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Tarot, Star Trek, The SSP, And Time Travel

By on August 9, 2018 in Extraterrestrials, Spiritual Awakening
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by Clemens Brenan,
Contributing Writer,

Article adapted from my forthcoming book ‘The Tarot Guide to Star Trek’ by Clemens Brenan,

We are Infinite Awareness and eternal consciousness, unbound by time or space. This truth presents itself in a single image from a Tarot deck published by BP Grimaud in 1769. Amazingly, the 10th card of the Ancien Tarot de Marseille, known as The Wheel of Fortune, shows us the illusory world we live in that we think of as so real. And ourselves as non-dual Oneness and love transcending this world.

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The Wheel of Fortune is a multi-layered, complex representation of our holographic Matrix reality. In it, we see a Wheel apparently turning. It could be a sequence of events forming a feedback loop of some kind. As such it may represent karma – what goes around, comes around. Dumb, frantic-looking animals, ourselves as humans programmed by the Matrix mindset, seem hell-bent on chasing each other around the Wheel. In doing so, we are pushing it. Round and round and up and down we go, as if on a hamster wheel, both controlled by and perpetuating the treadmill.

This is the constantly changing, dualistic world of opposites that we perceive and are trapped within through our brain and five senses. We experience never-ending ups and downs of good and bad fortune, success and failure, happy and sad, growth and decay, health and sickness and so on and so on. For those wheel-bound creatures, ourselves at the lowest level of we really are, the Wheel exists as our perceived world of polarity, choice and change. Look at the Wheel. It is the controlling Matrix or existential hologram of our false reality. False because as spiritual beings we also exist way beyond illusory duality.

Some see this Tarot image as representing Fate. Things happen to us as if pre-determined by Fate’s inscrutable hand spinning the Wheel. But the Wheel, they say, also means an opportunity to try our destiny. We consider whether a risk is worth taking, and if so, we take a chance. We metaphorically take the handle of the Wheel and give it a turn, like a roulette wheel. What will Fate decree?

The Wheel can also represent our mind-based mode of perception that limits and entraps our repetitive experience. On yet another level, the Wheel resembles a clock recording each cycle of experience operating over the course of an apparent unfolding of time. As such, it represents a timeline, but again, illusory. Why illusory?

Atop the Wheel we have the answer. Seated there is a third creature. This one is crowned, bears large heart-shaped wings, holds a sword of awareness and looks serene and content. By rights he or she can have no stability up there as her pedestal rests on the turning wheel itself. And yet there she sits, regal and stationary. This creature’s reality is entirely different to that of the other two creatures who represent the body-mind. She sits outside and above the Wheel of duality. She’s both on it and beyond it. She is us in our transcendent state of eternal timelessness.

In this state we are Oneness, or Infinite Awareness. We see hallucinatory reality yet remain unbound by it. Instead of going around on the Wheel, we rule it and live in freedom. We see that duality, bound by space and time, is an illusion. We see that even space and time are illusory constructs of the body-mind. With heart awareness we know that all past and all future exist in the eternal NOW.

Any moment in time exists as accessible, decodable information in a holographic matrix represented here as the Wheel. As with a DVD, Infinite Awareness can enter at any point to access a past or future that is not lost or hidden but simply enfolded in an implicate order. All realities exist simultaneously, in the NOW. Our point of attention determines our place in time, with timelines capable of multiplying, bifurcating and merging. This is what makes ‘time travel’ possible.

Time travel happens by accident in ‘Tomorrow is Yesterday; a 1967 episode of the original series of Star Trek. The premise is the Starship Enterprise being accidentally thrown back in time to Earth, 1969. Further mishaps ensue, as the crew strive to prevent their accident catastrophically altering history – or so they believe.

Briefly, the story has a freak cosmic event hurling the Enterprise through a time warp back to Earth of 200 years before. A pursuing US Air Force pilot, Captain Christopher, gives chase and has to be beamed board. Spock and Kirk perceive a dilemma. Either by returning the pilot to his base or keeping him on board, they fear disrupting the timeline of Earth history. They opt to return him after first secretly retrieving his flight records from his base. His UFO sighting will then be unbacked by evidence. Security personnel at the base catch and interrogate the prowling Kirk while another Air Force man is accidentally beamed aboard. The men are eventually returned and the Enterprise returned to its own time.

Now this understanding of time travel and time anomalies varies significantly from what insiders and whistleblowers of the ongoing Secret Space Program (SSP) tell us. They report that our understanding of time and timelines needs expanding. Since time travel via portals, wormholes and stargates is a regular feature of clandestine SSP activity, SSP participants could do much to reassure Kirk and Spock facing their dilemma in this episode.

