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The Soul’s Nature And Technology

By on March 11, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

The Nature And Technology Of The Soul

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by Chloe Hudson,
Contributing Writer,

The Soul

The soul is a technology that implements an experiential accumulation of our existence, choices and memories. We have the ability to change our soul, in this moment, to alter or release its beliefs and reactions to any experience, no matter when it was ingrained or experienced. We command our soul. The challenge of the awakening one is to take command and integrate the faulty beliefs and traumas of the soul that are being experienced within the illusory matrix or reality.


The words reality and matrix are often interchanged as one in the same. Though, these two words can seem to be a dichotomy. After all, if this is a matrix then how can it be real? In this case, let’s play with the spelling. Real is defined as actual or true. It is also defined as relating to things. One derivation of this word is from the French reel.1 The word reel is also used to define a circular frame that contains a movie, that is then projected onto a screen for viewers to see an experience.2 So, with this definition, we can understand the nature of this reel-ality that is projected as the matrix for us to experience.

A beginner to intermediate lesson in metaphysics is the comprehension of time. Time is relative to the space in which it is being experienced and the perspective of the experiencer. Time shifts, relative to the space or density. Often in metaphysics, we crudely explain time as an illusory tool. Time is in all now moments. Therefore, any moment in time can, potentially, be accessed.

The soul’s operating system

All technology requires upgrades. Most operating systems also go through upgrades and reformatting. The soul’s operating system is the illusory matrix or reality.

This means that this reel-ality is constantly being reformatted. These shifts in the matrix are often happening in all now moments to infinite “timestamps” within our soul’s existence.

This begins to shed light into the experience of changing history, the future and the present. One way to offer insight to this is the Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect is defined as a property of chaotic systems (such as atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system.3 When we change aspects of our soul, we have the potential to change our entire interaction and experience with the entirety of our soul’s existence.

Our soul interfaces with all now moments or the totality of time, in which we have ever, are currently or will ever experience. When we relinquish faulty and limiting beliefs, we create infinite butterfly effects into the totality of our soul’s experience. We not only shift the outcome of our experience, but we, theoretically, change the outcome of the accumulation of the experience within its totality. We affect everyone and everything.


To believe that we are destined or fated to the experiences and karma of our soul, other lifetimes and possible futures is to ignore the multi-density (dimensional) nature of our universe. It also denies us the responsibility required to embody and remember our omnipotent origins.

The all that is is everything and nothing. We are one. We affect each other and self throughout all time, space, densities and realities. Our soul is experientially evolving, or devolving, depending on our choices. As we integrate what no longer supports our soul, we integrate more thoroughly into our source. We begin to relinquish the matrix and access our spirit, or our origins. This is the “Alpha and Omega”, the beginning and the end.

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The reel or circulating experience of this incarnation cycle, that we call reality, or the matrix is a projection of the original experience. It is a movie that our soul is participating in. As we remember how to heal, change and expand our role we graduate the movie. As we magnetize the soul fractals back together we become whole again. In this way, we render the system, the matrix, obsolete.

We free our souls.



Chloe Hudson

About the author: In 2004 I received a subconscious soul calling to leave my home in Texas, USA and journey to Hawaii, USA. At age 21 I began studying multiple modalities of metaphysics, spirituality and holistic health practices. I partnered with a gifted clairvoyant from Greece and began a yearlong intensive of Galactic healings, intuitive channeling and continual (past) life clearing. We also worked with upgrading the energy and karmic body. In 2005 I began a channeling practice that focused on communicating with animals. As I became more proficient and confident in my abilities, I expanded my practice to service humans with intuitive channeling and soul healing. I continued practicing metaphysics and expanding my knowledge base.

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