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Time Anomalies And Broken Glass

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Time Anomalies And Broken Glass

by Candace Craw-Goldman,
Contributing Writer,

Many of us are experiencing time anomalies. Clocks showing different times throughout the house, time speeding up, time slowing down or even- vanishing. 4 hour driving trips taking 2 hours, whole days missed, sometimes more than one!

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Weeks and even months flying by and other experiences slowing to an unbearable crawl where hours are measured as only a few minutes on our watches.

Have you noticed this too? Many people have.

Earlier this week I was preparing an audio file to send to my Quantum Healing client and I was thinking about him, his story and his session. His experience indicated that he had and has been time and dimensionally traveling throughout his life. We chatted about the concept of linear measurable time and how it seems to be this “agreement” we have made to observe that concept, because so many of us have unexplained events that just don’t, or cannot fit the construct of linear time.

I finished preparing the audio file and pressed the send button on the email and got up from my chair still somewhat musing over the concept of time and wanting to understand it more fully. I began to walk to the kitchen for a drink of water. I took two steps and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right foot. “That felt like glass!” Ouch! What? Where did that come from?

I was barefoot in the house, but that was not unusual. It is summertime and we have hardwood floors throughout our home and while I am used to a bit of cat or dog hair between my toes, I sure am not used to glass, and it was a rude sensation to my foot to step on something so sharp. And it was so curious. I didn’t remember anything made of glass breaking in the house for a very long time. Where did a shard of glass come from?

I hobbled to the bathroom to get some tweezers, sat myself down and wrestled my foot up close to my face to get the little shard. Sure enough – there it was; a crystal clear shard of glass. It came cleanly out of my foot. I remained perplexed. Turning the little bit of glass in the light, I looked at it closely. It was just plain clear glass, like from our drinking glasses. Where did it come from? We don’t get a lot of visitors or people in the house, nothing to suggest even an odd way for glass to appear like that. I even asked my husband as he was there during my shard removal, “Did you break something recently?” No, no he did not.

My curiosity about the origin of the glass soon disappeared along with the pain and I went about the rest of my day as usual.

Later on that evening, back in the kitchen, thirsty again, I decided I wanted some cold sparkling mineral water to drink as a change of pace from tap water. I got out a drinking glass and poured it full. I returned to my chair in the living room. Not long after I set my glass down, Loki- the resident and boisterous kitten ran across the back of my chair, leapt to the side table and straight into my cold glass of bubble water. I hadn’t even taken a sip of it yet and the cat and the glass went flying and the glass crashed to the floor and shattered. It was odd for her to crash so directly into that glass. Cats usually have far more grace!

I was still barefoot, but had sandals within reach and so promptly put them on and got up to get the broom and paper towels to clean up the puddle and glass without getting any shards in my feet.

“So THAT is where the glass came from…”

What? I stopped in my tracks and listened a bit more intently.

That is where the glass came from. It was a very clear statement said clearly in my head. The glass in my foot came from the glass that just broke on the floor. But of course that doesn’t make any sense. At least not in the world of linear reality! My foot stepped on the glass shard before it broke into bits.

And yet- the idea stayed. And so I sat with it for a while.

High strangeness is… high strangeness.

You cannot apply logic to it. You can’t say one kind of time anomaly is acceptable in a linear time construct and this other one is not or not possible. I had never thought a bit of glass could jump backward into the past like that, but I now make room for the possibility that it can. And if it can, what else?

I may not be able to time travel just quite yet, but- I think that bit of glass shard that I pulled from my foot, did just exactly that.

Small objects are appearing and disappearing in this house and have been for quite some time and I am not the only one who has been noticing this in their homes. We tend to dismiss this sort of thing as forgetfulness or being scatter-brained or simply busy or distracted, but I think, there is more going on in our construction of reality than we may imagine.

What do you think? And what small object of yours has appeared, disappeared or reappeared lately? I’d love to hear your story!

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Permission to share this article is freely given as long as it remains complete with all links and credit intact. Copyright 2016 Candace Craw-Goldman.

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