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The Earth In Transition To New Earth : The Future Is Now

By on May 16, 2018 in New Earth News
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by Celia Fenn,
Contributing Writer,

Our beautiful Planet is in the process of making the transition to New Earth. This is a major shift that is the culmination of the shifts and energy work that have been done on the Earth since 2011/12 when the Earth first moved into her new 5D crystalline diamond grid. The last seven years have been spent preparing the Planet and Humanity for the shift into Multi-dimensional and Quantum states of Reality Consciousness.

We are breaking away from the old 3D narrative of Reality that determined a “consensus” or collective reality, towards a multi level state of Reality that is created by individual or groups of empowered “Creator” beings exercising their ability to focus energy and shape plasma energy into manifest material experience. Yes, that means we will no longer be confined by collective expectation, but will be free to create our own narratives and stories that express what we wish to experience in our physical and material lives.

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The energetic and light body shifts that we have been experiencing for the last 10 years or longer, have been designed to free us from the old collective matrix and redesign our DNA so that we can function within this multi-dimensional reality that is based on the 5D Earth.

At this magical moment in Earth’s story, we are actually existing in two places at the same time, maybe without even realizing it. We exist in the “old” Earth on a daily basis, but we also exist in the New Earth if we are consciously raising our frequency to allow us to enter the New Earth ( and if you are reading this, that means you, otherwise you would not have found this article!). These two versions of Earth exist simultaneously in the same space, but in different dimensions.

Quantum dimensional theory tells us that it is possible for objects to exist in the same space but in different dimensions. You can only be aware of these two “levels” if you are able to “tune in” to these separate frequencies. If you are a New Earth Being with a Diamond Light Body, then yes of course you can tune in to both frequencies right now.

It may initially be a little freaky to shift between these two realities several times in a day, but we are gradually getting used to the shifts and finding our feet in the new spaces.

It is important to recognize when you are in 3D type space and when you are in 5D space and higher. You will, of course, be able to feel very clearly what kind of space and dimensions you are occupying by your reactions. If you feel stressed and anxious and angry or fearful, then you are in a 3D space. If you feel relaxed and content, creative and joyful and peaceful, then you are in 5D space.

And, you get to choose! You can identify your space and shift simply by engaging your inner creative energies and making choices. You are no longer “stuck” in any reality. Everything is fluid! You can make the choice to exit the level of reality that you are in and choose another, or you can change the shape of the reality that you are in by reimagining it. This may not always be possible on the 3D level, but in 5D it certainly will be.

In the next few months between now and the Lion’s Gate in August, we will be getting used to the “feel” of dimensional shifting and making choices and shaping reality in preparation for the beginnings of dimensional separation that will start at that time. This simply means that after the 8/8 those who are sufficiently evolved will be able to step into that higher dimensional space as a choice and be there, but those who are in 3D space will not be able to access the higher space. Those who are multi-dimensional will still be able to access the 3D world, according to choice and if you have work still to do there, but you can also choose to begin migrating into the higher dimensional realities.

You have about 3 months to start making those choices, fellow travellers. For indeed, the New Earth is manifesting and we are invited to cross that magical bridge that was activated on the 5/5 Star Gate on the 5th of May. This “Rainbow Bridge” is within you, and it will activate for you so soon as you make the choice to relocate your life into the multi-dimensional New Earth.

It is your choice.

The Preparation for Shift and the “Rolling Waves” of Photonic Diamond Light and Water Codes

The preparations for this shift began shortly after the Aquarius Gate on the 2nd of February. By March the rolling waves of Cosmic energy had intensified to such an extent that the creative birthing of New Earth was unmistakable!

These waves of Cosmic energy are “lifting” matter into the higher forms of pulsating light that are necessary for it to exist in the higher dimensions of Earth Reality in the New Earth. They are arriving simultaneously with the Diamond Light and Water Codes that are being received right now.

It is no wonder that our physical bodies are being so impacted by this energetic process, as is the Earth.

The Earth is entering into a period of “seeding” the New Earth and the “New Lemuria”, a version of New Earth Reality that will feature a Paradise Earth that will be the focus of the ReGenesis process that Archangel Michael spoke about.

