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What Is Telepathy And How Can I Become Telepathic?

By on October 31, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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What Is Telepathy And How Can I Become Telepathic?

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

Can you imagine the day your telepathic abilities would awaken to their fullest power? What would it be like to feel the pain or happiness the person next to you feels? What would it be like to know your sister’s most inner secret thoughts that perhaps she herself is ashamed of and keeps them hidden as far as she can from you and herself? And what would it be like when you’d be able to perceive what a whole family feels like? A whole country perhaps?

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Would you know how to separate what’s yours and what’s not? Would you know how to separate which thoughts are yours and which are not?

Tricky, huh?

Telepathy is a gift in disguise. And yet, we are all somewhat cautious moving towards embracing the abilities we deserve by our birth right. The abilities we still call superhuman, the abilities we worship in Hollywood movies, and still so so far from reach to us mere mortal selves. Or is it so?

While you may think telepathy is something that is accessible to a selected few individuals, you yourself have experienced telepathic abilities more than you’d like to give yourself credit for.

Remember in that conversation with your friend, he only mentioned that word and you were already finishing his sentence? And you did it somewhat automatically, while your friend was like ‘How did you know? That’s what I was going to say!’ The other great example would be when you meet those couples, one merely looks in a certain direction and the other knows what the other person means. Of course, many factors are here at play like repetitive behavioral models, visual per-recognition of stimulus, and a previous history of cause and effect in the couple’s previous behavioral patterns. And yet still, there is a touch of telepathic abilities.

So how do you develop such unique and somewhat empowering abilities?

Here are the stages I go through with my students, that you can practice. As always keep the ones that work for you and the ones that don’t, perhaps try them at a later stage when you’re more experienced.

* Learn to recognize which thoughts are truly yours and which are a simple ‘replay’ of earlier conversations or something perhaps you’ve read or listened to earlier.

Part of the trouble in not recognizing your telepathic abilities is not knowing when and which thoughts, words and actions are purely yours.

* Meditate in silence with yourself and no one else around you to the point that no thoughts are entering your mind. It’s sort of a mind-detox exercise. The easiest way to achieve this state is when concentrating on your breathing and trying to sense the temperate of the air you breathe in and breathe out. The other way to achieve such a state is participating in extreme sports when your brain is too busy keeping you alive, however let’s keep our brain somewhat unoccupied as well, just for this exercise.

The reason for this exercise is to ensure knowing how it feels to be YOU. Just you. No thoughts, no emotions. You with your body, your own feelings, sensations.

* The tricky but necessary stage: Recognize your telepathic moments. We all are, to a degree, telepathic. The trouble is we are not ‘trained’ to recognize the degree of separation between our own thoughts or the information we perceive (words, energy perception, feelings and emotions).

We are so used to being wrapped up in our own world and our own troubles and issues that often when we experience telepathic communication we discard it or don’t realize that information is in fact ‘not ours’.

* Color meditation: Stare at a painting for as long as necessary until your eyes become so tired they no longer can concentrate on the painting and you almost become one with the painting. Perhaps another way to explain it, imagine you have a 3D picture in front of you, where you need to stare at the picture until the 3D object becomes clear to you. Once you achieve such a state. Relax your mind and notice the information you may perceive from the painting in front of you.

As you are not actually looking at the paintings details but somewhat emerged in it, your judgement is suspended and you actually connect to the information the painting has preserved. Be that the artist’s emotions, be that the words said about the painting, perhaps even dreams the owner of the painting associated with it.

The reason for such a meditation is to recognize your current telepathic perceptions. While we most commonly refer to telepathy as ‘reading someone’s thoughts’ your communication style may be different. And while the ultimate goal is, yes, perceive other people thoughts and perhaps even communicate with each other telepathically, you may realise you perceive temperature wise (you’ll feel a change in temperature in a particular part of your body), you may perceive feeling something. After that it is a matter of making correlation between what you perceive and who it relates to. Almost like building your own temporary dictionary until you no longer need any help from it.

* Acknowledge that telepathy is not always perceived as actually hearing other persons words, it’s done on another level of communication all together.

It’s almost like electrical wires between you and the person you’d like to communicate with. Your thought is a stimulus or a surge of electricity with your own pattern. Upon receiving which the other person will react accordingly.

For example, a student of mine got my attention and I somewhat responded with ‘the experience you just had during our meditation was from your future’. The student looked at me baffled and responded ‘how did you know? I was just about to ask you that very question?’

You see here, I didn’t consciously perceive his question. I got stimulus to respond to. As I am naturally attuned to respond to such stimulus, I don’t spend time analyzing: why did he get my attention? Why did I have the urge to say the words out loud? I simply responded in a most economical way possible. I believe yogis call it economy of motions.

* Keep practicing and keep noticing when thoughts crossing your mind do not sound like yours, look around and try to identify whose persons thoughts you have just read.

And as with everything else. Trust the process. Don’t force it, as we all have our unique patterns of perception and receiving information. Telepathy is a very general term encompassing all complex processes that are involved in reading other people minds.

And good luck on your journey!
Love and Light,

Olga Star
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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