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Starseed ‘Proof’ And Changing The 3D

Starseed ‘Proof’ And Changing The 3D

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How do I know if I’m Starseed? Where’s the ‘proof’? Here’s a look at what the word ‘Starseed’ may mean – why ‘proof’ is relevant (yet completely irrelevant) and how as Starseeds we can work together to change the collective 3D Consciousness.

by Naomi Cook, ‘Nurse Naomi’ – Founder of Project Starseed
Contributing Writer,


Here in 3D we get bogged down with words and their meanings and how these meanings relate exactly to what we experience in the 3rd Dimension itself. Cross examining, referencing and proving things is useful here in the third dimension but it can be a circular messy state of affairs for beings who are trying to bring higher frequencies down and through the wormhole that enters into our Planet!

Take the word ‘Starseed’ – if we consider it in a literal context we may understand that Starseeds are souls incarnated here on Earth as ambassadors or light workers who have perhaps primarily incarnated in other Star Systems. They are here assigned with tasks to increase Unity Consciousness in order, ultimately, to raise the vibration of both Humans, Earth and the Solar System. But how, as Starseeds can we PROVE this is what and who we are? And why is ‘proof’ relevant in the first place?

3D Proof

Proof is a big deal here in 3D – ‘being scientifically proven’ is what moves truths forward here, no matter how transient those truths may prove to be (and that’s a whole other kettle of fish). I’d go as far as to argue that science is the new demi-god for many humans right now. But what about proof of being a ‘Starseed’?

Some of us have intergalactic memories – but here in 3D, this doesn’t’ count as proof of our intergalactic origins – we just get called imaginative (or weird). Some of us have had Extra-terrestrial encounters, via telepathic communication or actual physical experiences. But, we are all aware that even photographic or video evidence of ET family encounters don’t work as ‘proof’ here in 3D – we can get branded ‘attention seekers’ or phonies (or weird).

Starseeds do not come here with birth certificates or cosmic passports from other Star Systems – yet, here in 3d that is the kind of thing that might count as ‘proof’ – at least that is how it works for the human race and differing nationalities: Here on Earth it is all about where you were born and what country you come from.

At first sight, it appears there is no 3D proof that Starseeds can offer the Globe with regards to their inherent knowing that they are ‘not of this planet’…


Why is Proof of our Cosmic Heritage Relevant Anyway?

Consider this, for many of us, as part of our incarnation and unique assignments here in on Earth in 3D we try to make what we do relevant to the rest of the Planet and this means that to a certain extent this entails making what we do resonant to 3D thinking. Once something new has been introduced to a 3D mindset, it (they – the person) will play around a little with the concept then hopefully, after further exposure and a normalization of this previously novel concept, it will become incorporated as a ‘norm.’ Eventually after massive incorporation of new norms from higher densities there will be a shift from 3D thinking to 4D thinking and reality.

So as you can see, it is not about ‘proving’ a concept to be true, it is about making this concept real to those who haven’t yet incorporated it into their thinking. Bringing forth a new concept, such as ‘I Am a Starseed’ may be an accepted ‘truth’ once enough people have been introduced to the concept, integrated the concept which eventually produces the new norm. The ‘proof’ lies in the accepted the new truth and therefore the new reality – this a form of Truth Theory known in philosophy as “Coherence.”

This brings me to my second point – it is true that there are millions of Starseeds who don’t remember they are Starseeds and who go about their Earthly incarnation quite happily – fulfilling projects and assignments with no problems at all – no cosmic questions or intergalactic issues raised. Yet for many other Starseeds who may find they have Root Chakra Issues ‘leaking wistful energy back home’ (see this post on Starseed healing for more) addressing their cosmic nature and intergalactic heritage may be important for earth assignments to fully unfold – which is why I’ve started talking and writing about Starseeds: As we look within and heal the grief /separation/confusion we’ve experienced in a human body we must realize that by bringing these secret, deeper aspects of ourselves into the light we just might, together, change the world as we know it…

Bringing our Cosmic Heritage into the 3D Collective Consciousness

I use the term Starseed loosely – we do not have passports, Intergalactic DNA tests or birth certificates declaring where we have come from. What we do have is an inner knowing on what and who we are: What we have (and no one can take it away) is our Inner Truth. So when I ask ‘Are you a Starseed?’ I am asking: Do you feel yourself to be an intergalactic, cosmic, universal, eternal being?’ The resonance and vibration of the word Starseed for me brings in these other aspects of our being. Remember how in 3D we get bogged down with the meaning of words and how these meanings relate exactly to what we see – we must remember that all words carry a vibration – for me the vibration of ‘Starseed’ is not ‘proof’ of a birth certificate or passport or even intergalactic memories and actual ET encounters: it is broad, all encompassing vibration of Cosmic, Universal beings of love who know they are more than ‘just human’.

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So why use only the word ‘Starseed’ when the vibration of the word carries so much more with it? Here in 3D we need specific words to describe things even if at first sight, it simplifies them. I see it like this:

The enormity of ‘what we are’ is too big to fully comprehend here in 3D, so, after connecting to this infinite expanse of truth we must somehow funnel it in to our brains and condensed energy fields here before projecting it out into the world around us. This funnel of the infinite and projection of our experience of this ‘funneled infinite’ narrows our ability to fully express or describe it. So we create words that resonate to these concepts or experiences. These words are a narrow version of a vibration of a much broader truth yet they serve us well here because we can use them, share them and learn from them hopefully creating concepts that other people in the 3D can resonate with.

The question I am asking today –to whomever will answer it: Are you a Starseed? If the answer is yes, then we have another awakened individual whose ‘norm’ carries a cosmic vibration. I am hoping and believe that as the numbers of Awakened Starseeds increase by making this 3D ‘gesture’ of claiming back their identify and heritage as Universal Cosmic Being a new ‘norm’ will begin to creep through the rest of the human consciousness – the ‘proof’ will be in our numbers yet the ‘truth’ will, I feel, emerge energetically through a Morphic Resonant effect on the consciousness of others as this cosmic knowing and feeling there is more to our ‘human’ story becomes the accepted norm and thus emerges as a new 3D-4D truth.

‘Be humble for you are made of Earth, be noble for you are made of Stars’ – Serbian Proverb.

Naomi CookAbout the author: Naomi Cook or “Nurse Naomi”  is the Founder of Project Starseed info here ( ), which is a global movement towards truth and unity consciousness, asking that ‘Awakened Starseeds’ sign up to join and claim their intergalactic heritage. Sign up here: Naomi blogs her journey to health and wellness at She now offers free ‘Spiritual Weekly Bites’ at www.yoursoulhealthcom aimed at elevating your Soul Health Consciousness – improving Spiritual Health and Wellbeing.  Her health and wellness themed children’s books can be found at Naomi is busy: She is an Author, Blogger, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive/Intuitive Healer & Theta Healer (and, in her spare time, an Entrepreneur publishing and writing a children’s book series on health and wellness).

You can read Naomi’s memoir ‘How She Healed Me’ from September 2017. This memoir documents Naomi’s dramatic story of the fallout after her daughter’s brain tumour and quest to keep her alive followed by an unexpected Spiritual Awakening. And, finally you can find her on Facebook here:  @projectstarseedgroup  @NurseNaomiCook  @YourSoulHealth

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