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The Energy Field Is Unbelievably Intense

By on October 7, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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The Energy Field Is Unbelievably Intense

by Morag,  
Contributing writer,

The Energy Field Is Unbelievably Intense

The Fear has gone. Not the everyday, living in the matrix, surrounded by sleepers terrified of their own shadows, can’t blame them for that, Fear. We are all negotiating accelerated upgrades through the 333 portal of light.

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Apart from this layer of awakening, the deeper, heavier, never ending baseline beat of utter and total petrified Fear has gone. The core no longer vibrates to its terror tremors. The heart no longer carries unwelcome pain and trauma generated by the Fear. Third eye can’t see it, feel it or sense it. Root feels lighter, airier, quieter. Sacral cleanse. Throat still catches fear algorithms in the atmosphere but no clammy, claustrophobic, gut wrenching Fear, it’s gone.

The machine isn’t broken, babies are still being fed to it, but the backlog, the recycling, the fuel has been cleared. For that’s what they were, fodder for the machine, caught, maligned, generators of evil. Now their souls float free, caressed in the arms of their angels. And we assimilate to life without the Fear. The spider still weaves his dark webs, lizards eat each other for breakfast, clingon archons desperately feed off lightworkers. Their ship is going down, light ascension a done deal now, just needs the time to roll out.

Those of us who made it, who survived intact, memory reinstated, identity downloaded, mission accomplished, the children are safe. The Fear has gone. Now we are left with the Anunnaki, archons and their puppets, clones, lizards and possessed folk. Righty ho then. The great clear up will commence.

We are aligning, catching our breath before the next great 1111 quantum shift of 2019. Plugging into the mainframe is taking longer than expected. Anchoring our light to Gaia at this time is paramount. Our bodies, our avatars, the lower self ‘us’ that lives and breaths on the material plane has a key role to play in the awakening of humanity. Our mission is two fold, we have our own karmic bloodline and soul searching to do, and we are here to raise the vibration on Gaia.

The atmosphere is dense with the thick fog of energy warfare. Sleepers are in a daze, their worlds have shrunk, time is speeding up, ten old minutes is five new minutes. Those who are waking up are doing so during a deeply intensive energetic maelstrom. We hold their hands and lead them to the light gently and firmly. For they join us in creating the new earth, one ripple of light dreamweaving at a time.

We are all Truman waking up to our own sovereignty, our truths and our fears. We are learning our instincts were always right, there is something very wrong with the world. The sheeple, the naysayers, the finger pointers, bullies, matrix mouthpieces are pulling their necks in. They are beginning to suspect we, the woke folk, may know something they don’t.

This is a first for humanity. For thousands of years, truthers, whistle blowers, followers of the light have been vilified, mocked and punished for thinking outside the teeny, tiny, little box our mind is supposed to be in. Aldous Huxley called us The Islanders, necessary for survival of the human race but kept separate from everyone else for fear we would stir up trouble and mess with the system, which of course we would and do.

The overriding narratives fed to us since the pharaohs are lies. Not enough resources to go round, the rich have them all because they deserve them and the poor are too stupid, lazy or lacking in ambition to get their piece of the pie. Lie no. 2 we are alone in the universe. Really? Only intelligent life form in the entire, vast, infinite and ever expanding multiverse. Yeah, right. Arrogance and ignorance mixed together in a cauldron of black magic and here we have a slave planet, a slave population in chains of entitlement and dumbed down mind control. Third lie ‘aren’t we all just children in this world?’

Um, no. Children are children, adults are adults. The normalization of pedophilia has hit many obstacles in this awakening world. Two years ago their agenda was on, then IK happened, and everything got dark, evil, twisted and stomach churning. Thailand, Portland, Hollywood, pizza, rabbit holes, rabbit ears, Hotel California, ‘you can never leave’. So many truths bubbling to the surface.

Illuminati pop stars, Blurring the Lines between adult and child, sexual and playtime, master and servant. Billie Eilish’s song Bad Guy is a searingly honest testament to life as an Illuminati kid, molested, ritualized with milk, blood and bones. Her beats are banging, her brother creepy, her identity a furious, woke, indigo fu*k you to those who made her what she is. In years gone by broken babies and Illuminati kids were used, abused, packaged and sold to the masses as superstars, child stars, cute kid sexualization and Barbie doll conditioning.

