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Spiritual Awakening: 4 Signs That Indicate You’re In Healing Phase Right Now

By on February 28, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Kelly Ashley,
Contributing Writer,

In every awakening, there is one stage in particular that is more painful, confusing and debilitating than all the others combined, and unfortunately, that’s the healing phase. It’s the most turbulent of all. But, if you’re reading this with a surge of fear in your stomach, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be like that. The good news is that after reading this article I’m going to share with you a healing method that will help you ease your way through the healing phase in a way that is calm, confident and stable. We can learn it in just 10 minutes too! (I’ve created a FREE course that will teach you everything you need below in my bio – but more on that at the end).

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One good thing about the healing phase is that it has signs and symptoms so specific to the stage itself that we can easily and quickly help you identify if you’re in it or not yet (note the use of ‘yet’, because it is a stage we must all go through whether we like it or not).

Here are the 4 signs and symptoms that indicate you’re in healing phase of awakening right now:

  • Feeling highly sensitive
  • Intense, overwhelming emotions
  • Heightened empathy (picking up other people’s ‘stuff’)
  • Psychic or energetic sensitivity

Trust me in this, EVERYONE going through the healing phase of awakening experiences these 4 specific symptoms – however that doesn’t encompass all that you could experience in the healing phase, by a mile. These 4 key symptoms are an overview. Yes, everyone gets these, but within that, the experiences that each of these symptoms produce is as unique to you as your finger print.

So feeling highly sensitive could be as simple as developing an aversion to meat or unnatural substances.

Overwhelming emotions might mean not being able to hang around too many people any more, or feeling incredibly anxious and emotional.

Heightened empathy could mean that you can’t bear to watch the news anymore, or that you’re bothered by other people’s moods and emotional states.

Psychic or energetic sensitivity could be as simple as picking up ‘icky’ vibes from a place, or sensing buzzing and tingling over your body or in a particular chakra.

But What Does It Mean For You?

Good question. Your experience of the healing phase is unique to you because of your past life timeline. We’ve all had different lifetimes, different experiences, even different traumas and belief systems, and they’re all coming up for healing now. I’m going to share with you a little known fact that most people don’t realize about their awakening symptoms.

There is a divine purpose to your healing phase symptoms.

They are NOT just a jumble of emotions and symptoms – they are a code – a message from your soul to help you on your awakening path – and it’s not as confusing as you might think to decipher. In fact, it’s so easy peasy, you don’t even need to squeeze that lemon. No matter what the emotions or symptoms are, or how peculiar they may seem, they actually all indicate the same thing…

Issues that need healed. 

Yup, every single one of them. And the super cool thing about the ascension process is that it will show you exactly what it is that you need to heal in order to move forward. That’s why we’re all experiencing these crazy symptoms. Our souls are literally showing us what needs to be healed whether it be an emotion, ache, pain, energy block or energetic issue. If we’re FEELING it, we need to start HEALING it.

See, that’s the aim of the game. Our soul wants us to begin healing all of the old pain and trauma of our past life times that are stopping us from being absolutely authentic to who we truly are. We’re trying to get back to that clarity so that we can fulfill our life purpose and mission, and share the wisdom that we’ve brought (don’t worry if you can’t remember it yet!) But if we want to do that, and reach that end goal, we need to start moving along the ascension pathway.

Healing Is Key To Moving Through Your Awakening More Quickly & Easily

Yes, healing really is the key to moving through your awakening more quickly and easily, but in order for us to begin making that transition we need more understanding. Let’s have an overview of the awakening process and its stages so that we can get a more structured handle on this thing. ‘Structure?’ I hear you say, YES spiritual awakening does actually have a really specific structure to it. Unfortunately we don’t often realize this when we’re in the midst of the mess, but it can be helpful in understanding what’s happening, so let’s take a look.

Grounding -> Healing -> Clear intuition -> Aligned with life purpose


As a first step we need to ground in order to simply reduce our symptoms, but grounding isn’t just about reducing your symptoms (although that is a great relief for sure). It’s about prepping you for the healing phase. If you’re not fully grounded, you WILL NOT BE ABLE to handle the healing phase at all. Healing without grounding is like trying to build a house on a wet, sandy shore. You’re sure to get washed away with that emotional tsunami when it comes (if you haven’t already dealt with that – it’s imperative – you can get our FREE course to show you to ground how here.)


I’m also going to let you in on a little therapist’s tip that I use with my awakening clients in session. We also need to ground so that we can clearly see whatever issues or symptoms are left over. If a symptom resolves with proper grounding in place, then it’s simply a result of being ungrounded. However, if we ground and the issue or symptom is STILL there, then our soul is showing us exactly what we need to clear and heal in order to move forward. So everything we FEEL we need to HEAL. It’s pretty awesome how our souls guide the way like that.


As we move through healing we begin dissolving any blocks to our intuitive gifts, psychic awareness, leadership and healing abilities. All the issues that happened to us before, throughout many past lives that caused us to dampen our gifts, hide our abilities or fear our own power are eradicated and soon, we are in full control – stable and grounded, yet intuitive and awakened.

Life Purpose

Then POW! We’re really there. Once we are grounded and stable, clear in our intuitive and healing abilities, capable of stepping into (and controlling) our own power, then the universe says, ‘hot damn, s/he’s finally ready!’ This is when miracles can occur. When divine intervention really takes hold. When we become enlightened and inspired with a passion so great that it helps others and fulfills our souls at the exact same time. It marries our greatest potential, our fullest joy, our deepest passions and our greatest abundant yield. Yes, the universe really does want to support you in that.

But it’s all got to start sometime, and that time is now.

Are you ready to get started on this healing pathway? It’s super easy – I’ll show you how in our FREE 5-day course in the bio below!

About the author: Kelly helps those going through spiritual awakening to reduce their symptoms and awaken more easily. Get your FREE 5-day course to help you calm your emotions, clear blocked energies and heal your soul here:

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