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This Is Why 3D Has A Built In Safety Feature

By on April 20, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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This Is Why 3D Has A Built In Safety Feature

by Paul Dobree-Carey,

This Is Why 3D Has A Built In Safety Feature

With each shaky step along our journey of Light, we continue to question, are we going in the right direction, are we taking the right actions, what measurement do we personally have as to how we are doing? Some days everything seems so clear and positive and we feel self-assured and empowered, other days, something happens to question our beliefs, a slight wobble, an unexpected event, things to be done, people to keep happy, relentless drama after drama as the balance tips from one direction to the other.

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While we continue to adapt our ongoing existence to integrate higher dimensional awareness, we will continue to test all that we are learning against our newly perceived reality. We need to know whether our new model is working, to tweak and adjust, to expand and contract and to see what else we need to do to adjust to living in a world that no longer responds to previous ways of being.

Prior to Fifth Dimension existence becoming part of your world, you will firstly need to pass through the frequencies of Fourth Dimension which enable the abilities of instant manifestation. About time too, many will say, but there is more to this than first appears.

3D currently has a built in safety feature, a delayed reaction to the thoughts of instant manifestation. It allows the constructs of time and space to slow down the process of creating physical mass, to allow you to fully consider if what you desire is what you truly want on a higher level. Instant thoughts mean instant manifestation – consider the consequences of this in your reality as part of your belief system, positive and negative, heaven and hell. It becomes clear why Source moved so quickly through the vibrational frequencies of a Fourth Dimensional existence to that of Third.

To know what we truly want, we would have to know all the possibilities that are available so that we can choose from amongst them. Our Higher Self has the ability to see beyond that which is known to us as it seeks to strip away all that distracts us from our goal of achieving happiness within.

The Ego is a vital part of this process and is not something that we should consider as bad or undesirable. The Ego identifies our individualism, our uniqueness and our ability for Source to understand Itself from within as a Self-realised Being.

You are a witness of creation observing what you create and that makes YOU truly special indeed.

With Loving Blessings <3

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