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Think You’re An Old Soul? 12 Signs You Might Be!

By on August 21, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Think You're An Old Soul?  12 Signs You Might Be!

by Frankie C.,

In our world there is a certain personality type. And people of this type often go through their lives feeling that they do not fit into this world, that nobody understands them and they simply cannot conform to social norms or even get along with people their own age and so on.

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These people are often labelled as socially awkward, apparently lacking confidence when really they feel that they cannot identify with the mundane activities of others as they see no value in pursuing those fleeting pleasures of life.

As children they may be labelled as strange, rebellious and different. Yet they are simply old in spirit. Old, mature in mind. Childish or immature ideas do not interest them. They are often highly intelligent, sage-like, precocious children who can exhibit great talent in one subject or another.

We are talking about so-called old souls, Indigos, Starseeds, etc. Beings that have existed probably for many lifetimes on this Earth and they may also have some remembering of knowledge from these previous lives which they put to use here.

The aim of this article is to offer some insights for those of you who may be wondering what their purpose in life is, what kind of friends they should choose and how they might fit into the world a little better. So, what are the indications that you or someone you know might be an old soul, indigo or starseed? Let’s find out;

1. As stated, as a child you were often alone or misunderstood. Labelled as weird or strange. Not due to being antisocial in any way but you simply couldn’t relate to things that other children were doing, preferring more advanced, mature pursuits instead. Yet you judge nobody’s path or choices.

2. You probably have more older, wiser or adult friends.

3. You had or still have a great interest in nature and animals. You see the need to protect the environment.

4. Paranormal phenomena fascinates you as does astronomy, astrology, etc. You know there is more than meets the eye and you also practice meditate in your own way. This could be zoning out to music with your headphones on, exercising or merely sitting and enjoying the silence.

5. Conspiracy theories may also interest you. You are more perceptive than most other adults and are skeptical of the stories you are told by the media.

6. You could be a solitary lone wolf or have just a handful of close trusted friends that you rely on. Superficial ‘friendships’ serve no purpose to you. Nor does idle small talk.

7. As a teen, you were, or still are thought of as a rebel. You aren’t seeking to rock the boat, so to speak but you follow your own path. This triggers insecurities in many people as they wish to be the same as you.

8. You abhor materialism and know instinctively that that the pleasures of the world are fleeting. Simplicity in all things. You release what no longer serves you.

9. As a result you often appear younger than most your age. When you lighten the load it takes years off your appearance.

10. You place no real in university degrees, getting a raise at work, job promotions, etc. What other people think doesn’t affect you or how you perceive yourself. Therefore you’re able to see that degrees and so on do not define who we are but what we think, do and put out into the world does. However you appreciate gaining and having useful knowledge. After all, knowledge is power and we all are learning as we go through life.

11. You eat differently to most other people around you. For some reason you just know, without studying, which foods are the healthiest for you. You tend to steer well clear of most junk foods and other such processed anti-nutrients. Being healthy is a high priority for you.

12. Existential crises. Having knowledge and experience from previous lifetimes all crammed into one short period of time and perhaps lacking the resilience and maturity to integrate all of that, can certainly lead one to depression, anxiety and often questioning where your life is going and what should you do. Most things in life feel pointless to you because you know that all things are transient.

While all this may seem somewhat depressing and disheartening I’m here to tell you that it can and will get better. Right now you may feel isolated, and alone. Your family may see you as the black sheep. Your neighbours just do not get you, and so on. I’ve experienced all these things myself. However I’m here to tell you that you that it can and will improve. If you apply yourself in the correct way.

I have found that simply listening to people’s concerns, being authentic and true and offering my own insights into their problems has led to me gaining some real genuine friends who I can rely on in any situation. Like you perhaps, I do not want a large group of acquaintances. That would be pointless and time consuming. Yet by having integrity and authenticity you will attract your tribe. Like attracts like. I believe as the planet’s own frequency rises people of higher consciousness will begin to find each other. We will feel less alone in the end.

Start sharing your vision. Share your story. Share your wisdom with the right people and do not cast your pearls before swine. Offer value and insights. Do and promote what you love and do not complain about what you hate. Create positive vibrations.

As Ralph Smart, Carl Jung, etc, always say “what you resist persists”.

So I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope this has had some practical value for you. If you liked this please also read my other blog posts on WordPress where I post articles relating to spirituality and practical ways of integrating your new beliefs, ways of thinking, etc, into your daily lives.

With gratitude,

Frankie C

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