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The Holographic Sirian Agenda

By on March 15, 2015 in Extraterrestrials

The Holographic Sirian Agenda

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by Lance White,
Contributing Writer,



I finished watching this video, Nava lenticulara (The Lenticular Spacecraft) (video can also be found at the end of this article), and though it’s visually compelling, the music is great, and the narrator has a “soothing, hypnotic voice”, I have questions and comments:

Supposedly this is an etheric (ascended) Sirian A civilization.  They are highly advanced in technology, and call the main ship, the Mother Ship – “Mama”.  We call earth “Mother”.  The Mother ship allowed itself to be attacked by the “reptilians”, in order to trigger a “coming together in unity” of the various other galactics:  Arcturians were first, then others.  They were trained to help with the rebuilding, as a pretext to creating a common goal:  uniting against the “evil enemy”, and assisting earth’s peoples.

The story is a metaphor for Christ, having “laid down his life” for our sins.  Sacrifice.  The Mother Ship allowed herself to be attacked by the reptilians, with a larger plan of bringing together other galactics into unity.  The Sirians decide they cannot contact us directly, as it would be “too disturbing”.  So, the Mother ship is building, in her “storage hold”, at the bottom, a new “baby ship”, while a team effort is made to repair her body, atom by atom.  It will be the focus of all the different galactic groups, who are/will be attempting to communicate with us via holographic technologies.  She is calling forth an etheric partner, to mate with, and the little ship in her womb is going to literally “be birthed”.  Where have we heard this story before?!  Over and over and over…new clothes, same old broken record.  Sirius B is allegedly the Dogon tribe and is called Satais:  Satan?  Saturn?  And Sirius C has “male member envy problems”, since it’s so “tiny”, and insignificant.  Name?  ANU.  You can figure out the rest.  See the Lessin’s work on the ANUnnaki.  Giving them some credit, no race is good or bad.

Like us, there are wise ones and savage selfish ones, a “mixed bag”.  The problem with “Ascended Masters” in any guise, is complacency and a desire to rule over, not create with.  In a fully ascended society or group, there would be no thought forms of killing, envy, using others, rape, wars, etc.  Those are all from the 9D underworld, the Matrix, from which we are individually being guided to “the door” out.  We have become “Creators” at the material-matter level, which is something the “advanced ones” lack.  They do not have the comprehension, or the necessary empathy and love for all things in creation, even a bug.  They are so mired in technology that it’s like another trap, similar to here, the “earthly maze”.  This is a place of unending illusions – nothing creating nothing real, it’s all false.  Only our truest emotions and higher states of consciousness are like pearls, that get placed on a strand with a knot between each one, “in case” the strand (DNA) breaks.  Ours has been heavily tampered with, yet here we are!

Eventually, Sirius A view their technology as a great gift to us.  Hidden devices, behind our speakers, will “create feelings at the emotional level”, thoroughly “blissing us out”, we will be in a kind of virtual dream world that’s forever peaceful.  Question:  where are all the living things…trees, wind, water, fire, earth, oceans, etc.?  They are not there.  What happened to Gaia-Sophia?  Not there.  It appears to be yet another carrot, being dangled, to subdue “the monstrous humans”, that cannot even be dealt with in person, we are so savage.  There is no mention of Pleiadian or other involvement, so this is a serious Sirius A problem!  There is always a “bad guy”…those evil… “x, y’s and z’x”, be they this, that or another.  Lucifer and Satan are very popular, reptilians are out, Archons in, A.I. is here now, and the demigods…those pesky interlopers.

