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Souls Going Through Their Personal Abyss Are Being Tested

By on October 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Souls Going Through Their Personal Abyss Are Being Tested

by Anastacia,
Australian Correspondent,

For those who resonate of the Divine to what I am sharing here – as this needs to be shared NOW and not written in a book.

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This is not something one can read ‘in one go’ either and be fully integrated. As this is like a mini book, that needs to be read in small sections and more than once (if one so chooses) to be felt into and ‘digested’, processed and integrated. And if one does not do so now, then maybe at a later ‘date’.

As one may not ‘understand’ this from their ‘head’, yet resonate to this of the Divine within themselves.

For this reason, I have broken this into Parts to assist with this.

If I ‘wrote a book’ of all I have been sharing in posts, then I would not be ‘here’ with you all as I AM – as part of the ‘Ground Crew’. As I chose to be ‘here’ at the forefront and not ‘behind the scenes’ – living and growing with you as an Ascended Earth Master, still ascending and growing as well!

As I also needed to make a ‘choice’ in the past month or so if I was going to continue to do so. And I have as I am ‘still here’ 😉 and will continue to be so.

Thank YOU for being here as I honour each and everyone one of YOU for ‘still’ being here, as there are so many that are no longer with us in the human, yet are still with us in Spirit.

This is my gift to you and humanity –



There are what I call ‘echos’ of a lot of old words or ‘voices’ of ‘echos’ of our past that we are hearing or feeling, ‘floating around’ right now.

Not only ours, but from others as well!

Even if one has ‘cleared’ a lot themselves, when we are reading, seeing or are around others, we are picking up on those ‘echos’ of vibrations and often we can feel they are ‘our own’.

As Transmuters of energies and as our vibrations ARE RAISING, we are then like a filter for other energies around us. Or what we are reading or seeing of the world, the world we are living in, as in the media and even reading someone’s post on fb.

Right now the energies are very open, in the fact that we are shifting collectively with many other souls now, whose lights are shining brighter. As more and more are ‘coming out’ and sharing what is going on for them.

And as they do this, through words spoken or written, the energies of them doing so, is also releasing the ‘old’ through these words of ‘speaking up/out’ for themselves. This is what many are feeling collectively, especially more so those of us who are Empaths!


Also, there are many ‘false lightworker’ energies on the astrals ‘latching onto’ those who are thinking negatively or doubting themselves. It is an opening that we are not able to ‘prevent’ right now.

As in, we are shifting collectively as we are part of the collective and as we are growing, we are needing to PUSH THROUGH these ‘false lightworker’ energies that are ‘latching on’ as we are growing.

It is more like they are ‘hitching a ride’ on those who are going through their ‘Personal Abyss’.

‘Ascension cannot be rushed, fooled or cheated!’

To go through the Abyss was not recommended as per a Cobra article, yet this is what I experienced a few years ago and I have mentioned this before.

This is what I needed to do and experience as a Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer. And I documented this as I knew this was a very exclusive experience for and with humanity.

There is much to this and am not going to go into this for myself here. As this is not about me (per say) but more about YOU and what humanity is now going through.

Yet what has come from the Divine over and over recently, I now need to share in faith and trust is that many are now going through their PERSONAL ABYSS JOURNEYS.

~This is where our Faith and Trust of the Divine and our link is VITAL!~


When we go through our Personal Abyss, we are going through negative energy ‘territory/space’ to push through the ‘attacks’ from negative energies/entities, that want to ‘prevent’ us to reach or break through to a clearer connection to source, is the best way I can put this.

Like going through a river of water and the water is murky and there is flotsam and jetsam all in the water and we are like pushing through all of this, until we reach clearer water space.

And in this ‘energy space’ or this murky water now is also ‘false lightworker energies’ as well.

This was not ‘around’ when I went through this, yet I felt the full brunt of negative energies/entities ‘attacks’ during my 4 day process of this. The ‘attacks’ were so full on, I woke up with a claw scratch on my forehead that faded a few hours ago. I shared this with another soul over the phone as I just had to show someone, to keep my sanity basically through all that I had/was enduring at that time.

And because I have been through this myself, that is the only way I can now sit back, feel into and with the Divine, to bring through what I am here.

Of the bigger picture of what is going on energetically that many are feeling ‘something else’ is going on.

Part 2 (c)

Now more than ‘ever’ this ‘buzzing’ of energies has been going non-stop strongly for a couple of days now, stronger than previously…if one has been feeling this for a while for themselves, this is about another ‘layer or level’ of this ‘on top’ of what we are personally experiencing.

Now, one may say to protect and so on (as I do often) yet at the moment even in doing so, this is still continuing. Yes removals and protection is VITAL as it would be much stronger if we did not do this personally.


Then there is the ‘inner’ turmoil one may be feeling personally that is being shifted and changed as the ‘old will no longer fit the new’.

This is where we are really needing to tune in, so deeply to what we are personally releasing…or what the ‘loop’ that is continuing within, is ‘about’ for ourselves personally.

For someone to be feeling (or saying) something over and over again, this needs to be ‘investigated’ for oneself, to see what is the continuing ‘issue’ that is at the CORE of this loop. Or if it is more than it could be many layers.