Ariane blends My Little Pony grooming and schoolgirl porn, conditioning parents and children to dark sexual wavelengths. It’s an old code, Britney, Bae and Miley. Billie is playing them at their own game, she expects the industry to rape her, break her mind and use her as an ‘animal’, she agrees, she tells us her mummy likes her to play that way. She tells us Duhhhh. She knows the game, she was molded by it, she understands what they want from her. Like a living, breathing anomaly in the matrix Billie walks a fine and extremely clever line between delivering the Truman conditioning the industry requires of her if she is to be creative and shine, and speaking her truth. She speaks in riddles, codes, flickers of truth.

This girl was never a child, her eyes look at us with the cynicism of the abused, she has seen far too much, at 17 her songs speak of sexual depravity, taunting us with her horrific truth. She is bleeding, bruised, broken, damaged, possessed and still delivering up some of the best beats we’ve had in recent years. The machine is normalizing Billie, making her exorcism mainstream. Watch Billie’s space, not her videos, they’ll give you nightmares, calling cards for demons to possess us as we sleep. Billie is a new algorithm, new algorithms should always be observed as we move through the ascension field.

The fourth realm is a whole different space from where we’ve come from, anything is possible here. The fabric of the world around us has become interactive. We navigate a SMART world now. What we think we manifest, what we feel, we create, what we do, we are. The truth has always been in action, in behavior, in doing, or not doing, love after all, is a verb. The karmic reckoning of 2019s magnanimous retrogrades is all around us. It’s just getting started really, not even delivered up the first real truth yet.

Those who spit out negativity, bubble bursters, dream zombies whose lives revolve around primitive drives, lower chakra feeding, guilty pleasures will be living their truth. We contain our souls, leaks, holes, cracks are the spaces for darkness to creep in. Karma has been creeping up for awhile, stealthily, her vibrations non negotiable. Those of us who have steadfastly walked with integrity, light in our hearts, compassion and honesty are just getting started with our ascension into the higher fifth dimension fields. Our lives are coming together, the seeds we’ve sown are about to pop through the soil and turn their vibrant heads to the sun.

Dreamweaving is on the edge of realisation. We hold this space, we keep it together. Get strategic, how to cut out vampires, parasites, energy thieves and predators from our lives? Mirror them in light. Be stealthy, make your will the dominant energy in your life, push all darkness away with focused light work. Any negative sources of energy hate lightwork. Laser beams of light, force fields, selenite. We can load up our light weaponry, draw back the arrow and shoot light at all those of darkness trying to drag us back down into their sad, tiny, slimy, sludgy, dank, dusty, dark little spaces.

The energy field is just so unbelievably intense, basic routines and responsibilities are demanding energy from us we may not have currently. Symptoms of the 333 light portal clash with 999 black portal energy maelstrom.

1. heaviness of limbs

2. loss of appetite

3. craving sugars, caffeine for quick energy fixes

4. sensitive stomach, gut and intestines, intolerance to low vibration food and drinks

5. sacral charka cramps, aches and discomfort, toxins are being loosened and released.

6. weak legs, shaking in limbs, clammy hands, aches

7. slow decision making process

8. slow thinking, struggling to engage with admin, logistics, data, details.

9. glitchy technology,

10. hyper sensitivity to people, places and situations, interaction on the material plane is exhausting.

Our spacy linear thinking and heavy bodies are symptoms of heightened activity on other dimensional frequencies. The light matrix is being plugged into the Mainframe, it’s taking time and huge amounts of our energy. Our lower selves are being guided intensively by guides and higher self, they see the full picture. Some may be experiencing discombobulation upon waking. A blurring of reality anchoring. Sometimes we are being zapped back into the material plane midsentence, literally in the middle of meetings, maintenance or light matrix weaving, on the other side.

We enter a decompression chamber as soon as we open our eyes in this reality. Moving too quickly is leading to dizziness, sickness, fainting, heart palpitations and breathlessness. We have to slow everything down. Everything. Our movement, our speech, our diaries. We are breaking matrix conditioning when we reinstate control, ownership and management of our lives.

In response to the intense energies, the matrix has stepped up. CERN’s dark portal is in full swing, we are being floored by dense, heavy, fearful energies. Anger bubbles on the edges of the fray. People are behaving unpredictably, their demons taking over too often now. Memory loss, blind spots, over sleeping, self serving behaviors, entitlement in overdrive, ego ruling the roost, signs of people whose attachments are in the driving seat. The political landscape is ramping up the confusion, chaos algorithms are in hyper drive. The people are being bamboozled, spell bound by puppets, pantomime and paparazzi poison.

Detaching from mainstream media is highly advised at this time. Filtering out as much of the black energy wizardry as we can, whilst remaining engaged and aware of the lies being told is a fine line. Educating ourselves on how the programming happens is essential in shielding us from their impact.

