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The Importance Of Human Consciousness And Thought Constructs

By on June 3, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Ani Ausar,
Contributing Writer,

I have been in daily communication with my angelic guardians since they contacted me on my 17th wedding anniversary September 25, 2017. This is the vision given to me on that day.

The first angel came down in a tornado and he was a tall Albion with dark hair and glasses. He looked like a “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” character and he was standing in the yard by the pool. I could see him through the glass door patio.

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I walked outside and I started to talk to him. His name was Andi. At first I kind of scared me but only for a few seconds. He noticed that I was afraid and asked me if I was okay. I asked him if he was always an angel in this dimension or if he ascended to that point from his time on Earth. He told me he was always an angel. I was a little disheartened for a minute. I was hoping that I would be whirling in tornadoes soon.

He told me that I was so close and I started to cry. He just looked me. He was so surprised. I cried for about five seconds and he just stared at me. He was thinking to himself I can’t believe I made him cry. I went on to tell how difficult things have been and that at times I feel that I’m not going to make it. He reassured me saying that there are certain important dates. He gave me December 18, 2018. I told him that I didn’t want any more dates and I wasn’t looking for predictions of the future. I know how fluid the future is and that predictions can always change for the most part because the future is always shifting. He agreed with me. He told me that the worst was almost over and that the new reality would be something I always dreamed of because I would make my own reality. He told me that the Omicronions were coming with money to tempt me and that I had to remember what I was in this life for and what my mission is. Later in mediation, my team of guardians told me that they have watched over me repeatedly over the years and they made sure that I never received too much money.

And then he said: you don’t have to cry or worry; you are one of the strongest. I can’t believe you were out here crying. I felt embarrassed and he comforted me saying you can’t keep worrying about these constructs. The new constructs in your mind will solve the problems you are having once the frequency fence is totally dismantled from your perspective. You will make yourself free. The bifurcation has occurred and the only thing left is the reflection of the phantom matrix in your mind in the form of memories.

Your mind is attached to the Akashic record and that is the reflection. Your memories of the phantom matrix. However, you will begin to forget those things like all humans forget unpleasant things and focus on what is divine and within the law of one. It is hardwired into you to be at oneness with the divine.

You need to start thinking about what you need and not what you want. That is the way the new matrix will work. You will not need money to manifest your needs. At this time this area (Maryland) is blending in well with the New Earth realities. The old reality will cease to exist. But the phantom matrix will be available like you are tuning in to watch an old TV show. Only you can’t watch too much of it or it can suck you back in. Every time you watch phantom matrix you are giving it your energy. If you feed it too much, eventually it will place something in your view that will entice you to try to sneak a little further in and it can entice you to come back in by appealing to your free will. You will once again fall back into the pattern of allowing your mind to be urged to make a choice that is outside of your living matrix. For example, you are going along with your normal service to others path. Eventually, you decide to visit an old neighborhood, an old friend, or an event with large crowds of people that you had previously stayed away from. Something catches your eye—a fancy car, a gaudy piece of jewelry, or sexual object. It will seem so easy to get that thing. An opportunity to get it will present itself. You decide to take it—with catastrophic results. You crash that speedy car into a school bus. The spendy piece of jewelry your friend let you borrow was stolen from a drug kingpin that likes to buy his daily Café Misto from the Starbucks at which you work. The sexy, hot guy you decided to meet for a one night stand is married to your boss’ cousin and he shows up at a cookout the next weekend and it causes a scene. Welcome back to the phantom matrix.

Reflections of the Phantom Matrix

I was told that certain beings from the phantom matrix can still affect our reality after the bifurcation in the form of reflections within our own memory thought construct. The reflection is what our minds think of that object–our memory of the object, person, or place. For example, I was told that I should buy an electric car–that everything is going to move to that very soon. I was wondering if Tesla motors would still be around and I was told that Elon Musk’s light worker identity is only a reflection of the thought construct humanity is creating to assist us in the New Earth reality.

Humans have to really understand that our thought constructs are what make reality. That is why it is so important to only think within the law of one. Each and every thought creates a part of our reality.

About the author: Ani Ausar is a Master Educator specializing in English Language and Literature. He is also an Okyeame for an African Traditional Shrine with 10 years’ experience in natural medicines, spiritual cleansing and healing, restorative practices, and divination. He has traveled to Abenase, Ghana and trained in traditional spiritual practices with High Priests of the Ogun. He is the co-founder of the Inner Light Network

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