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Teleportation Patent Could Revolutionize Travel and Communication

By on June 15, 2023 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Teleportation Patent Could Revolutionize Travel and Communication

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Teleportation Patent Could Revolutionize Travel and Communication

Imagine a world where the limitations of distance and travel time are no longer a barrier. A full-body teleportation system, capable of transporting a human being through hyperspace from one location to another, has been conceptualized. This groundbreaking invention is based on the principles of pulsed gravitational wave wormhole generation. While the idea may seem like science fiction, it stems from a real-life experience of the inventor and has the potential to revolutionize transportation as we know it.

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The Inventor’s Revelation

The basis for this invention is an extraordinary event that occurred on May 2, 2004. The inventor experienced a full-body teleportation while walking along a road near an airport. As he observed a twin-turboprop airplane landing, he felt a peculiar vertical wave traveling towards him. In the next moment, he found himself 100 meters down the street, having been teleported by the traveling wave. This incident led the inventor to delve into various fields of knowledge, including gravitation physics, hyperspace physics, wormhole electromagnetic theory, quantum physics, and the human energy field, to understand the sequence of events.

Gravitational Wave Generation

To comprehend the teleportation mechanism, it is important to understand the concept of gravitational waves. The inventor explains that when two masses are attached by lever arms and slightly offset, a gravitational wave is produced. In the case of the invention, the rotating propellers of the airplane generate a small gravitational wave. However, in hyperspace, the gravitational constant is significantly amplified, resulting in an enormous magnification of the gravitational wave.

Hyperspace and Quantum Wells

Hyperspace, a co-dimensional dimension with our own, holds the key to the teleportation process. Human beings possess seven vortices aligned along the body’s centerline, each connected to a separate hyperspace quantum well with its own frequency and dimension. These quantum wells, which are manipulated through breathing techniques, play a crucial role in harnessing hyperspace energy. By increasing Planck’s constant through temperature fluctuations among harmonic oscillators, electrons can transition from our dimension to the edge of the Planck box, effectively entering hyperspace.

Wormholes and Negative Energy

To open and stabilize a wormhole between space and hyperspace, negative energy is required. The accumulation of negative energy, resulting from the departure of electrons into hyperspace, creates the necessary conditions for wormhole formation. Dr. Kip Thorne, a renowned physicist, has shown that negative energy can facilitate the existence of stable wormholes, enabling travel between dimensions.

Implications and Potential Applications

The full-body teleportation system holds immense potential for various applications. Here are a few potential usages:

Transportation Revolution: Teleportation systems could replace traditional means of transportation, eliminating the constraints of distance and travel time. It would revolutionize travel, making long-distance journeys almost instantaneous and reducing the reliance on conventional modes of transportation.

Exploration and Colonization: Teleportation could enable humans to explore distant planets and galaxies, making space travel more feasible and efficient. Colonization efforts could be accelerated by teleporting essential resources and equipment to distant locations.

Emergency Services: Teleportation systems could revolutionize emergency response, allowing for instantaneous transportation of medical personnel, supplies, and equipment to critical locations. This could significantly enhance emergency medical care and disaster response capabilities.

Scientific Research: Teleportation could facilitate collaboration between researchers located in different parts of the world, allowing for seamless knowledge sharing and immediate access to research facilities.

Defense and Security: Teleportation systems could have significant implications for defense and security applications, including rapid deployment of military personnel and equipment to strategic locations.

The full-body teleportation system is a groundbreaking invention with the potential to revolutionize transportation, exploration, colonization, emergency services, scientific research, and defense and security. While the technology is still in the early stages of development, the potential benefits are immense. If successful, teleportation could usher in a new era of human progress, enabling us to travel to distant places, explore new worlds, and solve global challenges.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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