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Remember Everything Is Thought, Vibration, & Choice

By on April 25, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Remember Everything Is Thought, Vibration, & Choice

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Thought, Vibration, & Choice

Sickness/illness originates from a thought form & emotions. There are various experiences within the collective consciousness you can choose to create for yourself based on the thoughts/ideas. Cancer is not contagious but you can give it to yourself with a simple thought and that thought becomes greater and manifests as cancer. It is the same with a “contagious” illness.

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There’s an idea that is inserted into the collective consciousness, then that idea is there for those that choose to experience it. When it comes to the current situation, the fear of getting the illness is often how the individual manifests it.

There’s also a law of attraction component of where your attention goes your energy flows. Spending a lot of time talking about something, worrying about it, watching the constant updates on it, is a root of fear that you empower and can very well manifest it. When you pay no attention to it and don’t even think about it, it does not exist in your reality and will not exist in your reality bubble.

I’ve observed and experienced this in various forms throughout my life. For example, working in an office setting or in a work environment with co-workers nearby and seeing how an illness spreads around to the office. One person gets the illness, they start coughing or sneezing or demonstrating other symptoms. The other people do not get sick because of the physical contagion. The sickness spreads to the others with a thought form like “Oh great, they are sick. I hope I don’t get sick,” or “Oh great, now I’m going to get sick”. Whether that is a conscious thought or subconscious one, that is often the source of the illness which then the individual chooses to create that within their reality. Broken down, that is rooted in fear.

Very often, you can get rid of illness by retracing your steps to what the original source of it was for you. You think back and keep narrowing down what you were doing before you got sick.

  • What conversations did you have?
  • What thoughts were going through your head when you were doing certain things?
  • What emotions were you feeling?

The original thought/experience/emotion can come in an infinite number of ways. Someone could have run into an ex or been on the phone with them and the other person said something that triggered a thought or emotional response to happen and bam, the next day they are sick. It could have been an argument with a co-worker, family, or friend, or a simple fear or worry that spiraled and manifested. Again the number of ways are infinite. When you can successfully trace it back and find the source of the illness, the awareness of that source point often is enough to quickly recover. You can discover it today and then wake up tomorrow completely recovered.

There are times the sources of illness are traumatic experiences from childhood and other times in one’s life as well. Over many years of avoiding healing from it and pushing it away, it slowly builds and builds until it manifests as an illness in the physical body. Once you are able to recognize and heal through that origin point, then it heals. Sometimes this takes forgiveness, emotional release/purging, or other forms of healing.

There are also powerful manifestation techniques you can use to change your reality. I would recommend looking into Neville Goddard’s manifestation techniques. Many have success utilizing those techniques for self healing and creating our own realities.

One method that has existed in our modern world of showing an example of the power of belief or thought is the placebo effect. Countless case studies have been done where one group of participants takes the “real” medicine or drug while the other group is given a sugar pill and made to believe they are taking the “real” one. In many of these instances the ones that take the placebo have complete recoveries and are just as effective as the “actual” medicine.

Why is this?

Because they thought and believed they were being healed and created that reality. Often these case studies aren’t spread out and promoted because the companies and organizations that do the studies don’t want people to know that just believing you are being healed is just as effective, if not more so, than taking a substance that they can profit off of.

Remembering we are a creator and we create every single experience we have in our lives has been a struggle for myself. Through the last several years, I have flip flopped a lot. I would embody my power as a creator then slip back into victim consciousness, that things were happening to me instead of created by me. I always came back to moving into creator consciousness, as I have known within that is the truth for me and the embodiment that is best aligned to my soul. Some get that concept quickly while it can take others many years before they are ready. There’s no judgement either way.

Inserting fears and ideas into the collective consciousness is how the controllers have manipulated humanity for so long. They have been well aware of these concepts and the way reality works here. They insert a thought and idea, often through the media, and ripple it out until it’s wide in the collective consciousness. Then the collective consciousness is riddled with fears that are based on illusions. These are also inserted to create separation and get people arguing with each other instead of coming together and uniting. These inserted ideas are very easy to recognize when you look at the result of what it is creating.

One example I can give of one of these ideas in recent years is the flat earth theory. The idea was inserted into the collective consciousness and spread and spread. What was the result? LOTS of separation. People arguing, raging, and insulting each other over what shape the earth is. And it’s not a matter of which side is right, both are. You create your reality based on what you believe. If you choose to create the reality in which you perceive the earth to be one shape, then you will attract in your reality information that will support that idea for you and make it true for you. When you raise your awareness you can easily determine what ideas within the collective consciousness are loving and supportive and which are there to spread fear and separation.

When these ideas are inserted with a massive intent to control or create global levels of fear, then you will find large amounts of studies, media coverage, and examples of “proof” that it is “real” and you should be in fear. If you feel fear from the information, then that’s a clue it’s not for your highest good or coming from a source that has your highest good in mind.

But what I’ve mentioned here also is why there will be many cures for the same ailment. In the current global scenario there will be many different combinations of things that people have found heal them. The collective energy of the planet is to a level that manifestations and creations happen even faster now. As long as whatever the person is taking, truly believes it will heal them, then it will. I also believe that those that choose to get the illness and recover from it will create great change in their life. Having a near death experience through illness and recovering can make one realize how fragile life can be and can lead one to reflect greatly on their life. This can lead to an awakening and great change. I also believe there will be those that awaken due to a “miraculous” or unexplained healing that can manifest in an infinite number of ways. This will lead them to soul exploration and remembrance. Others will awaken by coming to similar realizations or reflections just based on hearing about others being ill or dying.

On a soul level, every experience we have is a choice. Those that die and transition out via death have chosen that way to go out at this time. As many have shared over the last couple years, that not everyone is coming with us and participating in creating the new earth any further. Those that have chosen not to, will leave and will go off to their next adventure. The ones that often understand that how and when one dies, are chosen by the individual on a soul level, are often the ones that have had near death experiences or many attempts at suicide that failed. I have had a couple of the near death experiences myself where the entire reality shifted to keep me here and another one where there was intervention via my guides to prevent my death. When it is your time to go… you will go and when it is not your time to go… then NOTHING can happen that will make you go. This can be very liberating to feel and remember within, as so much fear can be rooted in fear of death and survival. Once you remember, that fear is let go of.

Stand in your light, your power, and remember you are a creator of your reality. Pay attention to what is surfacing for you at this time for you to experience, feel, heal, and evolve. Share your experiences if it resonates to do so. Remember that the only thing strong enough and powerful enough to shake you, is you! Just as there are fear based thoughts inserted into the collective consciousness, there are love based ones as well and we are each capable of adding these loving vibrations and thoughts into the collective. The more of us that do, the more ripples go out and in turn creates a new collective reality for all of us.

Love & Blessings,


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