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Strange Ongoing Time Anomalies

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Strange Ongoing Time Anomalies

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Strange Ongoing Time Anomalies

Many of us are paying attention to the little things that occur and seem out of place in our every day lives. We are being shown that the concept of 3rd dimensional time/space is shifting right before our eyes.

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A lot of people within this genre have experienced time anomalies throughout recent years including the feeling of time speeding up or possibly feeling like time is slowing down.

Some people have reported the feeling of moving in and out of dimensions while others are seeing background people filling in for these gaps within the matrix.

Recently, in conjunction to all of the above, I’ve noticed that my Facebook News Feed has dwindled down to a relatively very few amount of posts when normally, there were many more. It made me question what was going on as Facebook’s algorithms are constantly fluctuating but even so, it’s all relevant. If I physically looked up people and checked their timelines, I would see a plethora of new posts that weren’t being reflected on my News Feed. I made a post regarding this and not to my surprise, MANY other people were seeing the same thing:


On a higher level, what we are witnessing is a bifurcation (a division into two branches) of people. In order to keep in alignment with those who are spiritually aligned to us, we need to physically make the effort to stay in contact with them or otherwise, they will continue to fade away from our 3rd dimensional lives.

Just about all of us have experienced this already with friends and family. Now, it’s playing out in real time.

In essence, we are creating our own reality while picking and choosing who we want within this reality. Through the choices of others, we end up co-creating the reality in which we choose to be in, which is why we need to physically visit the social media pages of the ones we resonate the most with in order to keep them within our co-created reality. This is the physical bifurcation playing out right before our eyes.

Bifurcation – What can I do right now?

Be sure to physically visit and stay in touch with those who you want to remain within your 3rd dimensional reality as they will be the ones who are energetically matched for your 5th dimensional reality (and beyond). On social media, make the effort to visit the pages of loved ones who are not living nearby. Maintain those connections.

When The Shift happens, we may not have our 3rd dimensional bodies and will recognize one another by our energy vibrations. Everyone has a unique and specific energy vibration that was determined the millisecond you incarnated onto this planet. Even if someone was born at the same exact time as another person, their geographic location at the time of incarnation would change their energy signature. Similarly, even twins have different energy vibrations as one is born before the other, creating a unique energy vibration.

It is your unique energy vibration that will be recognized by your “tribe”.

Time looping

I’ve received reports of people experiencing time loops, which is basically similar to déjà vu. What seems to be happening are glitches in the matrix, which are sometimes referred to as “Time Loops”. This usually happens in ways that are unnoticeable because time loops generally reset time and memories. Sometimes, we catch and remember these moments!

For example, let’s imagine that you always place your keys in a specific spot when you walk into the house. You’re positive that the keys were where you placed them, yet they show up somewhere else. No, you were not drunk the night before! As it turned out, the keys were in a spot so bizarre that there’s no way possible you could have placed them there.

Another common time loop happens with literal time. For example, you look at your cell phone and it’s 12:00 noon. A few minutes later, it’s still 12:00. Many of these time loops are so small and incremental that nothing is noticed, yet each one could possibly represent a paradox in time.

Time Looping – What can I do right now?

Keep a journal and record every time anomaly you’re experiencing.

Perception of time is off

This is happening more and more to many people. Have you found yourself doing something for what seems like hours and its only been minutes? Perhaps it’s the other way around? You might be doing something for minutes and it seems like hours. Either way, you’re experiencing drastic time differentials.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity showed us that time was only relative to the observer but what we’ve learned since then is that time is created BY the observer. On the other side of the veil, time doe not exist. Even if you lived on a different planet, time would be completely different. For example, on Mars, a day is about 28 hours long, so if you are 30 years old on Earth, you might be somewhere around 26-27 years old on Mars.

Even when we dream, we never know “time” as we do when we are awake. I’ve never seen a clock or a watch in my dreams as time is non-existent in the dream state. This is closer to our actual spiritual reality than during our waking “time”.

ONGOING Time Anomalies

Time perception – What can I do right now?

Try to live without “time” as much as possible. You’ve heard of “living in the NOW”. This is what it means.

EVERYTHING in our lives seems to trap us within Saturn’s (Chronos’ / Father Time’s) control of time, such as work weeks, TV schedules, and even days and months that are not based on a 13 moon harmonic schedule.

The Mayan Tun calendar is based on a 360 day cycle. The last 5 days are considered by the Maya as the days of “no time”. When the late Jose Arguelles visited the tomb of Mayan Lord Pacal, the most important lesson learned by Arguelles through Lord Pacal is that we need to live without time as much as possible.

Schumann Resonance blackout

Schumann Resonance blackout

On the 17th day of February, March and April of 2019, we have seen a Schumann Resonance (SR) whiteout.

Interestingly, we have also seen a SR blackout for nearly 3 hours, which is highly unusual. In the past, we have seen SR blackouts for a brief period of time but never for this long. Many people believe that the SR blackout represent a reset or perhaps a looping of time.

Strange Ongoing Time Anomalies

Unprecedented, extraordinary times!

These are unprecedented and extraordinary days that we’re living in. We are the historians for future 3rd dimensional planets who will be going through similar assimilations. In the meanwhile, we are all trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The best advice I would give anyone is to live in the NOW, because that’s all there is.

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You can also envision the future for co-creational purposes as well. Also, try to live without time as much as possible. It’s difficult to do when you have a “work schedule” but on your days off, don’t wear a watch or even think about time.

People Who Fade Away

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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