I vaguely remember Sirius A and B both ascended, and C didn’t make it, and is “Planet X”, feeding off of earth’s energy, mostly on our human divinity being kept repressed.  Religions collapse when we step up to the plate!  Politics, corporations, countries, all collapse, like a wave collapsing into Zero Point, so they all have a lot invested in keeping us ignorant and savage.  The plan showed in this video is a clear message about “overwriting” one of the Creators, perhaps the head honcho, that created our multi-verse.  Perhaps, “it” is US.  As long as we’re fragmented, and not in one piece, or unified, which is the idea here, our “powers” remain hidden within, until we go within to find our own truths, while knowing that the projection “out there” is Maya, illusion.  It can only create more of itself, more illusions…


It’s quite possible that “ascension” is not like a ladder going up, a la Jacob, but is an inner descent through the 9D Underworlds, where we are now at 3D, going into 2D (Telluric/crystalline), 1D (Core/Heart), to be birthed in ZERO POINT or “no time”, Graduation!  That is the process of i n c e n s i o n, which has nothing to do with the fake hologram we’re obsessed with.  That is the “earthly maze”.  It’s collapsing as we speak… “flat earth people”, the “sun is a “microchip” that’s going to stop working, thrusting our universe into a short period of blissful darkness, not light.  Those who panic, unable to get “centered”, will find that location quite difficult to navigate.  It requires the ability to endure silence, and who today can stand more than half an hour of complete silence?  We’re constantly busy busy busy, with one flashing glint of “fool’s gold” after another!

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Meher Baba drew a circle within a circle, representing the “Original Real Everything” and a smaller dotted circle, “Original Real Nothing”.  Dotted lines come out of the shadow, (nothing), to create the “False Everything”, with its “innumerable nothings”.  This is a false creation, which will continue to create more of itself, until we wake up, snap out of it, and “grok” that we are part of the Original Real Everything.  The “shadow” dissolves, or becomes smaller, as we each awaken to our own inner truths, and know that we are “Gods in our own universe”.  Our power is being milked and diverted, by the “False Everything”.  It will do anything to remain unseen, Unconscious and pulling the strings, like a Puppet Master.  Like the film, The Truman Show,  his is a metaphor for our own sticky wicket here.

They are just clever 2D life forms, basically animals, that took over the “highest positions” to run earth.  Animals.  They remain animals, since that is their basic nature, and the spoils have “spoiled them”.  Too bad.  That’s a lower – bottom of the fish bowl frequency, of scum.  It cannot make it through any shifts, created authentically.  We’d be in another cycle of incarnation, only they would do away with the “death”, to some human’s glee, until that “perfect world” became TOO perfect.  Boredom sets in, then you have “disaster groupies”, who travel into the past, to watch earth’s and other planet’s, huge disasters.  The film, Disaster in Time foreshadows this beautifully, and it’s one of my favorite films.

We would essentially be “trapped” inside their holographic bubble, doing nothing but being peaceful, doodling with our hands on huge screens that dazzle us, and there did not appear to be an “outside” there.  I think we need to educate these “higher beings”, and let them know they may have the best of intentions, most likely not, and that we are capable of communing and creation from our own thoughts, being creators with amnesia.  I prefer not to remain in a coma, but would rather WAKE UP, be responsible for my creations, and enjoy the harmony of friends who resonate, have chosen a path of peace, love, joy and fun!  Where is the humor?  The “humans” seem to be floating around in a daze, just dreaming.  Sorry, it’s got some fatal flaws!

I have no intention of permitting nanotechnology, artificial “mood enhancers all around me, beaming “feel good bliss” as you approach them, to be MY world!

Still, there are some great visuals and it offers a PERSPECTIVE, a point of view, but it’s very controlled and highly suggestive and is loaded with “propaganda”.  But, we’re accustomed to having others think for us, so it’s a familiar place for most to be.  Someone is going to save us…the running “Savior Program”, A.I.  The Architects try to remove LOVE from the equation, and they continue to have to destroy their creations.  They can’t survive without true love, felt by a “heart space”, the Higher Emotional Center.  When it is active, along with Higher Intellectual Center, it activates the third part of the equation, the trinity within: non-dual, transcendent, infinite and eternal.

About the author: Lance B. White is a famed & gifted psychic healer, author, and exceptionally adept practitioner of question triggered channeling. Lance is called the Zany Mystic and hosts the radio show “A Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic” on BBS Radio Saturday nights at 7 pm Pacific. Lance’s journey has taken him to the depths and heights which is ultimately part of a spiritual journey. In 2007, he wrote an irreverent account of his journey called “Tales of a Zany Mysticir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1419681192”, offered at Amazon Booksir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1419681192.

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