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Souls Descending, Ascending With Gaia

By on December 13, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Souls Descending, Ascending With Gaia

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing writer,

The lower rungs of the third dimension- earthly things are illusions in the universal mind where our collective consciousness connect, is all presence, timeless where nothing passes away. Our past, present and future are one, timeless.

Humanity admires with awe the magnificence and glory of the heavenly abode, the universal mind of expanding space. Those who are knowing or while asleep, men and women alike who experienced ascension or astral travel are always descending back to the mortal body in a twinkle of time, an instant at the soul command. What wonders of creation when ascension is human evolution despite bodily trials and sufferings where awakened beings pass thru. Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle to Plotin learning student of the other are “Knowing Ones”; taught and contemplated that souls are in reality’ prisoners’ of the human body on earth experiencing their own intentions and actions thru senses and perceptions. That is a reason why they return to our carbon bodies with the knowledge that they are volunteers at this realm to return to higher dimensions thru death or ‘ascension’.

In a greater scale of the vastness of creation than being human are living presence in the trillions of stars, universes, galaxies, planets during a very clear night sky, thousands similar to ours per our astronomers observations — scintillating lights, heavenly bodies in synchronicity they are as if in a dance. They are similar to ascended masters, Sananda-Yeshua, Mary, St. Germaine…. we have known are all flowing collectively in one Consciousness of Christ, Saviors, individuals no longer subject to time and space but still evolving to Oneness whose primal responsibility is service and assistance to humanity.

Beings of higher dimensions evolve on a bigger and gigantic way of outer space dance. Heavenly bodies-stars and planets revolve unchanged and pass much greater objects space highways in their journey to Source. Humanity is not the only being ascending as planets develop to suns as they evolve to magnificent stars, their destination. Jupiter, a gas planet, Earth’s gigantic sister is on her way graduating to be a sun. Scientists say Earth is accumulating 200 tons daily of space dust, meteors and falling asteroids, around 730,000 tons in 10 years of added mass. Our planet is growing, evolving, like all the rest of the planets.

Source All That is from whence all souls came sent fragments of light bodies that function as mini creators, assistants of a universe of their creation. Humans tinker and innovate like the Russians Cosmonauts sent to conquer space with their initial Sputniks; Americans-Astronauts but the ancients name space Kosmos.

Source sent light energies descending thru stars-suns to planets and the fragments of light to humanity permeating all beings evolving to Oneness with All That Is. Now realize that with light bearers appointment and upon acceptance of a Soul-light body, we assist a planet, in our case Earth raised to a higher plane. We fully accepted the assignment to descend and experience good and bad but we develop a dear and better perspective of what is bad in the process as we pass our individual trials and sufferings.

Our collective consciousness will raise the consciousness of Earth and that of humanity. I reemphasize this fact or memory of a lifetime as we live our lives as everything is within every cell of our body. Unity consciousness opened the valve or the inherent intellect and Soul of the planet and her Plasma light erupts from her core to upper levels to such magnificence and raised herself to a higher vibrational frequency. NOW She must have done it with All That is light assistance from the magnetic red sun. Source had to intervene by sending her full light support permeating GAIA with rainbow lights of golden yellow the Consciousness of Christ wrapped by deep pink-magenta Unconditional Love that ringed and wheeled all dense and heavy energies at the planet inclusive of humanity, the planet riders, lifted them to the magnetic sun to finally return to Source.

All That Is Oneness created Supreme Creators and souls as creation expands to multi-verse. We fully awaken to humanity’s true nature, a fragment of light from Source all within us. That is the definition of Ascension, knowing who you are and in simple small ways perform what makes you happy as you inhabit and live at the core of the body’s spinal column, a human ever powerful extension of Source Energy, evolving to return to Oneness.

“But why are not all the powers of this unity present everywhere?

The answer is that even in the case of the individual soul described, similarly, as permeating its body, sensation is not equally present in all the parts, reason does not operate at every point, the principle of growth is at work where there is no sensation- and yet all these powers join in the one soul when the body is laid aside.

The nourishing faculty as dependent from the All belongs also to the All-Soul: why then does it not come equally from ours?

Because what is nourished by the action of this power is a member of the All, which itself has sensation passively; but the perception, which is an intellectual judgement, is individual and has no need to create what already exists, though it would have done so had the power not been previously included, of necessity, in the nature of The All.” Plotin, 428+ BCE.

What happened to our world when Knowing and Awareness are present since 428+ BCE or earlier at RA’s time who taught Egyptian priests and pharaohs 12,000 BCE who failed to share their knowledge to the common man? The answer is evolution and the built in slavery protocol made by aliens of the bad reptilians.

We have partly graduated.

We can’t be left out NOW.

Will you?

Light from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.

About the authorANGEL JR. shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-Middle East, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas.” Healthy body is best. Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Xlibris, or link with him at or listen to you tube,

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