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You Have Been The Star Of The Show This Whole Time!

By on March 2, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Dawn Bailey,
Contributing Writer,

I took a break for a few days to quiet down and listen. I was getting acupuncture today while I was lying there some information came to me. This information applies to everyone that has been working so hard on their spiritual journey. A true labor of love that seemed never ending and without rewards. But we kept on because something inside us drives us. We could stop even if we wanted to.


My life hasn’t been easy. I choose a very hard path. I had to experience every hardship and low. I chose this so I could relate to others and what they are going through. If I had never been abused I would never had been able to know how an abused person felt. If I hadn’t been addicted to drugs I would never had known how to relate to someone who is an addict. I chose every painful thing that happened to me so I could help people who are struggling now. I chose my parents so I could become who I am now. I chose my neglectful and abusive childhood. I chose every low time in my life and there has been plenty. I chose a very negative path to learn and grow from.

The people that hurt me in life were just doing their job. They were playing a role. Every relationship made me grow. The painful negative ones the most. I can forgive because I realize this was all to support me in the path I chose. Everyone and everything that happened to me was for my highest good.

I know a little bit of family history about the women in my family. I think they all chose a hard path. Most abused drugs they were prescribed but abused. Most were abused in childhood and as an adult. Some did not survive. My grandmother committed suicide. My mother and great grandmother were left broken and never recovered. Every woman in my family was broken and abused. All our lives have the same pattern.

Then it was my turn. I chose to break the pattern. It took 44 years but I did it. Now the women in my family that didn’t make it stand behind me and cheer me on. I feel their presence and they are proud of me. Now my daughters will not have to go through what I did. The pattern is broken.

As Lightworker’s and spiritual seekers we took a heavy burden on. Not only did we heal ourselves but we healed the past. We healed our whole family. We broke karma and family patterns. We healed our family lines. This phase in our journey has been completed.

The next phase is stepping into our power. We earned it. It is time to think BIG and take BIG leaps ahead. We are fearless warriors now.

The world is falling apart. People are suffering and some won’t make it. They didn’t take up their calling when they were called to change. Some did but most didn’t. The few that did answer the call it is now our turn. Our first mission was to experience pain and suffering. After that we healed ourselves. Our next mission is to go out and help others with what we learned. We will be given everything we need to accomplish this. Try not to figure out the details just go with the flow. We are protected at all times on this mission. People and resources will be made available to us. The dark forces can no longer interfere. They played their role and they failed to keep us down. They now have to step aside.

We have been thinking with our hearts. We have had compassion that actually hurt to feel. We felt pain after every disaster and terrible event. We felt the pain of others even if it was across the world. We felt the pain of others we didn’t even know. this is the part of our journey we needed love and compassion to complete.

The King of Wands came up today. He is all about thinking with our heads and not our hearts. We must stay detached and use our heads now. We must do this part of our journey with logic and use everything we have learned. We must control our emotions and think our way through this. The world is very emotional now. We need to balance that with clear cool heads.

You made it! We will now be sent out into the world to help and heal. Have no fear and don’t resist. Step up into your power and be proud. You are strong and courageous. Your confidence will increase. You will be able to tackle any challenges and help others who lack your determination and exuberance, they desperately need our help. They need our strength.

This whole life you have led until now has been like a play. You were the star of the show. Even though you may have not felt like it but you were. There were supporting actors and background actors. They all played their role. Which was to bring all the lessons you needed to learn to be where you are right now. Those kids that bullied you made you strong but compassionate. That relationship that devastated you taught you to heal and pull yourself back up. What we have been through would have broken most people. They would have never recovered. We took all that pain and suffering and grew and grew. It made us stronger. All this is now over.

When we healed ourselves we healed Mother Earth. When we ascended Gaia ascended with us. Now it is time for the people to heal. Now we must help others.

Now take all that you learned to heal yourself and go out and heal others. It was what you were born to do.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

About the author: I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker. My journey has taught me that there are many different energies available for lightworkers to work with on the Tree of Life. I have recently been guided to work with animals. I do energy work on animals especially abused ones. Which also leads to energy work on their owners. My mission is to help all life on beautiful Gaia. You can find me on Facebook or my blog You can email me too at

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