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SPIRIT GUIDE: A TSUNAMI Of People Are Ready To Hear The Truth!

By on March 12, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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SPIRIT GUIDE: A TSUNAMI Of People Are Ready To Hear The Truth!

I received the following message from a friend who was upset about how many of us have been shadow banned and are not able to reach as many people as we once used to. She went to sleep with that on her mind and received a beautiful message that all of us can relate to from one of her spirit guides.

This is what she told me:

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by Danni Rae,

Hey Gregg, I wanted to share an experience with you. This was a dream I had last night. I was going to post it public but I wanted you to see it first. If you want to share with your following that’s totally ok with me.

Backstory: these past 2 weeks have been rough. I have been purging and having crazy sleep patterns and migraine and vertigo. I’ve also been annoyed and grumpy a lot.

I try to as a general rule not go to sleep angry. This wasn’t the case last night. I saw your post about being shadow banned and others too. I was very irritated by all the censorship and silencing. I went to sleep angry at the conservatives being targeted. THEN I had the following dream: super vivid and I remembered EVERY word. Dream: I was on a beach kicking sand and this beautiful radiant woman appeared next to me. she was amazing and so pretty. I had never met her before but I felt like I knew her. I’d never seen her before. she was sitting on a giant turtle next to me.

We had the following conversation:

Her: I see you are upset

Me: I just can’t figure out why people that are truthful and light workers are being silenced and suppressed. Why is the gov shutting down light workers?

Her: (laughing) you have so much to learn still. What am I sitting on?(points to turtle)

Me: a turtle

Her: do you remember the story the turtle and the hare? And who won?

Me: the turtle won

Her: exactly! (Giggles)

Me: what’s that got to do with this?

Her: so this is not about being fast or quick. You focus too much on numbers and statistics. You put too much energy on who is NOT being reached. Instead of who IS being reached.

Me: but millions of people are missing out because these videos and post go nowhere

Her: giggles- not nowhere. Silly. they go out into the mind collective. Did YOU get to see Greg’s posts? And Jordan’s? How did YOU find them?

Me: one day I opened up Facebook and I just saw an article….

Her: exactly! Who is meant to view them WILL. The universe can’t be blocked by humans silly algorithms. Those being blocked are just not ready yet

Me: so your saying the censorship is because people are not ready?

Her: they need more than an article or journal writing or video. They need human interaction with those that KNOW. That’s where you ones that already get this come in. The newcomers don’t need to read it on the computer they need to see it in ACTION with people LIVING it.

Me: but how will others learn if the info is suppressed?

Her: you worry too much. (Giggles)

Not everything is what it seems. What you perceive as injustice and suppression really is not. Do not look at data. Instead look at QUALITY and ACTION of those who have received this info. There are other ways to spread news other than digital you know.

Me: I get what your saying but I feel like lightworkers are being unfairly targeted.

Her: it may seem that way yes but soon you will see a TSUNAMI of people ready and hungry to hear the truth. (She said tsunami very loudly). Right now there is a block to the open door. It’s building up pressure and the door block will be knocked down. Make no mistake it WILL come to pass on this timeline.

Me: will there be justice?

Her: laughs — oh yes there will be. It’s happening now. Get ready for the WINDFALL. (She said windfall very excitedly)

Don’t forget the censorship is ALSO bringing more people in because they see and know something is wrong. They may not get the “info” they need but they will want it even MORE because they will feel taken advantage of. Once this becomes public even MORE will seek and look for this. Be patient.

Me: thank you I really needed to hear this.

Her: I know silly. That’s why I’m here. (Giggles)

Me: can you stay a while?

Her: I will be back but there is a lot of work to do. Enjoy a deep sleep now.

She fades away. End of dream. I woke up checked the clock it was 1:11am. then fell back asleep.

I slept like a rock for about 5 hours after that.

Danni Rae,

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

I’m very grateful for the message that Danni shared with me. It’s important to remember that it’s impossible to reach everyone, and not everyone is ready for the message, just yet.

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With many of us being suppressed by various social media outlets, it will only encourage more people to FIND the truth. In other words, despite being suppressed or shadow banned, even more people will willingly seek out those sources who are providing important information to this awakening, despite being shadow banned or suppressed.

In the meanwhile, everyone who is supposed to receive these message, IS receiving them.

Sometimes, we just have to “trust the plan” and know in our hearts that there’s a greater reason behind everything!

Image: Google

Sending you all infinite LOVE & Light!


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