There are secrets, cabal secrets that are still nowhere near the public domain. Some aren’t on the alternative conspiracy theory agenda either. Sniffed around, sensed by inquiring minds, poked at and prodded, but the elite holds these last few in their deep caverns, caves and cauldrons.

The layers are being pulled back, rabbit holes exposed, perpetrators named, yet still the darkest TrutHs remain buried deep in jewel encrusted alliances as old as time. Greed, fear and envy weaving these possessed souls together in the darkest of tapestries. They each back the other, yet one at a time, they tumble, domino karma. Crumbs lead back to them.

No one can truly hide in this digital world. Ghislaine Maxwell may well be holed up on daddy Robert Maxwell’s money, hiding from a world appalled and traumatized by her prevalent role in Epstein’s empire. She can’t hide out forever and will have to go underground or face her truth if she is to survive.

It’s not just blood that ties these sick and twisted people together, its ritual, grooming, secrets, sacrifice and sexual slavery. They are in slavery to a deity of darkness. Clinton in a blue dress and red heels on Epstein’s wall, indeed. Yet Epstein, if it is women and girls, is still removed from the heart of the real darkness going on. Maybe he fed it, maybe this is only the first layer of his depravity. But we’re nowhere near the real truths yet. The rabbit holes are so deep and black, this is now a Controlled Awakening.

The fuel store has gone, they will be in desperation to stock up their vastly depleted stocks. Woke folk must hold the hands of those awakening, we know the shock and the trauma and the sickness as we learn the truths. We can’t stop digging, we can’t stop uncovering, for the only way to free all in chains is to reveal the truth. Revelations. The Rapture has happened, the children are safe. Now we are in Revelations.

Energetic Discord is the clash of 333 light portal frequencies with 999 Dark CERN gateways as the matrix mainframe is rewired to light and we upgrade. Discord on every dimension, every level of the game. We are being challenged to stay steady on our cosmic surfboards, to withstand fear winds, truth tidal waves and tsunamis of collective trauma being excavated. Transmuting the energies on Gaia just got a lot harder. 1111 next quantum shift is round the corner. October is going to be ACTION.

October we will reap what we have sown. When the light matrix is plugged into the mainframe we will experience a surge in forward motion. We have been redirecting, stationing direct with Saturn through September, those energies are waning now. Timelines have become visible again, materialising where before there was constant fluctuation. Dreamweave, and prepare for earthing, grounding, anchoring our new timelines.

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Our crown, third eye and throat chakras have been dreaming, connecting, aligning, and speaking our truths, our hopes and dreams. We will be putting this into action through October. There will be no rush, no pressure, karmic alignment is in store. The mad CERN scientists, freemason funded, have got their knickers in a twist about the devil’s favorite day, Old hallows eve. discord in the energetic field will heighten to off the scale levels, resist, block and blank anything that lowers our vibration.

We’ll be too busy making our lives happen to engage too much. This is how we should approach October. The black hearts have lost their deity, he is in absentia, due to their loss of his fuel store. They want him back. They want him back badly. They want to entice him back. Full blown, mainstream devil worship is on the cards for them, normalization of pedophilia and all the rest, spirit cooking, are key algorithms of the world they are creating and manifesting. Let them get on with it for now…

Know if you are reading this, your higher self is probably involved on other dimensional frequencies. Don’t feel we need to be doing more for the cause than we already are. We are flat out on the other side, grafting like crazy to get the light matrix up and running, fully functioning, pulsing through the mainframe. Some may have memories of this, flashbacks, visions in wake state.

Ride with it. Communicate with guides in meditation, using pendulums and remote writing. Be super sensitive to synchronicity, the fifth dimension, and the fourth, are interactive. Our guides and source are communicating all the time through the fabric of our perceived reality. Concrete, commutes and consumption will not benefit us, nature, nurture and nourishment will. Self care is what this game of play is all about. To make the world right, we align ourselves first.

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Be prepared for a surge in the energies as soon as the mainframe is up and running. For now try and not argue with your body, or be upset and impatient with our slow fuzzy minds, instead be in the moment. Listen to your heart. Rest and be kind to yourself. Insight comes in quiet spaces. Constant distractions will block personal growth and development. Turn down the volume on the matrix, let it babble in the corner, like the raging lunatic it is. We concentrate on decluttering and redecorating our lives in the rainbow colors of the new earth.

It’s game on, people, just in a very spiritual and material plane physical way at the moment, the forward motion is coming. Hold your space, faith and love. And breeeeaaathe beautiful people. It’s time to show up for ourselves, invest in us, our present and our future. We are what matters in the current energy field, our lives, our health, our hopes and dreams. We are evolution in action cosmic surfers!

In light and love x

In light and love beautiful people.


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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