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How Starseeds Light The Path To Authentic Freedom

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How Starseeds Light The Path To Authentic Freedom

by Brandy Gray,
Contributing Writer,

One by one, human beings who choose to live and lead a life differently and uniquely than all the rest, abiding by freedoms of being, thinking, and living that transcend their present cultural belief systems, restrictions and paradigms, typically are taking on the blessing and burden of a futuristic wisdom or mindset, one which operates on another, higher level of awareness, that which may not be comprehended by those who surround them because those who surround them will typically live and function at an entirely different level of being, understanding and functioning.

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It is the “different” individuals who make the difference, hence they serve as living catalysts/influences/energy toward a more expansive and loving human experience, encompassing a baby step upward, above what has already been done, a tiny ripple effect into the eternal dance of ascension, evolving through time to achieve and embody our greatest spiritual measure and capacity.

These figures/beings change the course of time and influence history simply by and through their very existence because they live and exist in a world that is strikingly different, one that transcends their current reality.

The chosen reality experienced by these few, or many, is still a mystery to the current world but is felt and activated within the very beingness of these human-vehicles and this acts as a collective lasso, reaching forth into the future potentials of human living and harnessing that which most optimally serves humanity, drawing it closer and closer to our place in time and existence through the very embodiment of the future within them.

The essence of a higher awareness is held strongly by the very presence of the futuristic ones, and by this and through this, a new reality is birthed. Generations of incubation nourishes a new paradigm into fruition; shifting, dismantling and crumbling what once was into what is and will be.

These people may struggle to be understood and cope in a world that doesn’t match their inner-world. They carry the weight of judgement and ridicule from the masses who have yet to free themselves from fear.

They are often misunderstood and viewed as disillusioned but truly, they are the fire-starters to new paradigms; they are the beginnings of cultural and human evolution. They are the ones who try on the upgraded version first to set the stage for what is to come.

These figures, whether known by many or known by few, embody and anchor the energy of a naturally occurring Divine Order within the very cells of their existence and they pass on this Light to those who come searching, to ignite and awaken the Path to Freedom for all living beings.

About the author: Brandy Gray is a writer, mother and crystal-consciousness explorer who manages her home and a healing crystal studio. She loves to motivate and inspire others through her life, crystal energy work and writings.

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