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Spiritual Awakening – Why Traditional Grounding Doesn’t Work For Us

By on November 28, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening - Why Traditional Grounding Doesn’t Work For Us

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by Kelly Ashley,
Contributing Writer,

If you’re reading this article it’s likely that you’ve discovered exactly what I did – that grounding either doesn’t work, doesn’t last or actually makes our symptoms worse during the awakening process. That’s not to say that grounding doesn’t work at all. For the average person, who rarely becomes ungrounded, often some essential oil or a walk through a wooded area is enough to do the trick. Unfortunately, traditional grounding just isn’t enough for us, which is a real concern, considering that being ungrounded in the first place is the exact reason why we’re experiencing such challenging signs and symptoms. The good news is that it can be changed. You can get grounded, and that will reduce the difficult signs and symptoms you’re experiencing such as anxiety, overwhelm and emotional sensitivity amongst others. But for now, let’s get a clear understanding of why traditional grounding doesn’t seem to work for us during spiritual awakening so that we can get a handle on this thing.


The main issue that we have is that awakening is a naturally ungrounding process. It all begins with an intense influx of high vibrational energy that is designed to awaken us, open our psychic senses and heighten our emotions. Everything is designed for the purpose of healing our souls and clearing our connection to source. However, that initial influx of ungrounding energy was only necessary to kick start the process. The problem begins when we are unable to ground the new energy that is coming in. Having that much light in your system is extremely ungrounding, not to mention hard on the body, and there’s not enough density in the physical body to balance it out. So we stay ungrounded, we continue to be charged and opened and heightened, and it all just becomes one big awakening mess – sometimes, even a crisis.

So, there are 2 main reasons why traditional grounding often doesn’t work for those of us going through spiritual awakening. Let’s take a look at them here:

We’re too charged to be grounded – Unfortunately, most traditional grounding methods list the likes of oils, crystals, yoga or mediation. Like I said before, for the average person yes, these are grounding, but for us, with our energies already so highly charged and opened by the initial awakening process, anything that alters energy will only charge us further. Yep, it sounds weird I know, but it’s true. Anything at all that alters your energy will inadvertently stimulate it further and will make your symptoms worse. So, if you’re experiencing difficult symptoms or heightened sensitivities then you’re best taking a break from these things for a little while to let your energy ground back down.

Our energies literally don’t know how to ground us – We need to remember that this incredible shift in humanity towards 5D living is an entirely new vibration, the likes of which may have never been experienced before. The truth is, your energies are just as confused as you are. Often times with these new changes in place, our energies don’t actually know how to adjust to, manage or integrate with it and we get charged up (and our symptoms get worse in the process). We need to teach our energies how to ground with this new energy in place. We need to show them how to adjust and reassure them that its safe and that everything is ok. That’s when it begins to shift in your body and you can relax more into the transformation without fear (or hellish symptoms for that matter).

If you’re struggling with signs or symptoms, feeling out of control or overwhelmed by the awakening process my most important advice would be:

Remove energetic stimulants from your main living space and lifestyle (bedroom, living room etc). Learn what to avoid in our FREE 5-day course here:


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Use some energetic downloads to teach your energies how to remain grounded (which will reduce symptoms in the process). Downloads are healing programs that teach your energy how to manage the awakening process more easily. They are very relaxing and safe to use during awakening without overcharging your energy. You can access a video with some free downloads (which are in the last 10 minutes) here:

Removing energetic stimulants will certainly allow your energies to ground back down, but if you want to help them stay steady and grounded daily, these energetic downloads can really help.

Kelly AshleyAbout the author: Kelly Ashley is an intuitive therapist assisting others with their spiritual awakening process. Get your FREE 5-day eCourse to transform your ascension (and join our Facebook community) here:

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