This “seeding” process has begun in Hawaii, where the energy of Pele the Fire Goddess is helping to initiate the New Lemuria project. What may look like destruction on the 3D level is the manifestation of the birthing of the New Earth/New Lemuria Blueprint for the Higher Dimensions. Those Galactic Elders who are working with the New Lemuria energy and whose mission is to guide others across the bridge are already in place in Hawaii. They will feel within themselves the need to open the access to New Lemuria both for themselves and others who will join them.

This process is also taking place within the bodies of those who are evolving into Diamond Light and making themselves ready to migrate to the New Earth Reality.

The first step was Galactic Reconnection, where the Left and Right Brain were balanced and the creative energy was allowed to flow. This allowed for Connection with the Galactic Council and for assignments to be issued to those who will be the way showers and “Bridge Activators” for this process.

Those who are preparing for the New Earth migration are also having their Central Nervous System “rewired” for the new way of life. This may be taxing on the body, but it is necessary. In the multi-dimensional New Earth, we will be making use of “magic”, which is the best way to describe it. We will use our powerful and newly activated Right Brain to channel Galactic power and Diamond Light and to actively shape energy plasma into form through intention and visualization.

This “magic” has to move through the body via the Central Nervous System. This means that your body is now feeling a powerful force that has not been felt by humans for thousands of years. It is an electric force that “sizzles” along the nervous synapses and creates a feeling like “vibrating” in the body. It can also create feelings of intense exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety and insomnia until the body gets used to the increasing levels of creative electricity passing through the nervous system.

This is also why we need to integrate the Diamond Light and Water Codes. The Diamond Light Codes will help us to direct the Cosmic Fire through our bodies and via the Central Nervous System which was originally designed for just this purpose in the “Adam Kadmon” blueprint. Yes, Humans are designed to be able to direct electrical currents at very high “voltage” through the body and to use this ability to shape energy/plasma into form. The Diamond Water Codes allow the water in the body which is about 80 percent, to be a clear and transparent matrix for the transmission and projection of this electrical light energy, like light through a prism. As the light moves through this Diamond Prism that is your body, it carries the “codes” or instruction on how to shape energy into matter so that you can create that which you see or desire into manifest form.

So, while this process may be uncomfortable for the present, it is preparing you for migration into the New Earth Reality where you will need these gifts and talents as you establish a new relationship with the Earth and with Nature.

The New Earth and the world of Nature and a new way of Interacting and Co-Existing

When we arrive on the New Earth, we will be entering into a new relationship with Nature.

We will already have come to see Nature as a “living” Being or Reality and we will have some experience of connecting with that reality and will certainly have great respect and honor for that reality that we call “nature”.

The indigenous peoples of Old Earth and those with roots in the Lemurian world knew that the way to live successfully on the Earth was to honor the life of Nature and to live in a state of communication with the “Spirit” of Nature.

The purpose of the “Shaman” in the community was to serve as the “bridge” between humans and the Spirit World as found in Nature and in the Dream Time or Higher Dimensions.

As we enter New Earth we will all become Shamans, for we will need to understand how to connect with and interact with Nature with Honor and Respect. We cannot bring with us the old 3D energies of regarding nature as “resources” that we use as we feel. We can no longer accumulate through greed and hold onto “resources”. In essence we will learn to honor what is there and to share what is given only after asking permission of the Nature Spirits and Elementals, or creating what we need ourselves.

The New Earth social pattern will be based on respect for the Earth and working together in communities that honor these ideas. The central theme of each community will be Love, and that will be love for the self, for each other, and for all life on Earth. The communities will teach the children how to grow up in this New Earth Reality and how to use the magic that flows through their bodies to create what they need.

As we prepare for the New Earth migration, it would be a good idea to begin to learn some basic Shamanic techniques for connecting with the Earth and with the Elemental energies. Learn how to connect with the magical energies that flow through your body an how to direct them into manifest creation simply through Love and Intention.

This is going to be the biggest adventure yet!

See you on the other side, as they say!

Celie Fenn

About the author: I will be offering an introductory level course into the basics of Shamanism this month. If you would like to know more please click here.

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