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Three Keys To Spiritual Ascension

By on November 8, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Three Keys To Spiritual Ascension

by Joy Jackson,
Contributing Writer,

Three of the most invaluable tools for helping us along on our path of spiritual ascension (higher consciousness) are free and available to all: dreams, prayer and meditation. If we would take advantage of these tools in a regular basis, much of the guesswork, confusion and difficulties in our lives would vanish.



Dreams give us a reading on what is happening in our lives, and provide a door to our soul (our higher consciousness) for Divine insight, and higher dimensional teachings. Dreams begin to awaken us to the fact that we are spiritual inter-dimensional beings, in time-space, but not of it. They are like a telegram from the higher self to the conscious mind. They awaken us higher resources and libraries of wisdom and knowledge within ourselves, giving us information on what is happening in our daily lives, and how to meet and move through the problems that face us.

Dreams also give us insight into our future, so we are forced to ask, “How could I know a thing like that?” A dream helps us realize that we are here only temporarily on the stage of waking reality. What we call life is really a school house. There are many schools or levels of consciousness in the universe, and earth is one of the most important. During our sojourn here we are learning more about the true nature of our beings. We are learning that we are infinite creative unconditional love energy, and that all of our hurts, disappointments and disillusions come from a failure to recognize this truth of who and what we are. The purpose of the game of life is expanding our heart center and growth. In all our life experiences we either go through or grow through them. If we just go through them, then we will cyclically repeat them again and again until we learn the lesson behind the appearances. If we grow through them, then we are free of our karma and to move on to the next step in our evolution.


An often misunderstood valuable inner tool for ascension is prayer. Prayer is the formulation of a request within our mind, or aloud, of what we prefer or need. Most of us are used to asking from a source of fear and separation, rather than from a place of oneness with Creation as our divine birth right as creators. To pray most effectively it helps if we are relaxed and present within ourselves, and allow ourselves to be filled with a strong sense of light and love.

Negative repetitive thoughts of ours, such as being unworthy of receiving, will undermine such positive efforts. In the laws of physical Universe, like attracts like; repetitive negative thoughts manifest negative outcomes and circumstances. If we affirm and feel light, love and wholeness, we invite them to enter our reality.

When we pray for things, opportunities or a particular relationship to manifest, it is helpful to include a request for “this or something better.” Our ego (the rational fixed mind) is often too attached to specifics and fixed outcomes. The ways of the soul are often beyond the understanding of our unharmonized consciousness.

There may be a wonderful new dimension or opportunity awaiting us that we have not yet thought of, that will be brought into our life we are but open to receive it. Love, opportunity, joy and abundance await us, but they may not come through the specific people or channels we have in mind.

We must be willing to release ourselves and others into our soul’s care, trusting that we will find what we seek, and that all things are working out for our highest good.

We may also send prayers to others of light and love, but must honor and release them to manifest as their soul sees fit.

Prayer is not intended by the light be used in a manipulative way, or we will attract such darkness onto ourselves. We can help support others through prayers, but also must avoid attempting to control others lives.

It is honoring the power of the Universe to support and actualize our preferences for our highest good. It is often unwise and unfruitful to pray that someone else change to meet our expectations, or that someone else loves us. We must avoid trying to run other people’s lives through prayer. We can send others light and love, but must honor and release them to use it as they see fit.

Prayer, then in summary, is a way of focusing our conscious mind on goals and life direction. It is honoring the power of the Universe within us to support and actualize.


Meditation is our highway to enlightenment. It helps us get in touch with our Divine spark, the Soul, or God within. It opens us to higher levels of consciousness and rejuvenates our mind, physical body, energetic body and spirit. Our perception depends upon our level of consciousness (vibration, energy), and meditation is the way to keep our energy at its highest.

Although positive changes often are experienced immediately from a regular meditation practice, many are accumulative and gradual. It delivers a significant reduction in stress, anxiety and an overall improvement in our intuition, health, and feelings of inner-peace. Many also experience an acceleration of guidance through dreams, visions and synchronistic events.

When we meditate regularly, clearing each day as we go along, asking for insight to problems, we will tend not need as many dreams to show us what is happening in our life. We will already know. We will see how we are setting ourselves up. Also, we gain a greater sense of clarity on life missions and directions which can be formulated and manifested through prayer.

Our dream images and meditation images are the same. Until we gain a very clear and objective, however, it is still quite easy for us to allow the conscious mind to get in the way of insight we receive during meditation. That is why the dream state is much more reliable until we have been meditating for a number of years and can recognize the difference between conscious desire and genuine intuitive direction.

Meditation is not a magical drug that relieves all ills overnight. It begins to sensitize us to our problems at hand, and supports us in maintaining our energy levels, so we are better able to deal with whatever catalysts are trying to teach us.

The purpose of it all, is to know ourselves and to see all lessons as positive catalysts for us to learn and grow from. Often our guidance likes to keep things simple. We have come to earth to learn and each of us has free will and must find our own way.

What we seek is within us. Although we were not handed a manual of living when we incarnated on Earth, we were assigned angels, guides, teachers who walk with us. Not one of us travels alone. These wise and powerful beings are unable to infringe upon our free will, and do not make our decisions for us, but lead us to insight so that we can make our own wise decisions. If others, whether incarnated in a physical body or not were to make our decisions for us, we would not learn.

Joy Jackson is a professional psychic and medium in the Pacific Northwest.

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