Either way, writing in a ‘Personal Sacred Space’ journal for at least one page, and then when one turns the page of their journal they are writing in, is where the sub-conscious comes up and out.

This is where the ‘real’ digging deeper comes up, that can be released.

Often one may be surprised as to what is ‘underneath’ the surface layer of consciousness as we delve or dig deeper into the sub-conscious .

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Part 3 (b)

We are needing to do this from our heart and soul though. The same as doing any removal method one may use and any protection method one may use for themselves.

If we do this from our ‘head’ or logic, we are then doing these for the ‘sake of doing them’, like it is a ‘chore’ that one knows they ‘need’ to do…as in ‘let’s get this over and done with’ .

Then the same feelings and words eventually come back out again, and the same or similar situations are still being created in ones life.

Over and over like a loop.


I needed to share this as I am ‘going away’ for a week soon (in 2 days time) and while I wrote a post recently in signing off for this time away, there has been more to share and come through to enable me to be able to LET GO – of what I am needing to share with you all.

To give you a view of the bigger picture in all going on in the astrals and the human the above and below. In linking our Spirit to our Soul, and through our emotions, of which I am a Trailblazer for and with humanity as a 6D Ascension Pioneer. Of having been in 5D for 7 years and now 2yrs in6D, to be able to bring through what I currently am.

Part 4 (b)

As for me, ‘removing myself’ from my home is essential for me to let go and release as it will take a few days of doing so. As I too am being affected by being in close proximity energetically with others as a transmuter of my vibration and all I AM.

I am needing to be ‘removed’ physically, so I can rest and let go and re-group in my own energy space and to spend this time with my mother, a very nurturing space. It has been over 17years since I have been able to do this!

Another ‘reason’ I am sharing all of this, is that in my ‘mission’ as a Trailblazer/Ascension Pioneer, my energy is not able to ‘rest’ until I share this. That is what comes with being ‘in Service to the Divine and Gaia. Which is such a blessing or else I would not still be here!


Also another very big and essential/reason energetically, is that in the last 2 days I could feel through the Blue Beyonds group energy in whole, that there were like negative energies creeping in, like a huge glistening web with little dark ‘critter’s’ starting to crawl on this web.

And as I am writing this, the energy of these words are pushing out and off these energies. Please know this IS BEING TAKEN CARE OF!


The words we use or write or the thoughts we have, are now at a critical ‘no turning back’ point.

Of that, if we are using negative words or even thoughts, or what I all pressure words of ‘should’ and so on, these are opening us up to the corresponding negative energies of the collective and the ‘false lightworker energies’!

This is very big and may come as a ‘surprise’ to some, yet I have shared and known about this for a while and am personally assisting many with this and have personally seen the results of this!

The results of those coming from their head, the loop going around and around, is devastating to ones life, if one continues to come from their head and not ones Heart. And I mean this literally!


There is so much else to all I have shared here. This will or may bring up many personal questions one may have for themselves, which I am unable to personally answer here publicly, yet always in a personal 1:1 Divine Healing. As much depends on what is or has gone on for that person.

Yet if one reads and FEELS this or intuits this ‘information’ they have an opportunity to resonate to what they may not fully understand (yet) but can feel the ‘truth’ in this for them as this is of the Divine, through personal experience being ‘translated’ here in human words that has not been ‘done before’.

As not all is understood logically, this is where one needs to just ‘sit back’ – read and feel what resonates within for oneself, of the DIVINE within themselves.

As no amount of logic will be able to explain/understand all of the above.

This is way past that.

And it is asking those beautiful and intelligent souls, who have such a brilliant ‘mind’, to start to allow themselves to feel more and to start using their ‘Spiritual Mind’ – there is a difference.

It starts with a conscious choice to do so though.

As unless one feels this deep within, to feel within their heart and soul, to stop ‘fooling oneself’ with their ‘mind’, one will continue in an ‘old loop’.

And this old loop is needing to be broken through by FEELING and to be SPIRITUALLY CONSCIOUS.

And not just ‘once’ but CONSTANTLY.

As this is very much survival in so many ways.


I leave this with you all in ‘one go’ of a post that would normally be spread out and shared over the time I am ‘away’ and Beyond.

As the Blue Beyond is an extension of my soul and Spirit and the link and flow of and with the Divine (and the ‘energies’) – ‘never goes away’ – it is a constant.

So is our growth and our life when ones lives in and flows with the Divine in human embodiment linked with Spirit of Unconditional Love.

‘Know Thyself’ and continue to shine ones inner light for oneself, as this then flows to the outer.

As it all ‘starts’ with YOU loving and honouring yourself and your Divinity that you/we are a spark of the DIVINE.


As always I am right here with you.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty

Anastacia Kompos

6D Ascension Pioneer/Trailblazer/WaySeer
Australian Correspondent in5d
Personal 1:1 Divine Guidance/Healings of self are available.

About the author: Anastacia is in Service to humanity and Gaia, as an Ascended Earth Master in 6D human embodiment, in linking our Soul to our Spirit, through our emotions. Bringing through unique ‘genuine’ energy updates as gift as a Template for humanity, as these energies come directly in and through her human vessel from Spirit. A direct link of Pure Divine Light with Spirit/Source.

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