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Starseed Mission Disclosure in the Show ‘Travelers’

By on August 30, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Jonathan Carty,
Contributing Writer,

In my research so far I have found very few shows which depict the specific subject of the ‘Starseed Mission’ so accurately than in this show called ‘Travelers’. While browsing Netflix in the last few weeks I was ‘guided’ to take a peek at this show and was immediately captured by its beautiful and spot-on illustration of what it means to be a Starseed trying to complete their mission here on this planet right now.


The show follows a highly-trained team of people from the future who return to a moment in time in order to prevent a catastrophic event from occurring which would end up claiming millions of lives and ultimately prevent an extremely dim future for humanity. They realize that they are not alone as there are many ‘Travelers’ in very high positions in government – CIA, FBI, NSA and others that are working to create a better future for humanity. This show, like many others, depicts a literal covert/overt war on the surface of the planet between positive and negative forces.

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Entering the Host Body (Incarnation/Starseed Activation)

The Travelers enter into a body of someone who they know historically is about to die. The take over is a bit violent as the person’s consciousness who is about to leave their body is replaced with the incoming Traveler’s consciousness, allowing them to inhabit the body and begin their mission(s). On many occasions a group, sometimes small or large, of Travelers would take over the bodies of people who were about to die from a bus crash, car crash or mass suicide.

These Travelers are put in the exact time and place for their mission to be completed, either by themselves or with a group. The show follows a small group who at first ‘took over’ their hosts at different locations, but they all ended up gravitating towards another and finding each other shortly after their arrival.

The Travelers engaged in extensive training before entering into a body. Their skills vary and some train for several years and even complete rigorous simulations of what Earth is like before their entering into the host body.

The Travelers must live the lives and manage responsibilities of their host in addition to carrying out missions from The Director in order to complete The Grand Plan. This is congruent with many Starseeds’ experience as they ‘awaken’ at some point in their life and ultimately work to liberate humanity from the Dark Forces:

The Director

Now this part might put some people off but I think the writers of the show were attempting to make this story at least reasonably practical from a scientific standpoint. The Travelers receive their missions and orders from ‘The Director’ which is an extremely advanced Quantum AI which possesses the capability to send consciousness back in time and space. My own personal interpretation of this is that ‘The Director’ is ‘Source’ and that ‘Source’ knows exactly where to place various Starseeds so they can complete the missions they trained for.

The Faction (The Cabal)

In the show there is a malevolent group of people from the future who think the only way to save the planet and ensure the future they desire is to cull 30% of the population via engineered biological disease. They seek to destroy/restructure The Director for their own purpose. This is exactly the kind of thinking we see in many shows and movies which we know is the directive of the Cabal.


The Faction group members enter into a host body by simply forcing the previous consciousness out and taking over the body, effectively killing the person. They also take over the bodies of powerful high-level positions in government and society.

Later on in the show The Faction utilizes a space-time attenuator in order to block all communication from The Director to the Positive Travelers. It is an advanced technology that they brought with them and is a very effective tool against the Positive Travelers.

The 6 Protocols

In the show there are rules and protocols that the Travelers must abide by or their actions could lead to devastating consequences on the timelines. I will be quoting these from the Wiki Travelers website:

Protocol Alpha

Top Priority.

Protocol Alpha requires all Travelers to do whatever it takes to resolve the issue at hand.

  • Protocol 1

The mission comes first.

This means putting aside all other priorities for the task at hand. A Traveler must be dedicated to the mission, and it must be the most important thing to them. Completing the mission is the only task that really matters. Everything you do as a Traveler should somehow further the mission’s objective.

  • Protocol 2

Never jeopardize your cover.

This has two parts:

  • Do not call each other by future names “Leave the future in the past”.
  • Do not use future knowledge for personal gain.

Either of those things could mean that people will find out there is something off about you, that you aren’t really who you say you are. Self-control is key to becoming a Traveler. You are no longer who you were in the future. You must assume the identity of your host and acknowledge your team only as their new identity. The future knowledge you have is for the betterment of your mission and your fellow Travelers, not for your own advancement.

Protocol 2H

Updates are not to be discussed with anyone. Ever.

Periodically a Historian will need to be updated due to changes in the timeline caused by Travelers. Updates will include historical information relevant to a team’s role in the Grand Plan, including potential candidates, investments, etc. But by its very nature, updates may also include historical information about your team members, loved ones, about the Historian. This is a burden they will have to carry with them until the day they die—a date which, for obvious reasons, will be omitted from the update.

  • Protocol 3

Don’t take a life; don’t save a life, unless otherwise directed. Do not interfere.

That’s not what you’re here for. Changing the past can have dire consequences to the future, and the mission is the only change that has been mandated. Refrain from putting yourself in a position where you have to take or save a life. The lives of others are not your concern, do not interfere.

  • Protocol 4

Do not reproduce.

This can massively interfere with the mission, and involves changes to the past that have not been approved. Refrain from creating relationships that can lead to this. Do not complicate things.

  • Protocol 5

In the absence of direction, maintain your host’s life.

