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So… What Is Love? What Is Lust?

By on October 3, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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So... What Is Love? What Is Lust?

by Nadine Alexander,
Contributing Writer,

Promiscuous or Holy?

What is lust? What is romantic love? As I grow as a conscious being, I’ve been exploring these questions. I learned a few months ago during that I had a hole in my aura at my root chakra. This gave me many answers but also brought about many questions such as the ones stated above.

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When I was younger, I used to describe my preference for a partner as “The Bad Boy”. I was never seeking a long term partner. When I entered my mid 20’s, I longed for the social norm of marriage, child, and mortgage. The good humans that pursued me were so boring to me. I never felt a strong pull, that feeling of wanting them uncontrollably, day and night. That’s what romantic love is. Right?

When the summer solstice came around this year, a great man came across my path. I felt strongly drawn to him. He was not what I would call attractive, we did not have anything in common, but he was a humanitarian through and through. I could feel this draw through my root chakra. To put it bluntly, I felt tingling, well, down there. We had a short lived affair. The lust I had for him fizzled and we parted ways.

Earlier this summer, my dear friend and teacher helped me discover I had a hole in my root chakra. This had my head swirling. When I felt this strong draw through my root chakra, for 36 years of my life, I always thought it was a sexual attraction; an attraction that meant I was “In Love” by social norm. This is what would lead me to my “Soul Mate” yes???

I called my dear friend and teacher to tell her about this gift of a man that crossed my path and my uncontrollable arousal. She asked “Do you feel this way during important astrological or astronomical dates like solstice and equinox?” As I thought back to my random love affairs, I could easily see that they did happen during these times! What the? After a couple of weeks, my desire for this great man fizzled, and I could not find a connection with him any longer. sex mental or otherwise. How shallow am I right?

So….. what is love? What is lust?

This summer, when the fall equinox energies started rolling in, another great man crossed my path. A revolutionist. Physically, I was somewhat attracted to him, but his voice and his passion for change where what I found arousing. I called my dear friend again, but this time the conversation was different. “Darn it! I’ve been fantasizing about this man all day! Can’t get him out of my head! But, this is not ‘True Love’ is it.” Foiled again! So, I paused on asking this man out on a date. I will let things simmer down and see what’s left after these big energies roll out.

This time around, I will listen to my body. I will have faith that lust is an energy tool of sorts. I know first hand the healing power of sexual energy and there is no reason why these occurrences are not related somehow. The universe is speaking to me. During key astrological or astronomical dates like solstice and equinox, sexuality becomes a way to energetically connect to Mother Gaia. I am still learning, eagerly, but this I cannot deny.

About the author: Nadine Alexander is a writer who shares about her journey on the path of ascension from a single woman’s perspective. She also writes about her adventures in raising a high vibe child as a single parent. Nadine is very passionate about getting information out there to help parents understand and nurture their crystal children and to let them know they are not alone. It truly does take a community to raise a child. Check out her blog at

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