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The Third Evolution of Mankind

By on December 20, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Third Evolution of Mankind

by Amina Deb,
Contributing Writer,

There have been many phases and cycles in the evolution of humanity. In fact, evolution in an ongoing process. The purpose of this offering is to focus on the current swing of the pendulum as it now moves towards a balance after having first moved from one extreme, then to the other.

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This current move towards balance is being referred to as the Third Evolution of Mankind. The initial pendulum swing took us through the experience of the Matriarchal Paradigm. In tribes, we were all together and we looked at things the same way. There was a deep connection to Gaia, each other, the plant, animal & mineral kingdoms yet there was no individuality, no creative advancement.

As the pendulum swung from that extreme, we entered the experience of the Patriarchal Paradigm. Here there was much technological advancement and many creative endeavors as we became individuals entering the egoistic state. The opportunity to live our ego, while necessary, came at a price. Gaia has been ravaged in the process, our personal connections and relationships suffered and we have seen the devastation to the realms of plants, animals and minerals.

Quickly approaching the event horizon marking the Third Evolution of Mankind, we are learning to see and respect our individuality and yet, at the same time, we are learning to be merciful to ALL of creation, working together and sharing common goals rooted in love. This is where we embody and LIVE the best of both paradigms. Living in true community, we shine our uniqueness, filling the space only we can fill, and satisfying the purpose only we can bring to fruition.

Trust…. Trusting in ourselves, trusting the inner voice and intuitions becomes paramount as we navigate this next phase in our evolution. In the not too distant past, we saw our loyalties diverted as we became trapped in a cycle of serving others while neglecting our own needs. We betrayed our True Self in order to “fit in”. Trusting ourselves and in what “rings true” with our hearts, carries us away from doing things only gain the acceptance of others thus ultimately bringing us into a place of honoring as well as living from our True Self.

Trust and know that each of us, as an individual, is a unique gift to the world carrying something that no one else has to offer. Trusting, being and expressing our uniqueness means living in connection with, evolving and listening to the urgings and directions from our spirit. This is a learning process as each soul must figure out which is the voice of their true spiritual self as opposed to the voice of old programming; a process of learning its own way of living and being as opposed to acquiescing to expectations of others that do not align with what resonates in our core being.

It takes great courage to step out of “the box” and risk being who we truly are. We fear rejection while, at the same time, forever longing to be free. Deep in our hearts, we KNOW we are part of All That Is and as an aspect of the Whole, the One, we can never be truly rejected or separate. We can co-create with others and have the EXPERIENCE of what rejection feels like, but it is only an illusion created to gain firsthand knowledge. We can even co-create with ourselves to have the feeling of being separated from who we uniquely are. Yet again, this is all only an illusion created to have a particular experience in order to learn a particular lesson, gain a particular insight, or increase in wisdom and compassion.

Here lies a great paradox and the secret to Trust: The only… ONLY way to ever have an experience of rejection is if you are ALWAYS and FOREVER connected! If you were not connected, you would not be able to feel rejection! If you were not connected, you would not be able to create the illusion of separation!

Spread your wings and soar for you are free! Trust and place your loyalty in who you truly are. Evolve into your Truth, for there and only there will you experience the connection and love that forever IS.

Wishing you each joyful and loving journeys, Amina Deb

The Trap We All Fall Victim ToAbout the author: Amina Deb Lewis has been a seeker and student in esoteric, spiritual and scientific studies for over 40 years. As the proverbial square peg in a world of round holes, her greatest joy in is sharing various perspectives and tools on living your Individual Unique Truth to its fullest capacity possible. Contact info:

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