Keeping your host alive means keeping yourself alive to further the mission. Maintain good health, and avoid situations that put your host in danger. Your host’s death means your own death. You were sent here for a reason, and the mission needs you.

  • Protocol 6

No inter-team/deep web communication except in extreme emergencies or when sanctioned.

Your team is the only group of Travelers you should be interacting with. You share a common mission, and the others have their own missions. You do not need to interact, and should refrain from doing so at all costs. Extreme emergencies may warrant an exception to this rule, but the situation must be dire indeed.

Some of these protocols are extreme and actually could apply to some Starseeds in certain high-level positions with critical missions to complete. However, I believe only a few apply to the everyday Starseed. On many occasions the group would complete a mission and then nothing would happen for a short while. They would have to exercise Protocol 5 and live the lives of the host body they are in. In other words, Starseeds live their daily lives, go to work/raise a family, all while working for the liberation of humanity.

Messengers (Synchronicities, Mission Information Downloads)

Throughout the show, usually small children and sometimes adults are ‘taken over’ temporarily to give the members of the group messages or instructions about their missions. These individuals are not harmed in any way and don’t remember providing the message. Sometimes messengers are used to communicate that a Traveler or Travelers are not on the right path and must revert back to the task at hand. Due to free will and unforeseen circumstances this occurs frequently. This is something I’m sure we can all relate to! The Universe/Higher Self will give you signs and synchronicities to help you get back on your path.

No Plan Survives the Battle Field

There were many instances in the show where missions didn’t go according to plan. This included the emotions of the Travelers and their host body’s previous obligations: family, friends, work and so on. Sometimes they didn’t agree with a mission and decided take matters into their own hands, forcing The Director to make alternative plans to ensure a positive outcome for the mission. The term ‘improvising’ came up frequently and was frowned upon.

Often these Travelers are kept in the dark about the full-picture of their missions and details are not willingly given at first (this one I KNOW applies to some of you!). At one point one of the main characters was ordered to assassinate a senator, the reasons for why didn’t become clear until later, but it was necessary, unfortunately.

Traveler (Starseed) Exhaustion

They are several times throughout the show where the Travelers express how exhausted they are from having to work on missions and live their daily lives. One of the main character’s host body was addicted to drugs, creating an incredibly difficult experience for the Traveler:

Sometimes they get caught up in the emotions and drama of their host’s lives and for whatever reason decide to veer off of the path for The Grand Plan. The Director sees everything that happens and implements countermeasures to ensure the carrying out of the missions to ensure the completion of The Grand Plan:

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They often made remarks about how they don’t care for money and how little of it they receive from their jobs.

The First Corrupted Traveler

Travelers are identified by numerical designation and we learn in later episodes that this first Traveler was supposed to be a test or proof of concept to make sure the consciousness transfer was successful. He didn’t complete his mission and he became quite negative. He went on to become wealthy and powerful and exercised his fortune and resources to find, capture, torture and prevent the Positive Travelers from completing their missions and finding him.

Mission Compartmentalization

What the Travelers learn at one point is that there are vastly higher numbers of them on the surface of the planet than they realized and that many were made unaware of each other’s presence and missions. Some of them are not supposed to associate with one another, especially those in high-level positions, so as to prevent their identities from being discovered and jeopardizing their missions. Every individual and group is sychronistically given objectives and information on what initiatives to carry out next by The Director who is watching everything happen moment by moment.

The Ending

The show’s ending is obviously indicative that it is supposed to continue into a 3rd season which would reconcile this final battle between positive and negative and ensure a better future for humanity. I won’t give away the ending but it left me both frustrated and feeling excited for more developments.


This show is filled with many more examples of what life is like from the Starseed perspective. There is togetherness, distraction, delays, confusion, betrayal and everything else that we see happening in our daily lives today. If there was ever a motion picture Starseed Manifesto, this show is it. It is currently on its 2nd second and it is available on Netflix as of the time of this writing.

As an interesting addition to this analysis I will include that Stargate SG-1 actress and director Amanda Tapping was involved in this show in the same capacity. It is highly probable that the Stargate series and movies were a military-sanctioned disclosure. We know thanks to various e-mail hacks and leaks that the military-industrial-complex works directly with Hollywood by permitting or rejecting certain shows to be created that are military-oriented or otherwise.

Amanda Tapping on the show Stargate SG-1

Whistle-blowers such as Corey Goode have communicated that the Stargate series featured a wealth of classified intel and technology not available to the public as of yet. It is my opinion that this show Travelers is no exception to these circumstances, especially with Amanda Tapping, who has likely worked with the military before.

About the author Jonathan Carty is a seeker of truth and one of the countless dedicated participants in the prophesied Apocalypse (unveiling). His experiences range from meetings with Hopi Elders, creating uplifting YouTube videos, research into disclosure in television and movies and pillar of love in his family and community. He brings many talents with him in this lifetime which include classical musical composition, singing, painting, drawing, piano performance among other humble abilities including his large sense of humor. 

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