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Surfing Dimensional Shifts In Intimate Relationships: The Shark Perspective

By on August 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Surfing Dimensional Shifts In Intimate Relationships: The Shark Perspective

by Paxton Journei,
Contributing Writer,

It is challenging to be involved in an intimate relationship as dimensions are being traveled to and through. Outside of the person experiencing the development there is a very different view of the shift and often turmoil that is occurring inside. Let’s use a surfer as an example. As he heads out to greet the next wave, he is laying on his board paddling calmly towards the horizon. To the human eye, this is a simple and common process. As the surfer is paddling toward the horizon, the perspective has quite a different appearance beneath the surface. To the human eye, the image is somewhat like that of a seal or turtle. Same person, same action, different perspective. Since perspective is based upon the information available to the individual, humans can understand the different point of views of the surfer’s position and differentiate between a seal and a paddling surfer.

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A shark on the other hand has limited information about the silhouette it sees and from that perspective equates the view with the knowledge available in its data bank. Dimensional shifting is a personal journey in a public environment and outside of the individual it is all about perspective. Shifts between dimensions are rarely convenient for either the person experiencing them or those connected to them. There are physical and mental changes that occur during metaphysical growth and although the symptoms may be recognized as one experiences various shifts, it does not make them easier to experience. Even the most talented professional surfer is not a match to the overwhelming power of the 30-foot wave he is choosing to meet. Still, they accept the challenge and hold on for the ride.

The journey of metaphysical growth and dimensional shifts are fantastic! Even while feeling disheveled, confused, happy, sad, elated, lost, found, clear, and overwhelmed often within the same 24-hour period; there is something to be said for the “growing pains” of advancing within the context of a spiritual life. Then during this phase, there is the seeking of balance between the inner and outer worlds. Often, there is not any. The time frame can be long or short, but this inability to balance exists. How could it not? Reality is shifting as you are currently experiencing it. There isn’t downtime to upgrade, it all happens in real time.
The human body recognizes this shift as stress. The brain has difficulty processing the simultaneous realities of inner and outer worlds. It attempts to hold on to what is understands to be “safe.” However, during a higher dimensional approach that information downloads without delay despite this firewall.

Deprogramming, the process that occurs prior to each new “enlightenment, is not a joyous task.” The outcome is phenomenal, but the process is not particularly pleasant. For example, one can experience headaches, increased fatigue, short term memory loss, loss of interest in regular activities, and confusion. One should explain to their mate within an intimate relationship what they are feeling, but should not feel an obligation to adjust their growth experience because it makes the other feel uncomfortable. You are responsible for living out your assignment and to do so you must be committed to being the best you which means you must endure dimensional growth. There is not a schedule for this to occur and it can’t be regulated to fit into your daily life activities or the lives of those you are connected to.

Humans are blessed with the ability to think and reason. We are not confined within the mental context of a limited data base. We can seek and process additional information that we do not like or understand. We can even use reason to adjust to the information given therefore, we are indeed more logical than a shark. So, when it is communicated that someone is experiencing a shift, level of growth, or what term or title one would like to use. We can see it differently.

Just like you know that surfer is moving away from you towards the horizon in a manner or for a reason you may not understand; also realize he appears to be different things to different eyes, but he is only still a surfer. He is seeking the greatest thrill available to him. Despite the danger, perception, or insecurity it may cause, when he meets that wave he has been seeking it will be his biggest challenge and greatest accomplishment to ride it back to the shore. He will then have a better understanding of how he can achieve this goal each time he seeks it. It won’t change the need to paddle away from others or the uncertainty of the outcome, but it will provide him with the joy of the experience, knowledge of how to get better for the next attempt, and progress towards being a better surfer.

We are all surfing through the ocean of life and at some point, must all paddle into the horizon to ride the wave back to the shore full of exhilaration, knowledge, belief in our capabilities, and the ability to share our experience with others.

The best way to decrease the challenges of dimensional shifting within an intimate relationship is to communicate feelings, be open to the changes that are occurring, understand these shifts are not “controlled” and are often accompanied by unpleasant physical and mental occurrences, and take time to focus on oneself. Divine occurrences often have deep human impacts and this process can positively or negatively impact a relationship. The broadest perspective of a negative perception of growth should be realized as not being intentional, but transitional. The sharks may not have that perspective; however, we do.

About the author: Paxton Journei is a wife, mother of 6, entrepreneur, and a student of life. As her name suggests, she is on a peaceful journey through her life assignment and has begun to use her creative talents to write about her adventures along the way. She is currently co-writing a book with her husband titled, The I Am Marriage. The book is scheduled to be completed early 2018.

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