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The Light Age Of Awakening Bible – No Commandments

By on December 20, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Light Age Of Awakening Bible - No Commandments

by Andriana Eloha,
Contributing Writer,

Truth # 1 The Source of All there is, is the Creator of you, but as an individualized consciousness and a holy part of It, you, and not the Source, are the holy creator of your personal reality in any realm and dimension.

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Twisting of this truth will not kill the Truth, but will result in creative disability, stagnation and disorientation.

Truth # 2 You are the main creative power in your personal reality. Other forces can not have influence on you or power over you, outside of your agreement and engagement. Reacting and resisting is a form of engagement. Making a sovereign choice from the space of direct awareness is freedom.

Truth # 3 Any identity (=I-Density) that you acquire will dictate and command your experience if you block or cut off your original awareness that you are only a space of awareness, in which all your identities occur and are being observed. None of your identities can harm the space of awareness in which they occur, they can only harm each other, which is also observed by the original space of awareness.

Truth # 4 Any Healthy Consciousness naturally and unconditionally loves Itself while being full expression of Its Truth.

Truth # 5 The phenomenon of emotional pain (and suffering as its solidified state), is a direct awareness of the untruth, that one is living and expressing via full identification with highly contracted states of consciousness.

Truth # 6 The Truth of one’s Being can not be eliminated because it’s a part of the Source.

Truth # 7 Suffering (i.e. untruth) can be eliminated if the Being shifts Its primary attention back to Its Truth, allowing Itself to be full expression of this Truth again. Such Being will naturally re-member Itself back into Reality from a state or states of illusion.

The main pitfalls for consciousness on 3D Earth

  1. Confusing oneself with one’s experience that results in illusionary imprisonment in form.
  2. Confusing oneself with a form of any kind (role, label, status, a story).
  3. Confusing oneself with one’s mind.
  4. Confusing oneself with one’s thoughts.
  5. Confusing oneself with one’s physical body.
  6. Confusing oneself with other people minds.
  7. Confusing oneself with other people thoughts and opinions of any kind.
  8. Confusing oneself with other people stories.
  9. Confusing oneself with other people individual or collective experiences.
  10. Creating external authorities (aka idols) who become the ultimate ruling authors of one’s personal inner and outer reality, as well as one’s present, past, and future.
  11. Buying into the illusion of material world and treating it as (the only) ultimate reality.

Truth # 8 The loss of awareness results in the loss of personal power and loss of freedom.

Restored awareness results in restoration of personal power and personal freedom to create and evolve.

Truth # 9 You can expand or contract your scope of awareness. It will result in expanded or contracted state of consciousness, which will perceive and recognize either limited or expanded scope of possibilities, therefore creating expanded or contracted reality of any kind. What do you choose and how does it serve you?

Truth # 10 You can’t influence anything within you that you chose not to be aware of. You can influence, change, transform or un-create anything within you that you are aware of.

Truth # 11 The goal of any individual or collective consciousness is to develop, expand, and apply its internal creative abilities and scope of awareness in a way that increases its self-sufficiency as a Creator. Any self-sufficient Consciousness Creates, Un-creates or Changes the existing realities for the better. Any self-deficient Consciousness manipulates, modifies, harms, destroys, and changes the existing realities for the worse.

Truth # 12 Any Consciousness that chooses to expand its self-awareness, and that is moving towards its self-sufficiency, will quickly evolve and have less or no limitations than the Consciousness that is moving towards its self-deficiency. Such Consciousness will delay or cancel its evolution through creation of massive amount of artificial limitations that will anchor themselves as dependencies on various external objects and forces.

Truth # 13 The Beings who choose to have predominant focus on development of external technology, while refraining from development and evolution of self-awareness and internal creative abilities of their own Consciousness, create and anchor a deficient state of Consciousness, whose internal abilities get atrophied while its dependency on external technology progresses. The Consciousness itself then experiences a regress.

Truth # 14 Fantasy is the opposite of Imagination. It comes from the ego-mind, and its primary goal is to serve the ego-mind, its self-deficient identities, and their limiting stories, so that the primary attention of Consciousness stays stuck within the limiting stories, where self-deficient identities continue to play out. Like all mind-made things, fantasy is energy draining, and instead of transcending the mind and all its discord based constructs, it always loops back to the ego-mind.

Truth # 15 Imagination is the highest, as well as, unlimited creative power of any Consciousness and it surpasses any external technology. Imagination functions outside of all mind constructs, it originates from one’s Heart, consists of love and awareness and expresses itself as the highest form of creativity. It is also a universal language of Creation understood by all life forms. Imagination has innate ability to transcend the previously acted upon ideas of the possible. This way, Imagination facilitates and allows evolution of one’s Consciousness, be it individual or collective.

Truth # 16 Heart Consciousness is a Unity Consciousness that functions from the original Truth of Life itself, it is directly connected to the Source and allows direct experience of oneness of all life forms simultaneously.

Truth # 17 A Being or Beings with well-developed Unity Consciousness can and will evolve beyond all dimensions until they reunite with the Source, if they choose to do so.

Truth # 18 Polarized Consciousness eventually becomes fragmented. It can not and will not evolve. Instead, it will get stuck in the “energy-and-awareness-draining-pattern of self-invented illusions”, until it either destroys itself or restores its unity (within & without) and resumes its evolution. It can choose either of the two options.

Truth # 19 Polarized Consciousness, by its nature, divides and harms everything including itself, and eventually becomes extremely limited and self-deficient.

Truth # 20 Unity Consciousness is unlimited, understands the nature of life and makes no harm to itself and other life forms. It is based on harmony and can not be destroyed.

Truth # 21 Polarized Consciousness, if it starts deliberately hurting and destroying the Whole, will be stopped by the infinitely wise and much more powerful Unity Consciousness.

Truth # 22 …is about the biggest religious lie on 3D Earth. Fearing God will separate you from It, as God-Source doesn’t function on low vibrational, low consciousness, and fear based energies that are polarized and are in a perpetual state of conflict, weakening each other along the way.

On the contrary, the Source reality is High Vibrational in nature. It is based on and functions on Love-Light, Unity Consciousness, and the highest level of balance presenting itself as Stillness that can not be described or affected. One must have dominant and stable vibrations of a similar nature in order to receive, perceive and communicate with the Source.

Twisting of this truth does not kill the truth but results in the invention of God that does not exist.


About the author: Andriana’s main life and professional activity has always been focused on Consciousness, Human Potential, Personal Development, Evolution, and how one’s mind, and different levels of Consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality. She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time. She has integrated the results of her extensive studies into her current practice, which together with her Personal and Spiritual awareness evolves and expands on a continuous basis. It is her natural choice and a blessing to all her clients.

Andriana works with various modalities (among which are Transformational Imagery, EFT, Energetic NLP, Past life regression and regression to one’s Source Origin (many people don’t have past lives), Sedona Method, and for the most part – her own Higher Consciousness Toolkit). She also utilizes practical knowledge of the latest research and discoveries made in the fields of Psychology, Quantum Physics, Energy Psychology, Brain Science, Physiology, Microbiology, and Neuroscience.

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