integrative point to balance as designated by All That Is?

All That Is has His ways. All of us are on our path, to a beautiful portal of light, individual journey seeking Him at 5D to the 12th and more experiences forthcoming for crystalline light beings. Why not start early and get prepared, you can!

Love and light,
Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.  Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

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