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The Importance Of Reading Your Birth Chart

By on November 10, 2016 in Astrology
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The Importance Of Reading Your Birth Chart

by Eliana KInneman,
Contributing Writer,

In astrology we have what is called a natal/birth chart and it is basically a roadmap for your karmic lessons, destiny, and potential life. It is one of the fastest shortcuts to self-awareness. If you’re ready to dive deep into your psyche then I suggest you keep reading.

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For those of you reading this article and who know your sun sign (star sign), that’s only the beginning. I’m going to walk you through a very impromptu, non-detailed way to get started.

Also keep in mind, astrology is a tool for merging soul and ego into a level of awareness and knowledge of self and the self I’m referring to the 3D self.

The word self really needs to be explored. You are an infinite being with infinite potential. You are a divine being of light and love and your birth chart does not only define you. You are more than your birth chart. With that in mind, your soul and monad ray of expression chose to incarnate into this third density WITH an ego and INTO earth’s lessons and templates. So the exact moment where earth’s densities and frequencies crossed paths with your soul across all time, space, and dimension produces the birth chart.

Your own personal birth chart that is unique to your soul and only your soul. The birth chart will guide you through your incarnation on earth and make you aware of where energies can manifest and help/hurt you. It will make you aware of things you didn’t even know you could become aware of. Let’s get started!

Here is a BASIC understanding of what some astrological terms and vocabulary I will be going over in this article means

  • Ascendant: how you come off to everyone else unintentionally, how the world sees you,
  • Midheaven: your 10th house and very important career denotater, your reputation with the public, your non-dominant parent,
  • 12 houses: referencing the 12 house system in astrology
  • Sun: how you express yourself, your core essence and identity
  • Moon: your emotions and subconscious personality, who you are only with close people, the 2nd part to your main zodiac identity
  • Mercury: how you express yourself through communication and the lower mind/cognitive functions
  • Venus: what you find beautiful, your love style, how you give and receive love, arts
  • Mars: your passions, drives, what motivates you, your sexual energy, sex, anger, what frustrates you
  • Jupiter: where you strike luck, abundance, coincidences, going all out
  • Saturn: limitations and lessons in life, where you seem to be stuck
  • Uranus: where sudden changes may manifest, erratic behaviors, insights, rebellion
  • Neptune: illusions/deceptions, spiritual growth and passions, levels of awareness, dreams, psychic receptivity
  • Pluto: transformation, death and rebirth, the unconscious mind, the dark side

First of all, you will need to know 1) the exact time you were born, 2) the city/area you were born in, 3) and obviously your birthday.

Second, I suggest you grab a notebook and pencil/pen because seeing it on paper is way easier then trying to have hundreds of tabs open.

Now the next part, use your intuition, but the websites I use are,, and Like I said, use your intuition because the websites you use will be resonate with your consciousness and soul. But for example purposes and so I can really walk you through this I suggest you use the websites im recommending so we can understand better and faster.

So, go to google and type in birth chart and the first thing that will come up is, you’re going to want to click on that link and enter in the information I instructed you too. Then scroll down a little bit till you see the section titled “Planet Positions, Ascendant, and Houses.” On the left side you should see a chart that says “Zodiac:Tropical” it starts with sun and goes all the way down to ascendant node. ( I’m going to give an example of how this would be with my own birth chart) : Sun in Leo, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio, and so on. I suggest for now if you’re a beginner to stop at Pluto but if you feel inclined you can study your Lilith sign also. So once you’ve written that down you’re going to shift to the left chart that says: “Placidus orb 0” on the top. This is where your signs meet with the 12 houses in your birth chart. Write this down! Start with your ascendant or first house and then end with your 12th house. (again I’m using my chart as an example) Ascendant/1st house: Capricorn, 2nd house: Pisces, 3rd house: Aries… and so on.

Okay next scroll all the way down to the way bottom of the report, You will see a weird looking circular chart. It should be labeled, “Your personal chart.” So, no you don’t have to attempt to draw that on your notebook paper!

What I am going to ask is to focus your attention to the rectangular chart on the bottom right corner of the chart. It shows the glyphs ( symbols) of the planets and how you can find them in each house. So, the sun is a circle with a dot in it, the moon is a moon, Mercury looks like a devil sign, Venus is the female symbol, and Mars is the male, and so on. So then locate these glyphs on the circular chart. Start with sun then work your way down to Pluto.

But here is the IMPORTANT part. Focus your attention on the roman numerals in the inner circle. Those are the 12 houses in your chart. Remember when I talked about the left chart with the ascendant and the 12 houses? Those 12 houses are represented by the roman numerals.

Imagine the chart like a clock.  9 PM Is where the birth chart starts. It is where you will see a line with an arrow that’s labeled AS. That’s your ascendant. So then find what planet is in what house and write it down.

Now scroll back up and write your astrological aspects down, these are VERY VITAL for self awareness. Pay attention to squares, oppositions, and conjunctions these are lessons to be learned and also take not of trines and sextiles, these are talents and positive aspects that need to be watered like the beautiful flowers in the cosmic garden!

Keep in mind this is the BASIC first few steps into understanding your birth chart. I would now follow your intuition, what placement does your soul want you to study first? Have fun with it!!

When you’re studying your birth chart, just type in the exact placement in google and like I said follow your intuition on what websites to read it about on. Take notes!!

PLEASE write down your positive aspects and negative aspects its all about becoming aware of yourself and accepting the placements you have because they’re not a mistake. ( unless you have the wrong time of birth lol)

Write down reoccurring patterns you notice, and like I said, there are asteroids to be explored, minor aspects to be explored, and even more sub-fields (I call them this) of the birth chart and if you’re interested for interpretations of your birth chart, I will be offering in depth readings by email, if you contact me!!

Thank you so much beautiful souls who read this, I felt guided to type this up really quickly and share it. Stay grounded and drink plenty of water this time. As you all know the energies are SO INTENSE.

Love and light my fellow gods and goddesses.

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