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The Importance Of Your Solar Return Chart

By on February 23, 2015 in Astrology

Solar Return Chart //

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There is a brief window of time when your solar return chart can tell you exactly what to expect in the coming year.

by Robert Wilkinson


Since my Solar Return happens tomorrow, today we explore why this is the most important Solar event in our year. While it doesn’t override other influences such as progressions and transits, it does give us a snapshot of what our year to come will look like.

So let’s take a new look at the basics of what the Solar Return is, and how it relates to our birthday. We all get one Solar Return each year, and it’s a great time to envision how we would like our coming year to manifest.

Over the years I’ve heard many wonder about the Solar Return chart and its importance in showing events in the year that follows that point in time. Is it the same as our birthday, and if not, what is the difference?

The Solar Return is a chart done for the moment the Sun returns to the exact point it occupied at birth. It is calculated for wherever we are at that exact moment, which is why we have some measure of control over what is on the angles of the chart.

The planetary positions are fixed in time, so we have no ability to manipulate the aspects, since they hold true regardless of where we are. Also, I only use equal houses in the Solar Return chart since years ago I found that you can get some very precise timing from that system.

Because it is based on the moment the Sun returns to the exact degree, minute, and second of longitude of our natal Sun, it’s the precise point in time when we can re-tune “the Great Instrument!” It can happen the day before our birthday, the day of our birthday, or the day after. It all depends on where we are.


For example, if it happens at 11 am in Santa Monica, then it happens at 2 pm in New York, 7 pm in London, and 8 pm in Amsterdam. Each of these changes the degree (and often sign) of the Ascendant, which in turn affects the signs on the house cusps and what houses the planets occupy. That affects everything from where the rulers of our natal houses fall in the Solar Return chart to where the rulers of the Solar Return houses fall in that chart.

That’s the primary difference between the Solar Return and our birthday. The birthday is the same each year, but the Solar Return changes each year depending on where we are, and is an exact point in time.

Besides the Ascendant changing across time zones, there are often significant differences even within a time zone. For example, Santa Monica and Spokane WA are both PST, but though on the same time, they have different ascendants due to their relative latitudes and longitudes. The same is true for Austin TX, and Madison, Wisconsin. Both CST, but very different degrees on the angles even though their clocks read the same time.

In previous years I’ve shared my personal meditation I do each year at the time of my Solar Return. It’s an extremely good thing to meditate at the Solar Return, since our inner Sun is aligned with the outer Sun, bringing our heart Light/Life into attunement with the Cosmic Source of our Light/Life. As this is a general form, please adapt the ritual as you need to.

If at all possible, find a really peaceful or powerful place, like a park, lake, or power point in the area where you can still the body and the mind. Of course, if you have an altar, that is a great place to open to the greater Light available at the Solar Return.

It’s important to enter into meditation at least 15 minutes before the moment of the Solar Return, since that allows you some time to “get out of your own way.” This meditation is specifically Light/Heart centered, so focus on opening to a greater receptivity that this is the moment of the “return of the Light” to your Life.

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As you enter deeply into the receptivity of merging your individual Light with the on-going Greater Light, move into and stay centered in your heart. It is the source of all knowing, all illumination, all love, and all power in an individual life. Surrender and let go of your ego mind and your feelings, open to the highest and greatest Light you are and always have been, and allow the on-going greater light to illuminate your inner light.

If you can, please try to hold this meditation at least 15 minutes after the Solar Return moment, since this can help “fix the energy” in your various subtle bodies. (No, you don’t have to reference your watch to make sure you’re “doing it right.” This attunement for 30 minutes can make all the difference in what follows in the days, weeks, and months after, since it sets up a pattern of alignment and attraction that can open us to “knowing” that transcends our mind.

Because I like as much information as possible about the “meaning” of the year to come, I also consult various “oracles” at my Solar Return to offer me symbols of what my next year will concern. Sometimes I do this before the meditation, other years afterward.

Examples of these symbolic messengers are the I Ching, Tarot, Angel cards, Animal cards, and other means to get a sense of the quality of the next year. Sometimes they indicate what I can expect, and/or what I am learning, and/or what tools I can use to move and groove through the next 12 months.

Mostly I suspect that due to synchronicity, these show me symbols of what’s happening within me that will ex-press in the year to come. Occasionally they indicate external patterns, but again, these can never be separate from our power to choose which patterns we will embrace and which ones we’ll ignore.

So by all means, remember to calculate your Solar Return chart to get insights into what’s been, what is, and what will be. Tomorrow I’ll give you another article I wrote some years ago that goes into some depth about many things I haven’t covered here related to this very important moment in time that happens to every one of us once each year throughout our lives.

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