The Enterprise crew see events in time as lining up in sequence on just one timeline, as per a single Wheel of Fortune apparently turning in cycles from past to present to future. Kirk and Spock believe that events occurring in the Enterprise’s past should be left fixed as they are, all the way up to the Enterprise’s own period of existence, roughly 2269. Such events have their inclusion in the historical record stored in the Enterprise computer. Spock refers to this when he researches the life of the Air Force pilot Christopher.

Christoper of the 1960s has been beamed aboard the Enterprise of the 2260s, the Enterprise having stumbled back into Christopher’s time period. According to Spock’s initial historical research, Christoper must be kept on board the Enterprise indefinitely. Returning him to Earth would incur the risk of Christoper altering history since he now knows what the future looks like.

But Spock does more research and discovers that Christoper will have a son who will make a significant contribution to Earth history. Not returning him to Earth would negate his son’s contribution, disrupting the timeline and possibly destroying the future. The Enterprise, in Spock’s view, could be made to no longer exist.

All this is based on the assumption that there is only one timeline, which must remain inviolable since it connects all events in history. But SSP insiders indicate that timelines, like dimensions, are multiple. And as Corey Goode of the SSP reports, time is in fact malleable. ‘This malleability,’ he says, ‘accounts for the possibility of making adjustments to timelines.’ In reality, according to Goode, time is elastic and is capable of repairing itself in the event of timeline problems, breaks or fractures. Humans having caused such problems through time travel activity, says Goode, are best advised to do nothing and let time repair itself.

But in the Star Trek universe (or that of its writers), no such knowledge exists. The timeline problem afflicting the Enterprise hangs over Kirk and Spock as a crisis which they feel they themselves have to manually solve. Their limited perception of time and time problems has them very much bound to The Wheel of Fortune like the animals we see going around the Wheel. Their perception is of being hostages to fortune – The Wheel of Fortune in its reversed meaning. Their fear is of becoming locked in the wrong time zone and unable to return to their own time in the 2260s. They fear becoming, in Christoper’s words, ‘prisoners in time’.

In our limited understanding of time we resemble Captain Christopher and his Air Force comrades, and also Kirk and Spock. Like them, we are apt to forget our unlimited nature. Consequently we live only by our mind-body programming and its perceptions. As such, we exist on an illusory hamster wheel of limited, repetitive experience in a closed-world Matrix. Without the higher awareness of our Infinite Self, we remain lost in the illusion that what appears to our five senses is the only reality.

In this illusion, what we believe is what we perceive. And what we perceive is what we experience. If we believe that time is real and binding, that there is only one sacrosanct timeline connecting events of the ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’, then that is what we will perceive and experience. When things do not work out as we believe they should, we will talk about ‘accidents’, like those in ‘Tomorrow is Yesterday’, and feel ourselves their victim. We will see ourselves yet more helplessly bound to a Wheel of Fortune inexorably turning, now up, now down. Then we will struggle to resolve the ‘accident’ or problem or wait until our perceived ‘luck’ changes.

It may never occur to our lower, mind-body self that our so-called ‘accidents’, like everything else, happen only in our heads. They are as quantum physicists say, only possibilities and probabilities folded into existence by perception.

From a higher perspective, that of our Infinite Self as symbolized by the crowned creature seated on top of the Wheel, all is in order. Those ‘accidents’ were events guiding us toward moving into greater balance and harmony. By awakening to our Infinite Awareness, we realize the immense power we have when we cease to allow only the mind, or the lower self, to remain in control of our lives. We then see that past, present and future are fixed, but only up a point. Time being an illusion means it is both fixed enough to be perceived and malleable enough to be changed, whether by technological time travel or by expanding and altering our awareness.

Different futures arise out of differently evolving possibilities. These different futures exist in different timelines or dimensions. By leaping from one timeline or Wheel of Fortune Matrix to another, we have the ability to alter our future. We may do this individually or as a race. But whichever future we create for ourselves, all events in time, say the mystics and quantum physicists, are really happening in the timeless NOW. It is only our brains decoding information in the timeless NOW that make NOW appear in the sequence that we think of as linear time. To arrive back ‘home’ in his own time, as Kirk and the Enterprise crew wanted, really means to realize our timeless nature through expanded, Infinite Awareness.

Article adapted from my forthcoming book ‘The Tarot Guide to Star Trek’ by Clemens Brenan,

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