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The Light Beyond The Light

By on April 18, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

The Light Beyond The Light in5d in 5d

by Amitakh Stanford

All things of the True-Light Creation will be made anew before entering the Light beyond the Light.

The Light beyond the Light is where our true beings initially resided in the Pure Creation. There All is One with all the True Divine Creation. This is where the True Spirit resides. This is where All is Love, All is Light – in the Great White Spirit of Love, Light and Power.

The “Realm” of Light, as we know it, is a “Realm” of many colors. Although these are the True Colors of the Light, the “Realm” is not the Pure Light. There is a Power that is the Pure Light that goes beyond the Light as we know it. This is the Light beyond the Light. It is the Pure Light.

The Pure Light goes beyond the Light that many talk about in this world. The Pure Light is the Light beyond the Light where all True Creation merges into One. This is the Pure Creation that has never been tainted.

The Pure Light is where all is of One “Voice”, One “Vibration”, One Love and One Power. This Power, untainted by corruption, is the True Divine Power.

In the Light beyond the Light there is no distinction. This is where one can truly say all beings are equal. This is where all Creation is Divine Expression. Here is the All Knowing. All is Pure Beauty and Pure Bliss.

It is impossible for the physical mind to comprehend what is beyond the physical understanding. Hence, the Light beyond the Light is indescribable, yet this state exists. This is the Unmanifested which exists only and purely in the Pure Creation of True Light. Here lies the Ultimate “Home” of all True-Light Creation for all viables who are to be retrieved and enter into the Pure Light.

Beings of True Light trapped in the Virtual Reality are like replicas of the originals that go through cycles of birth and decay. However, in the Light beyond the Light, there is no death – no decay – no waste – no exploitation.

The Light beyond the Light is the True-Light Force that sustains and permeates all the True Creation.

The wondrous moment in the presence of the All Light is beyond words. Love is the expression of the All True Light. True Love is born of the Light beyond the Light. Without the embrace of the Light beyond the Light there would be no expression of Divine Beauty, Love, Truth, Joy, Peace, Bliss or Purity. This is the True Light that is all encompassing – All Love, Purity, Beauty, Bliss and Power. The Light beyond the Light is a perfect expression of the True Light Creation.

It is below the Ultimate True Light that “contamination” has occurred. We are as beings outside the Light beyond the Light waiting to be delivered into the Light beyond the Light. It is there that we will resume True Perfection as perfect beings of True Light.

The Light beyond the Light is the Ultimate “Home” of all True-Light beings. It is here that truly no separation from the True-Light Creator occurs.

The Light beyond the Light is the Light within the Light. It is here that True Bliss, Purity, Love and Beauty dwells. There is no segregation, there are no barriers, no dangers, no suffering. All is truly One. All is truly Love, Peace, Harmony, Perfection and Eternal Bliss. The physical mind cannot comprehend this perfect state of being. The Light beyond the Light cannot be tampered with. This is where all things can truly be made anew.

One must be cleansed in the Light in order to become pure enough to approach the Light beyond the Light.

After bathing in Purity and preparing to become One with the Light, one is so far removed from the Virtual Reality that the memory of the Virtual Reality never returns. The illusion fades until it is no more.

Viable beings from all levels of creation here are preparing for the joyous journey of crossing over from Darkness to the Light, and finally to the Light beyond the Light. In the Light beyond the Light the entire experience of suffering in the Virtual Reality is gone. All who enter are healed in the Light.

The Light is like a parameter – a shield – surrounding the Light beyond the Light. However, the Light is so pure it seems like Bliss. Yet, the Light is like a purification ground where beings can purify before entering the Light beyond the Light.

When one feels uncomfortable opening up in meditation due to the increased intrusions and violations by the opposing forces, in spite of protective measures, it is time to switch over to a meditative state where it is less likely that the opposing forces can enter. This is what I have referred to as the “silent movement”. In this state, one receives the benefits of meditation without the interference from the Negative Mind. Time to switch over to “silent movement”.

Some have expressed recent difficulties in “communicating” with their Higher Selves. Difficulty in communicating is often due to interference from the “clouds” that gather between the solar plexus and what I call the seuze area. The seuze area is the area between the eyes and the nose. This is a very sensitive area. People are not aware that the energy in the seuze area hobbles and jets when things are being moved around and interfered with. Thus, the conditions at the seuze area affect the reception of beings in physical bodies.

As the final countdown approaches, some Light workers will have the choice of staying until the very end or leaving before the final meltdown begins.

All the Numbers have been imprisoned in this Virtual Reality of False Light. Rejoice! Very soon indeed, the Power of Nine will be released from bondage, along with all the other Numbers.

Once again, the “Flying White Buffaloes” will gather. The time is now.

May our hearts remain true to the Light beyond the Light, the Light within the Light.

© 2005 Amitakh Stanford & AHSAF

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